What Makes You a Beta Male in 2022

The Socio-sexual hierarchy was first invented by VOX DAY. According to him, Beta males are not the highest ranking on the socio-sexual hierarchy, neither are they the least. They are second class to the alpha males.


Beta males are the second on the socio-sexual hierarchy. They are second in command to their alphas. They are the lieutenants of the Sociosexual hierarchy.

This is because they are fiercely loyal to their alphas and in exchange enjoy many benefits of high status and position.

A Beta male is a subordinate man in a particular group. Most people think that a Beta male is Auspicious, while some think they are mediocre and less confident.

But after research, researchers can boldly tell that as second to Alphas, Beta males are not mediocre neither are they insecure.

15 Signs to tell if a man is a Beta Male

There are signs that can help you spot Beta males in your environment. They include:

1. Beta male isn’t competitive

Although he challenges himself, he doesn’t feel threatened by others. The Beta male-only feels challenged by his own level of performance. He only feels threatened within himself when he realizes an awful, discouraging level of performance handling activities. He focuses on himself and progress.

2. Beta males are easy to spot because of their proximity and loyalty to the Alpha males

Look for the ‘Top Dog’ In the hierarchy, then look for the men who enforce his role. There, you have the Beta male.

3. Beta males are in tune with their emotions

They understand that showing a certain emotion is not a mark of weakness, unlike the Alphas, who see emotions as utter weakness. Beta males are reliable and trustworthy. They will stay till the end and you can rely upon them for life events.

4. They are quiet yet confident

They may be introverts but they are interesting to the core – certainly not boring. They don’t hide their insecurities behind a garb of arrogance and they are quite comfortable in their skin. Their record and level of confidence are rather impeccable.

5. Beta males are friendly and respectful

They are always more respectful of women. They know the Beta Males for being respectful and a lot friendly when relating to people. Better males cherish making friends. Therefore, people really love and admire them.

6. Beta males are submissive

One trait found in a Beta Make is that he’s submissive. Surprising because males are not commonly submissive. They try as much as possible to do everything they can to please people to a very large extent and avoid getting in the way of people.

He’s mindful about what to say, dishing out his opinion – he’s literally objective and fair in judgment. He’s not judgemental –  he’s ready to listen and dissect when faced with a challenge.

While many will interpret being submissive as a weakness, it doesn’t jettison the many significant advantages of being submissive.

Being submissive is being obedient, it’s being understanding, it’s being patient, it’s being loyal; it’s being considerate; it’s being calm, especially in handling daisy situations, and a lot more.

7. Beta males make the best fathers or husbands

A beta male will teach his son how to respect women and stand up for them and also to be naturally confident, humble, and open to his emotions.

8. Beta males have enormous egos

Beta males have enormous egos, but it typically backfires because they are insecure or overly sensitive about other people’s opinions of them. You can identify a beta male with an ego problem because he will continually strive to compensate by advancing his qualifications or accolades.

9. They are followers and not leaders

Beta males are followers, not leaders. They don’t normally take the initiative; instead, they wait for someone else to do so before jumping on the bandwagon.

They are rarely creative and dwell in the shadow of an alpha. People doubt their ability to achieve outcomes, therefore they cannot coordinate with people or persuade them to follow their plan of action.

10. Beta males make excuses

The beta male is notorious for making excuses. Nobody likes to be around someone who makes excuses all the time, is lazy, and doesn’t do his job.

Therefore, they have to confront the truth. This is because they’re always making excuses when the true reason they’re not taking action is that they’re afraid of failure or simply lazy.

11. They are more attentive

They understand the real value of a woman and like to show how much they mean to them. As a woman, once we’ve experienced the affection of a beta male it would be unthinkable to go back to being a non-priority.

12. Beta males enjoy lots of benefits

They enjoy lots of benefits not only from his proximity to the alpha. They are seekers of desirable dating partners. Beta males are of course more sensitive and malignant than alpha males and usually mature or sensible with well-considered priorities. They usually criticize them but have a profound skill in handling criticisms.

Alpha-worthy women who have had their hearts broken by Alphas prefer Beta males.

