Law enforcement is a noble and extremely essential part of our present society and anyone who is willing to take on the task of protecting and enforcing the law anywhere in the world especially in Washington must be commended. The law must not be compromised upon if the human race has any hopes of existing in peace and tranquillity.

As someone looking to ensure the security of lives and properties of everyday people living their lives, it’s important that one undergoes essential training.

If you are in the state of Washington or looking to move to Washington to begin your career then the Washington State Police Academy is the place for you.

Why Washington police academy?

A police academy is essential to the training of police officers. It is necessary to prepare the officers mentally, physically, and emotionally for the very difficult task that is policing.

Washington state police academy has a Basic Law Enforcement Academy that offers mandatory training to all entry-level officers to ensure that they are all very well equipped in the basic understanding of their responsibilities in their respective communities.

This training is centralized to ensure that all the recruits are receiving the same standardized training to enable them all to function effectively in their respective communities. This makes for community-oriented policing.

The Washington state police academy has an array of exceptional trainers from agencies throughout the state who are experts in their subject matter.

Where is the Washington state police academy?

The Washington State Police Academy is located at 631 W Dayton Airport Road, Shelton, Washington 98584, and is situated in a 190 acres forest.

The training complex includes an administration building, dormitories for 96 live-in students, a multipurpose building with a gymnasium and water training tank, a kitchen and a dining hall, an outdoor firing range, a driver training course, an auto shop, as well as several classrooms and conference halls capable of containing 120 students each day for classes and/or meetings.

How long is the Washington state police academy?

The Basic Law Enforcement Academy is roughly 4 -5 months, approximately 720 hours of training. The 720 hours are properly distributed to account for both in-class training and on-field training.

Who can attend Washington State Police Academy?

The program in Washington state Police Academy is open to all those who are interested in law enforcement. It is, however, only open to recruits who have been hired by a law enforcement agency.

Recruits get their applications submitted by sponsoring agencies. Everyone who is recruited is expected to mandatorily go through all 720 hours of training in the Washington State Police Academy.

What should I expect from Washington state police academy?

There are courses the recruits are expected to complete while they are at the Washington state police academy and they include;

Trooper Cadet Training

For this, the trooper cadets are expected to attend a 26 – week training course which will follow a rigorous selection process. This training requires that the trooper cadets learn state laws, Washington State Police procedures and also learn to apply this knowledge in practical law enforcement situations.

Washington state police recruits are also taught here a variety of self-defense tactics such as personal weapons, OC-10, ASP baton, and taser training. This training is made to ensure that the officers understand the power that they wield and the functionality of the belt of weapons that they carry as well as limitations associated with it.

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Collision Investigation Training

Collision investigation is a course offered in the academy which exposes cadets to the field of investigation procedures ad techniques.

Washington State Patrol Troopers are renowned experts in investigative procedures because of ongoing advances in the program and the refresher training provided to field personnel.

The training covers basic, advanced, technical, and reconstruction levels of collision investigation.

Canine Training

Canine training is covered by Washington State Police academy who houses one of the best canine training facilities in the United States.

It provides training for the many narcotics and explosive detection dogs in the Washington State Police workforce.

Communications Officer Training

You would be educated on how to be a communications officer. At the end of the Academy, a communications officer has completed all their required certifications, taken all necessary tests, and completed all the bookwork behind the job.

The communications officer training lasts an average of 4-6 months before they are released from training.

Commercial Vehicle Officer Enforcement Training

The Commercial vehicle officer enforcement training also knows as CVEO training lasts about thirteen weeks while in the Washington State Patrol Academy.

This training exposes cadets to skills and knowledge to perform the duties of a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer. This training includes everything from first aid training, firearms training, defensive tactics, defensive driving, and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspection procedures.

Other specialized training you should expect while in Washington State Police Academy includes

  • field training Officer Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Drug Recognition Expert Training
  • Interview and Interrogation Training
  • Hazardous Material Training
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator’s course training
  • And other specialized and/or advanced level training activities.

How long is the Washington State trooper Academy?

On average, a trooper cadet in Washington state academy takes about 26 weeks of basic training. During which approximately 300 hours are spent in-classroom training.

The troopers are expected to stay on campus throughout the course of the training and are free to go home on weekends and holidays.

