University Of British Columbia UBC Tuition In 2022

Do you know that tuition and fees vary according to schools, courses, and levels of study? For instance, the University of British Columbia UBC tuition for Medical students is not the same as that of Law students.

Also, the University of British Columbia tuition fees for international students differ from those for domestic students. former is $4,995.78 while the latter is $34,599.60.

Sadly, most students do not know the available tuition and fee payment options let alone how to plan their costs.

To minimize your chances of payment into wrong account details, the inability to claim your scholarships, and many other tuition related issues.

We have compiled the UBC tuition, fees, payment instructions, and other basic tips you need to plan your cost.

Before we discuss extensively the University of British Columbia tuition fees for international students, let’s take a look at the brief history of the school.

The table of content will help you navigate all sub-topics in this article.

A Brief History Of The University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university with campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia. It was established in 1908.

Apparently, UBC ranks among the top three universities in Canada. It comprises two campuses with twelve faculties with a total of 8,031 students enrolled.

At UBC, tuition fees are usually reviewed annually by the Board of Governors. In recent years, tuition increased by 2% for continuing domestic students and between 2% and 5% for continuing international students.

In addition, UBC offers financial aid to deserving students in the form of scholarships and loans.

Why The University Of British Columbia?

The University Of British Columbia has all it takes to shape the future of higher education. Here are some of the amazing reasons why you should consider the school as your preferred choice.

  • UBC is among the top 3 Universities in Canada.
  • It is highly recognized around the world for its extraordinary and innovative research and other educational programs.
  • The school environment is unique; it is one that unites knowledge, ideas, ambition, imagination, hard work, and joy. 

Other benefits include;

  • Career growth and opportunity
  • Comprehensive healthcare plans
  • Employee reduced tuition
  • Dependent care match

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University of British Columbia Tuition And Fees For Undergraduate

UBC fees and tuition are usually set by the University (not by the School) and are subject to change.

For the 2022 academic session, the tuition range for an undergraduate degree program is expected to be $5,399.10 to $6,298.95 per year for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Similarly, international students will be required to pay the tuition range of $39,197.40 to $46,241.30.

Similarly, student fees will fall within the range of $1,093.53 to $1,150.53 per year. 

The fees include those for the Alma Mater Society, athletics and recreation, undergraduate society, UBC publications, etc. These fees apply to all students.

Furthermore, loans, awards, and work are all helpful options. Don’t forget to take advantage of UBC’s financial resources.

To find out tuition payment options and instructions, click on the link below.

University of British Columbia Tuition For Medical School

The tuition for Domestic Graduate Students in the Experimental Medicine Program is currently $4,995.78 per year. Similarly, tuition for International Graduate Students is $8,776.74/year.


The U-Pass is a subsidized public transit pass that is mandatory for all students who attend courses one day a week or more at any UBC location in Metro Vancouver. Rate: $147 per term ($36.75 per month).

AMS/GSS Extended Health Care Fee

The AMS/GSS Extended Health Care Insurance Plan provides coverage for expenses such as most prescription drugs, travel health insurance, vision, and dental care, in addition to basic medical covered by MSP.

There are opt-out provisions for students with equivalent personal insurance. Rate: $219.31 (for students beginning in September and $146.21 (for students beginning in January).


The i-Med fee is levied to all new international students to cover the three-month waiting period between first arriving in Canada and the start of the basic Provincial health insurance coverage (MSP). Rate: $180.

UBC Fees And Tuition Nursing Students

The University of British Columbia offers an innovative advanced standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. The program is basically designed to prepare leaders in nursing practice.

However, you will commit to an intensive full-time program of theoretical and clinical coursework delivered over five consecutive academic terms beginning from your third-year level. 

To be considered for admission to the BSN program, you must have a completed bachelor’s degree or significant progress (minimum of 48 non-nursing university transferable credits) toward a degree in another field of study. 