13. They’re usually in the friend zone

It doesn’t get any easier than this; you’re a beta-male if you’re in the friend zone. The majority of beta males wind themselves up in the friend zone because they just act like a friend, not a potential partner or lover. So they get stuck in an awkward position they put themselves into.

14. They can’t say no to stand a ground

Even if they don’t want to interact or what’s being asked is against the beta’s interests, beta-males have a hard time saying no to other people.

Some hide behind the guise of “just being nice” or “people-pleasing,” but there is a distinction between acting for the welfare of the group and doing something for someone else at your own expense.

15. Beta males don’t look people in the eye 

During a conversation, looking individuals in the eyes–in a non-obtrusive way–shows that you appreciate what they’re saying and that you’re paying attention to them. You are serious about this talk and open about your objectives.

Are Beta Males Great Boyfriends?

A beta male sincerely wants to spend time with you. He’s got the attribute of moderation, especially as it concerns his attempt to handle life’s realistic situations.

He is most times tagged ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ especially because in actual fact he’s usually very nice to everyone and considerate. However, people capitalize on him being nice-taking his nice or kind act for granted. He maintains his gracious acts regardless – he’s tolerant and remains a very likable person.

  • He remembers your birthdays and other special events. Isn’t that what we all want in a relationship?
  • He’s attentive in bed and sex is not the main aim he’s with you.
  • Although he loves spending time out with you, he’s okay staying home with you, eating take-out, and binge-watching Netflix. 
  • He appreciates the small things you do for him. You don’t need to break a bank to impress him
  • You can always count on him. He’s a real partner, not merely a plaything.

So, yes they are Great boyfriends.

How to go from being a Beta Male to an Alpha Male

Most men are not okay with being second in command. They want to be the leader of the pack. They naturally and literally like taking control and occupying the top positions.

He’s got an impossible ego; you can barely pull a successful deal with him – he takes absolute solace in being dogmatic; loathes being proven wrong.  He’s a macho man. In all, he’s got an absolutely charismatic personality. 

5 Tips that can help push you up the Sociosexual hierarchy System

There are tips you can adopt that can help you up the ladder of the socio-sexual hierarchy system. They include:

  1. Be the first to smile or say hello, put out your hand, introduce yourself, crack a joke, break the ice. Yes, you risk embarrassment and non-reciprocation, but the other person will probably be grateful that you spared them from having to do it themselves.
  2. Build your inward confidence because they know Alphas are very confident.
  3. Don’t be a ‘NICE GUY’ (be kind and helpful to a limit)
  4. Be self reliant-pursue your dreams without embarrassment.
  5. Be prepared for a fight. But don’t seek them out. Stop waiting for someone to save you.
  6. Let’s talk about the lowest rank on the socio-sexual hierarchy.

About the Omega Male

  • The omega male is the reject of the socio-sexual hierarchy.
  • He is sexually inept and the least popular archetype among women. He occupies the lowest rank in the social dominance hierarchy.
  • He’s usually less perturbed about serious situations and very blunt with responses or reactions. He’s very insensitive; and of course, unintelligent to understand situations that would require an exact- desired response.
  • They are polar opposites of the Alpha male.
  • Omega males are very awkward and unsure of themselves around women, and they display nerdy behavior.
  • Sometimes they reject him from the hierarchy altogether. 
  • They have poor hygiene and social skills and are often physically unattractive.
  • Omega males actually have the most to gain if they put in the effort, but they lack the motivation and are often have low IQ and poor genetics.
  • They are inferior to both the Delta and gamma males.



It is a categorization system that separates men into different hierarchical ranks and archetypes.  This is used to describe how man interacts with one another. How they behave and what their natural inclinations are likely to be.




Sigma males are the ‘LONE WOLF’ of the hierarchy. They share many similarities with the Alphas.


No, In fact, they consider the Gamma male a con artist.


The omega males are polar opposites of the alpha males… they are very inferior to the Alpha male. So, No the Omega male is not better than the Alpha male.


Hopefully, this post has helped you understand what beta males are and how they got into the Sociosexual hierarchy. Whether you are a beta male, the goal is for men to always level up, become better, stronger, and more capable men.

Regardless of your rank on the socio-sexual hierarchy, there’s a great fulfillment to be felt just for being a man. Go out there and be the best man you can be.


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