How much training do police get in Washington State?

Typically, a police officer in the Wahington State Police Academy gets 720 hours of training. These 720 hours are split in such a way to inculcate both classroom training as well as physical training and drills.

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How do I join the police academy in Washington state?

Okay when it comes to joining the Washington State Police Academy, there are a few things you would need to check off your list. When you must have affirmed these criteria then you can move on to the registration process. These criteria are;

  • You as an applicant must be at least 20 years of age as of the time of application
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED certification
  • If you have a military record, you must provide proof of honourable discharge
  • You must also have a valid driver’s license issued by the state of Washington

Once you have ascertained all these the next steps you would need to take on your journey to enrolling in the Washington State Police Academy include;

  • Pass a Written Exam: the written exam is put in place to test your general knowledge. The examination covers all areas comprising of maths, grammar, comprehension, spelling and current affairs. The examination also typically comes in the form of a multiple-choice questions. You have to pass this exam however before you can proceed to the next step in enrolling in the Washington State Police Academy
  • Next step on the list is the physical ability test. This test comprises of a series of physical activities that applicants must complete and pass before you can proceed. The test will measure your upper body strength, muscular endurance, leg power, cardio-respiratory endurance and anaerobic power. All applicants must complete a 300-meter run, maximum number of push ups in a limited time period, sit ups and a 1.5-mile run.
  • Next thing on the list is to fill out a personal history form which would compile all your credits and information which would be verified by the academy before your entrance.
  • You would also need to pass an oral examination. In the exam, a series of questions would be asked in which you would have to answer orally. In most cases, police officers and authorized community members conduct the oral examination.
  • Another test you would need to conduct before you enrol in the Washington State Police Academy is the polygraph test. This is also known as the lie-detector test and is used in many law enforcement agencies as well. This test would test abnormal variations in blood pressure, body motion, heart rate etc. The polygraph is used to detect the level of truth or deceit.
  • You would also need to undergo a psychological examination. The psychological examination is used to evaluate your mental and emotional stability, neurological functioning as well as reasoning skills and personality traits.
  • Lastly you would also need to pass a medical examination which would be conducted by a licensed medical doctor or physician. During the examination, you would be tested for various medical conditions and disorders and if you are found wanting as it pertains to your health, you would not be allowed to participate in the Washington State Police Academy.

When you have gone through all these tests and aced each and every one of them, then you are well on your way to becoming a Washington State Police officer.

Full Guide How much does it cost to put yourself through the Police Academy?

Attending a police academy is really not as costly as you would expect. Due to the fact that attending a police academy is a prerequisite for getting a new job as a law enforcement officer, most at times, you would not have to pay to attend and might also receive your full starting salary while still training in the academy.

However, if you don’t already have a job offer waiting, you would have to pay a tuition of $6,700. This $6,700 is not all-inclusive, some few extra charges could also be paid apart from the tuition fees.

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Washington state police Academy official Website

To get more information about the Washington state police academy, you can visit the official website at wsp.wa.gov/wsp-academy/

Frequently asked Questions

What is Blea certification?

The basic law enforcement academy is Washington mandated training academy for all city and county level law enforcement agents in the state.

How long is the police academy in Washington State?

To completely finish the training in the police academy in Washington state takes about 720 hours which is approximately 6 months.

Do you need to go to college to be a cop?

It is not a must to get a college degree before you can enroll in being a police officer. A minimum of a high school diploma or GED is all that is required

Is it possible to become a detective without being a police officer?

You cannot be a detective without first attending a police academy then becoming a police officer. A detective is a high rank and can only be achieved through promotion from the rank of a cadet.

What are the age requirements to enrol in a Police Academy?

You must be at least 21 years of age as of the time you apply to become a police officer. Most times exceeding the age of thirty-five years also disqualifies you from attending the police academy and being a police officer.


To wrap it all up, the above write-up covers everything as it pertains to joining the Washington State Police Academy. It encompasses the series of tests and requirements you would need to know about before you dive in. the benefits of becoming a police officer cannot be overemphasized.

Not only does it give you the opportunity to serve and protect but it also bestows on you to power to see to it that justice is served and what better place to train to become a renowned police officer than in the Washington State Police Academy.

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