How to Apply to the BSN Program

Admission to the BSN program is a three-part process, requiring an application to UBC, a supplemental nursing application, and an online assessment (CASPer)

If you have attended UBC, follow the steps below to apply

If you are a current or former UBC student

  • Go to Student Service Centre and log into your CWL account.
  • Complete an Application for Readmission or a Change of Degree Program/Campus form depending on your status with UBC.
  • Current UBC students applying for a change of degree program will not lose their eligibility in the current program

Tuition and Scholarship Support

The tuition fees for Nursing excluding all other costs (e.g. books, housing) based on 48 credits (1st year) is $8,469.60 (CAD) for Canadian residents and $58,652.16 (CAD) for International students. 

As a nursing student, you will incur additional expenses such as books, supplies, student fees, accident insurance, annual CPR certification course, etc. 

In addition, the School of Nursing offers a variety of scholarships each year. Recipients for most of these awards are decided on by the Awards Committee.

University Of British Columbia Tuition For Law School

Tuition for domestic students starting first-year in the JD program for the new academic session is $394.98 per credit ($12,639.36 for first-year and $11,849.40 for each second and third year.

Nevertheless, the amount for upper years can vary depending on how many credits are taken in each year).

See the table below for the graduate program fee schedule.

Domestic Students International Student
Master of Laws (Common Law) Program $27,176.40 $34,599.60
Master’s (LL.M) Program $5,095.68 CDN (per year) $8,952.27 CDN (per year)
LL.M. in Taxation $28,154.10 $39,325.20
Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)   $5,095.68 CDN (per year) $899 CDN (approximately)

All international Ph.D. students are automatically considered for the International Tuition Award of approximately $3,200.00 per year for the duration of the student Ph.D. program. 

There is no separate application for the International Tuition Award.

University of British Columbia Tuition Fees For International Students

The tuition and fees for the full-year MFRE program are approximately $33,700 US for international students.

Tuition fees cover the entire 12-month period required to complete the program (September through August). The University of British Columbia fees for international students vary from program to program.

Generally, both domestic and international students pay an additional fee of $700 CAD. Also, the AMS/GSS Extended Health Plan is $244.69 CAD/ year.

Note that tuition is divided into three equal installments due in September, January, and May.

How Much Is UBC MBA Tuition?

For your UBC International MBA program costs, you will be required to pay a non-refundable and non-transferable $145.75 CAD fee prior to the application being processed.

Upon receipt of an offer of admission, you will be required to submit a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $2,500 USD, which will be credited towards your first tuition installment.

The total expenses breakdown amounts to $67,310.00 USD. These are estimated costs of program fees and the 2-week trip to Vancouver in the UBC IMBA program.

University Of British Columbia Graduate Tuition

If you enroll in a UBC doctoral program, you will be required to maintain continuous registration by paying tuition in installments, plus authorized student fees according to the appropriate tuition fee schedule.

All students are “full-time” for the assessment of tuition and authorized student fees. Authorized student fees apply to all doctoral programs regardless of credit load or place of residence.

If you paid more than the minimum for the degree (the first six (6) installments), you will have your tuition fees prorated to the end of the month.

Then, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies confirms that all degree requirements have been completed.

This includes the submission of their dissertation to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Student fees are not prorated.

Below is te fee struture;

Program Domestic fee (per instalment) International fee (per instalment)
Full-time (Schedule A) $1,665.26 $2,925.58
Part-time (Schedule C) $1,225.17 $2,457.58
On leave Fee1 $120.68 $356.72
Continuing Fee2 $760.80 $2,925.58
Extension Fee3 $1,068.56 $2,925.58

Now, you are fully aware of your UBC fee and tuition cost, next should be your payment option but before you dive into that, it’s important you get the basic tips on how to plan your Cost.

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How Can I Plan My First-Year Costs?

Financial planning can be very stressful, especially when planning for your university costs.

However, it’s important to consider both your first-year costs as well as how your costs may change in your second, and subsequent years.

Nevertheless, we have put together detailed information that will help you plan for your first-year cost at ease.

Let’s look at the following tips.

  • Calculate costs specific to you using our online first-year cost calculator. Add up the total for tuition, books, and living costs.
  • Download and complete our first-year budget-planning worksheet.
  • Let our Enrolment Services Advisors (Vancouver) and Student Services and Financial Support (Okanagan) help you and your family develop a financial plan.
  • If you’re an international student and you wish to pay your UBC fees in your home currency, you’re encouraged to do so.

