Top iGaming Courses on Coursera

Founded in 2012, Coursera is a reputed global online course that cooperates with the top universities and organizations worldwide. The education platform has more than 82 million learners and partners with up to 500 companies and 200 leading universities.

In February 2021, Coursera received B Corp certification meaning that the company is able to consider the impact of its decision as well as balance purpose and profit. 

This online education provider offers a range of learning opportunities with more than 4,000 courses. As online gaming has become a popular and lucrative business and NonGamStopBets team prepared the top iGaming courses that you can acquire at Coursera.

Introduction to Game Design

Introduction to Game Design is a course for individuals who want to be informed about the mechanics and rules behind different types of games. Actually, this course allows them to understand the primary concepts of gaming, and an exploration of how these basic concepts impact the way players interact with the games. Four linked assignments are provided to the students from which they learn to create and describe game concepts and what makes an appealing game. 

As Introduction to Game Design centers on the conceptual underpinnings of games, after completing the course, the learners acquire the skills like Game Design, Video Game Design, Gameplay, and Video Game Development. All assignments can be completed with a pencil and paper.

Esports Management Specialization

With the growth in popularity of esports, turning this entertaining activity into a viable career is possible with the Esports Management Specialization course. Individuals who want to launch their career in esports or those who have already started their businesses in this field are required to choose this course. 

They will learn about the esports overview and the influences that game developers have in the industry. Additionally, these learners will be informed about the structures of an organization and the steps of how it builds a brand. The jobs available in esports and the procedures to start a business in this sector will be required with the Esports Management course.

Sports Performance Analytics

Sports analytics field has continued to attract more people, which is the reason why online course providers like Coursera offer courses related to this sector. Sports Performance Analytics is a popular course offered by the platform to individuals who want to analyse sports principles. 

The learners will be able to collect wide data sets, construct predictive models to anticipate team and player performance through the real data sets in the major professional sports leagues. As a result, not only are they expected to explore their own ideas about sports team performance but they will also become producers of sports analytics.

Prediction Models with Sports Data

If you want to learn how to generate game results predictions in professional sports using Python, you should choose Prediction Models with Sports Data. This course’s purpose is to model game results through the method of logistic regression using data on team expenditures. 

With this course, the learners are taken through the process of modeling past results, and using the model to forecast the outcome of games not yet played and then apply this process. For example, they are taught to evaluate the reliability of a model using data on betting odds. There are also deeper lessons about the relationship between data analytics and gambling.

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