What is the best e-learning Platform?

This has been a long-aged challenge, Edx vs Udemy. Now, let’s see what has kept these dudes at the top of the e-learning market for so long.

Nowadays, employers want an educated workforce. In response, more and more people are turning to online education to integrate the school into a busy life.

Before deciding to take courses online, you should know that they are different from traditional courses in some essential ways. These differences can nullify the benefits of a flexible learning program for you.

It all depends on your learning style and your needs. Taking classes online can help you improve your education and career at the right time and place for you.

If you are considering a graduate degree or are beginning the path towards certification, contained in this article are some few platforms to consider. They include:

  • Edx
  • Udemy
  • Cousera
  • Udacity
  • Codecademy
  • LearnSmart

Listed above are just a few of the many online learning platforms to consider.
For the sake of this article, we will be focusing majorly on Udemy vs Edx. If you are confused on the best platform to take up classes online, you are at the right place. Before we go in details to explain Udemy and Edx you need to know what MOOCs is all about.

What are MOOCs?

MOOC is an abbreviation for Massive Open Online Course. In simple terms, MOOC is a study course available on the Internet for a large number of people. Edx vs Udemy vs Coursera is among the most competing online course companies for this new educational enterprise.

The MOOC usually has a specific start and end dates. Students watch video conferences online, complete their homework, and receive the note immediately most of the time. With the rise of globalization and technology, accessibility to higher education has increased considerably.

Is EdX worth it?

EdX is a leading provider of Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs). It hosts university-level online courses in a wide range of disciplines and is aimed at a group of students from around the world, some of which are free.

It also conducts research on learning based on how users use their platform. EdX is a non-profit organization that operates on the open-source software platform open edX.

EdX offers a wide range of higher education courses with many falling in science. A crucial feature is that courses have their own pace and can be programmed. In other words, if you are busy all the time, you can take these courses at your own pace.

Classes usually last between four(4) and twelve(12) weeks and each course has its video transcription. EdX uses great tools such as videos, play labs and other tools such as the 3D virtual molecule builder. The platform is open-source which allows developers to create and share evaluation modules.

EdX students can get free registration tests or certificates of honor, but they will not receive credentials in the form of a degree.

EdX was founded in 2012 at MIT and Harvard. This platform has no registration and has courses from the most prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and Boston University. EdX currently has several million students. The company is a non-profit organization but uses its contribution to provide quality education to all. The funds go to creating the class and improving EdX.

There are two types of certificates in EdX; Verified Certificates confirm your identity with a photo and ID, and the Certificate of Honor code only confirms that you have completed the course. Honor code certificates are free and verified certificates start at around $50.

You can also earn university credits on edX. University credit is important and can change the way you get a degree or a promotion. This gives EdX a better choice when compared to Udemy and Coursera. EdX and its partners offer low risk and a good way to earn credit and a university degree, but be sure to confirm that the school of your choice will accept credit.

Is Udemy Worth it?

Udemy is an online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults.
Udemy serves as a platform for instructors to create online courses on topics of their choice. Using the Udemy course development tools, you can download videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, audio files, zip files and life lessons to create courses. Instructors can also interact with users through online discussion forums.

The courses are offered in several categories, including business and entrepreneurship, academics, arts, health, and fitness, language, music and technology. Most courses focus on practical topics such as Excel software or the use of an iPhone camera.

Udemy also offers Udemy for Business, which allows companies to access a specific set of more than 2,000 courses on topics ranging from digital marketing tactics to productivity, design, programming, management and more. With Udemy for Business, companies can also create personalized learning portals for business training.

Udemy is a fantastic place to take classes and learn new skills. The good thing, and sometimes not so good of Udemy is that anyone can create a course. You do not have to be an expert to publish a course.

Therefore, you must choose the course in which you registered. The good news is that you can quickly determine which classes are good and which ones are better not to use. Use the class ratings to your advantage: if you have five stars, then it will probably be an excellent course. If there are many students enrolled in a particular course, it has been successful in the past.

One of the best features of Udemy is the variety of instructors. If you do not like the course, you will get a full refund. When comparing Udemy vs EdX and Coursera, it is interesting to be able to get a full refund. Some instructors are creative and have high-quality content, which gives them the first level of experience.

What are the Key Differences Between EdX and Udemy?

EdX Udemy
Non-profit Profitable
Open-source software Closed source software
No registration Registration is vital
Few people can create courses Everyone can create a course


Edx vs. Udemy: What is the best e-learning platform for a person?

As explained above, the Edx Online Training Platform is a better place to take courses and learn new skills. The reasons are:
1. The Edx Learning Platform gives you the opportunity to choose the course you want to study.
2. On the Edx e-learning platform, you are sure to get credit and even a university degree, but make sure the school of your choice accepts the credit.
3. The Edx e-learning platform is a free platform and is registered at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and Boston.

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