When budgeting for your personal living expenses, remember to include the following

  • rent or mortgage payments
  • damage deposit
  • insurance
  • groceries
  • restaurants, cafeteria lunches
  • utilities:  hydro, phone, internet, cable
  • clothing & laundry (including professional attire for law interviews)
  • personal hygiene products
  • interest (loan, credit cards)
  • entertainment
  • transportation costs (e.g. taxis, trips home)
  • other miscellaneous costs

Click on the button below to access your Cost Calculator.

Payment Options And Instructions

The following instructions will guide you on how to pay the University of British Columbia tuition and fees successfully.

Individuals can pay UBC fees for international students through any of these means.

To pay with online banking, you’ll need a bank account at a Canadian financial institution.

Add UBC Tuition as a bill payee and use your student number as the bill’s account number.

Note that online banking is available for Housing or Meal Plan payments through most banks and credit unions.

To do so please add UBC Housing and Meal Plan as a payee. Do not make Housing and Meal Plan payments to the UBC Tuition account.

Payments will take 2-3 business days to process.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

This involves a bank transfer and EFT payments debit funds directly from your Canadian bank account.

Follow the steps below to complete your payments.

  • Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  • Select Banking Details
  • Enter and save your bank’s institution, transit, and account numbers
  • Pay your fees by selecting Pay Fees > Bank Transfer

After completing the steps above, your payments will be processed immediately.

However, If your payment is returned, it could be due to incorrect account details, Insufficient funds or funds not available, or a closed account.

When this happens, the funds will be reversed out of your student account.

This may result in your account being placed on financial hold, as well as being charged interest and a $35 insufficient funds penalty.

International Funds Transfer (IFT)

This involves payment of your UBC fees from a foreign bank account, using your own currency. UBC fees for international students can be paid through this means.

International Funds Transfers, processed through Western Union Business Solutions are secure and efficient and offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No transaction fees from Western Union
  • Locked-in exchange rate for 72 hours, removing much of the uncertainty around the total payment amount
  • No Canadian bank account required

You can use International Funds Transfer to pay your tuition and student, residence, and meal plan fees using your own currency from a foreign bank account.

Follow the steps below to make your payments

Step 1: Initiate your payment quote online

  • Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC)
  • Navigate to Finances > Pay Fees
  • Select the fees you would like to pay
  • Select International Funds Transfer to access the GlobalPay student platform
  • Confirm items to pay

Step 2: Complete the online form

  • A pre-populated form will open in a new window
  • Choose the country to which you will be sending your payment
  • Select the fee item(s) you wish to pay
  • Select your payment currency
  • Fill out the payment details and bank details
  • Agree to the Terms of Use
  • You will receive a payment reference number that will lock in your quoted exchange rate for 72 hours
  • Note that your “Student Number” field will be automatically filled with a Western Union payment reference number.

Step 3: Bank transfer

  • Print the payment instructions and contact your bank or the financial institution (online, phone, or in-person)
  • Initiate payment
  • Your local bank will transfer funds to Western Union, which will send the funds to UBC
  • Ensure you repeat step 1 to generate a new payment quote for each payment – do not use the payment reference number from a previous transaction for new payments

Step 4: Payment finalized

  • Your student account will be updated after a minimum of 3 business days
  • If your account is not updated after a week, contact Western Union at [email protected] or toll-free at 1.877.218.8829

This step involves payment with your bank card through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Interac® Online is available for Canadian accounts at the following institutions:

  • RBC Royal Bank
  • TD Canada Trust

Log on to the Student Service Centre (SSC) and select Finances > Pay Fees > Interac.

  • Interac® Online cannot process debit/credit card hybrids (ex. VISA debit, Mastercard debit, AMEX debit, etc.)
  • Please confirm with your financial institution that your daily Interac® limit will be enough to cover your payment

The payment if successful will be processed immediately.

This involves the use of loyalty points to pay your tuition fees.

Higher Ed Points allow you to apply TD and Aeroplan reward points toward your tuition and fees. 

