University of Guelph Tuition Fees in 2022

Improving the overall quality of a student’s life remains the core objective of the University of Guelph. Although this is great, many students remain limited to accessing their bank of knowledge due to their inability to discover their tuition fees.

So, while assessing the University of Guelph tuition fees can be very difficult for you, you can read along and find out about how to overcome these challenges.

It might also interest you to know that the main campus of the university covers about 1,017 acres of land as it features an Arboretum and a research park. The campus architecture is built in brutal design and well maintained by the university management. The other campus was operated by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

So, in this article, we discuss details about the University of Guelph tuition fees and how to pay for it, for Undergraduates, graduates as well as international students.

You can take a brief look at the table of contents below to see more and interesting write up about the Guelph tuition fees.

Study at the University of Guelph

Guelph University is located in Guelph, one of the fastest-growing and best-managed cities in Ontario. With over 133,000 people living there, you’ll get the vibe of a major community and the welcome of a smaller town. The architecture is a rich, vibrant city center, legacy, and cultural.

According to Wikipedia, the University of Guelph was established in 1964. The University which is also an open research university that is associated with the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, International Association of Universities, Ontario Network of Women in Engineering, and many more.

The university began the agricultural department in 1874. The department later continued at the Honey Bee Research Centre wherein the professionals work on researches related to honeybee health. In 1903, the university developed a Macdonald Institute which comprises economics programs, domestic art, science and nature studies. These courses were initiated for female students.

Why Study at the University of Guelph?

The University has since grown to an institution of more than 32,000 students (including those at the Humber campus, off-campus degree enrollments, diploma enrollments, part-time students) and over 1,500 faculty (academic staff) as of fall 2015. It also offers 94 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees in many different disciplines.

No matter where you are from, once you enroll in Guelph University, you’re a Gryphon. This means that you are part of a network of fellow Gryphons that will set you up with everything you need to be successful: in your degree, in your career, and in the rest of your life.

The school also made it easier for students by enforcing the following:

  • Semesterly payments: pay your fees by semester, not in one large lump-sum in September.
  • Over $24.1 million in merit- and needs-based awards.
  • Work-Study: part-time, on-campus jobs for 400-500 students with financial needs.
  • Part-time Jobs: almost 4,000 students are employed on campus in part-time jobs – from serving lattes to lifeguarding, you can make a few extra bucks!
  • In-Course Bursaries: For students who have unexpected financial shortfalls, an in-course bursary can help.
  • Government Loans: Our Student Financial Services office administers the OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) for our students (available for students who are permanent residents only).
  • Co-operative Education: facilitates student learning and career development while earning a wage.

University of Guelph Tuition Fees in 2022

We are aware that the university costs a lot of money. We also know that not everyone is capable of paying that cost. The University of Guelph also believes that education should be an attainable goal for all qualified students. 

University, as we’re aware of, is also an investment in your future, and knowing the costs can help you plan ahead to reach your goals. The University of Guelph-Humber uses a semester billing system. This means students pay tuition and other fees at the beginning of each semester.

Below is a breakdown showing several tables of the University of Guelph tuition fees in 2022:

How Much is the University of Guelph Tuition for International Students?

Below is a table of the University of Guelph tuition for International Students:

Estimated Expenses (Per Year)

Full-time Tuition $24,300 – 33,551*
Residence Room $5,686 – $8,299
Meal Plan $4,120 – $6,180**
Personal Expenses $2,250
Optional Fees $220 – $350
Compulsory Fees $1,209
Health Insurance $636
Total $39,771 – $53,825***

The Full-time undergraduate tuition for International students ranges between $24,300 and $33,551 per year. Co-op students pay an additional $270 per semester.

How Much are the University of Guelph’s Undergraduate Tuition and Fees?

The tuition fee is evaluated according to the assigned cohort year. The cohort year refers to the academic calendar year for the first admission to the university or to the calendar year for admission to a new program or re-admission to the same program or a new program.