Sign up with Higher Ed Points and follow the steps for your loyalty program. Once you’ve completed the transfer, it will take about 3 days for the points to be applied to your student account.

Scholarships And Passport to Education

In this section, we will discuss the different ways and procedures of how you can claim your scholarships. Follow the steps below.

UBC scholarship

UBC scholarship recipients get their money automatically credited to their student account soon after the due date.

Basically, if the system knows of any pending awards, it will not penalize you when your fees have not been paid by the due date.

However, if your award amount is less than the total amount owed, you must pay the difference by the fee deadline to avoid late charges. 

If your award amount is more than your tuition owed for the term, please sign up for direct deposit before accepting the award to receive the credit directly.

Scholarships do not count towards your registration deposit, so please make sure you pay your deposit in time to register.

BC Provincial scholarship

The following are the redeeming process is for BC Provincial scholarships.

  • BC Achievement
  • District/Authority
  • BC Excellence
  • Pathway to Teacher Education
  • Graduation Program Examination

#1 Online option: Verification by submitting Supporting Documents

Get the following documents

  • Provincial Scholarship Voucher: Write your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and email address on the voucher. Check that your mailing address is correct. If it’s not, provide your current address.
  • Verification of Enrolment: Log in to the SSC and select Grades & Records > Proof of Enrolment Letters.
  • Proof of Tuition Fee Payment: Log in to the SSC and select Finances > Tuition History. Take a screenshot as proof of payment. You will be required to pay all of your outstanding fees by the tuition due date before redeeming this scholarship.

Submit all three documents through the Scholarship Redemption web form

#2 In-person option: Verification by visiting an Enrolment Service Advisor

For this option, you need the following documents;

  • Provincial Scholarship Voucher: Write your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and email address on the voucher. Check that your mailing address is correct. If it’s not, provide your current address.
  • Verification at Enrolment Services: Have your Provincial Scholarship Voucher stamped and signed at the Enrolment Services Advising Centre.

Scan or take a photo of your verified voucher and submit it through the Scholarship Redemption web form.

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Passport to Education for BC students

If you are a British Columbia(BC) student, you can use your Passport to Education stamps toward your fees.

Redeem your Passport to Education stamps to pay for a portion of your fees (BC students only).

Take your Passport to Enrolment Services in Brock Hall for processing. The value of the Passport will be applied to your tuition fees.

Ensure you present your Passport one week before tuition is due to allow for processing time.

Do not send your passport in the mail, as UBC will not accept responsibility for lost passports.

External Award Cheques

The External award cheques involve you depositing your award cheque directly to your UBC account.

You can deposit your external award cheques in person at Enrolment Services in Brock Hall.

Below are the procedures for the completion of your External award cheques.

  • Make sure your cheque is correctly filled out, and that your student number is written on the front of the cheque on the memo line.
  • Payments received by external award cheque at Enrolment Services in Brock Hall will take at least 6-8 weeks to appear on your tuition account.
  • Take your cheque and payment slip to the Enrolment Services counters.

To access the currency exchange rate information log on to the UBC Finance website by clicking on the button below.

Staff will calculate the appropriate amount upon payment.


AT the University of British Columbia, tuition and fees are set by the school (that is the University) and are subject to change. 

As a prospective or returning student of the school, ensure you find out tuition payment options and instructions and also your tuition and fee amounts before resumption.

Also, ensure you pay your fees in full by the payment due dates to avoid being placed on financial hold, charged a processing fee and charged an interest penalty.

In addition, always visit the school database of information for additional external awards is available.

FAQs On The University Of British Columbia UBC Tuition

Is the University of British Columbia expensive?

The University of British Columbia puts the figure at $15,500 and that makes it one of the good and most affordable schools in Canada.

Does UBC give financial aid to international students?

UBC gives financial aid to students in the form of scholarships and loans.

What is the GPA requirement for the University of British Columbia?

The minimum post-secondary GPA for eligibility for admission to UBC is 2.0

Is the University of British Columbia a good school?

Yes, with an acceptance rate of 52.4% alongside the quality of education rendered, UBC is a good school. UBC is among the top 3 schools in Canada. It is also one of the most sought-after universities in the world.



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