Below is the table of the University of Guelph undergraduate tuition and fees:

How Much is the University of Guelph Veterinary School Tuition Fee?

Veterinary school graduates learn to diagnose and treat diseases for large and small animals. Veterinary school graduates can also apply for a government license to practice veterinary medicine. The title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is required throughout the country. Considering the school’s tuition fee is also relevant.

Below is a breakdown of the University of Guelph veterinary school tuition fee:

How much is the University of Guelph Engineering Tuition Fee?

The Engineering program of the University of Guelph is actively educating engineers who will shape the world of tomorrow.

Below is a table showing the University of Guelph engineering tuition fees:

Colleges Programs Tuition Compulsory Fees Subtotal Optional Fees Total ($CAN)
BENG 4621.96 445.18 5067.14 166.65 5233.79
BENG (Mechanical, Computing & Biomedical) 5643.04 445.18 6088.22 166.65 6254.87

How Much is the University of Guelph Psychology Tuition?

Psychology plays a vital role in every area of our society. Explore the processes and factors shaping who we are by studying issues such as development and aging, learning difficulties, ethics, culture, neuroscience, cognition, psychotherapy, abnormal psychology, and persuasion.

However, Full-time psychology tuition for International students ranges between $24,300 and $33,551 per year. Co-op students pay an additional $270 per semester.

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How Can I Pay the University of Guelph Tuition Fee?

The primary method of payment for the university of Guelph tuition fee is online banking. Payment for your tuition, fees, residence, and meal plan should be made through online banking services. The amount you owe for the Fall semester is available to view through the Account View option on WebAdvisor.

When creating the vendor/payee in your bank’s online bill payment system, be sure to choose the “UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH STUDENT FEES” option and confirm you have entered your student ID number as the account number. Otherwise, your payments will be misdirected and will not be credited to your student account. (Depending on your banking institution, the University of Guelph may be listed in a variety of ways: UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH STUDENT FEES, UNIV OF GUELPH – STUDENT FEES.)

For more information about online banking in general, please contact your bank. Online payments are processed and appear on your University of Guelph student account within approximately 3 business days. Make sure you keep a copy of your verification/confirmation number; it is your proof of payment.


The University of Guelph does not accept email money transfers, credit cards or cash for payment of your student account.

Also, For more details on how to pay your student account, including helpful links and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the link below.

Lastly, If you require confirmation that you are enrolled as a student for the release of educational funds (e.g., RESPs), complete a Confirmation of Enrolment request form. See the link below:


How much is tuition at Guelph?

The full-time tuition ranges between $6,091 and $11,286 per year. Full-time undergraduate tuition for International students ranges between $24,300 and $33,551 per year. Co-op students pay an additional $270 per semester.

Is the tuition fee meant to be paid all at once?

College must be paid for before you attend a school or at the time when you are attending. Most schools do not require you to pay tuition for the entire year upfront. However, if you receive financial aid, the grant or loan you receive typically covers a full academic year.

Is Guelph a safe place to be?

Year after year, Guelph is consistently ranked among the safest and most liveable cities in the country. For five consecutive years, it was crowned the safest city in Canada, and as of last year, it was still in the top ten. If you are looking for a place to navigate where crime is low, Guelph should be on your list.

What programs is University of Guelph popularly known for?

Guelph is popularly known for its strengths in areas as diverse as agri-food and veterinary medicine, human nutrition, and family development, environmental studies, and engineering, rural development and planning, and Scottish history and theatre.


No matter where you are from, once you enroll in Guelph University, you’re a Gryphon. This means that you are part of a network of fellow Gryphons that will set you up with everything you need to be successful: in your degree, in your career, and in the rest of your life.

However, getting into this university is one thing while being able to pay for tuition fees is another. So, this article will help you understand the tuition fees at Guelph university and how to pay for them.


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