Top 5 Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad 2022

One thing about Studying abroad is not the destination of choice, it’s about your budget. you can plan for something big but your budget has a way of replanning. In this article, we want to talk about in detail the Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad.

I had one of my close friends back then in High School, that the parents are so optimistic about sponsoring his College and University Education in the USA but the Cost of Living, Accommodation, Tuition Fees, are all on the High Side.

He decided to make research on how he can meet up with his quest to Study Abroad. Finally, he landed in Hungary which is one of the close allies of Germany.

The List comprises of some Countries of the world where language might be a barrier, some are already English-speaking countries. Countries like China, Canada, Hungary, and Italy are at the forefront of World Development.

List Of Most Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

Today this list was researched on the criteria of cost of Living, Accommodation, Tuition Fees, Best Universities, Good Government policies for International Students, etc.

Here is the list of Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

  • China
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Hungary


China is known as one of the cheapest countries present around the world for providing the most affordable education to international students. The hub of research and technology is called China.

With time, the country has demonstrated itself to be the most modern country. Shanghai, the capital of China is popular for its cheap universities dealing with languages, engineering, and medicine.

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Following are the courses offered at Chinese universities:

  • Languages
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • International relations
  • Medicine and Health Sciences


Canada is also marked as one of the top affordable countries in the case of education and learning for international students. The fact behind it is that the universities present here launch up different awards and scholarships for international students every year.

Canadian universities are famous for engineering, medicine, business, and applied sciences. It is one of the best choices one can make while selecting universities around the globe. The tuition fee at Canadian universities is comparatively low and this makes them affordable.

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Following are the courses being offered at different Canadian universities

  • Political Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Business Studies


Another country that lies among the most affordable countries in the world is Germany.

Every student has to be a speaker of the German language before applying to any of the German universities. The courses available here are the best and exhibit very affordable and cheap rates.

There are a large number of accommodation facilities available in German universities for international students.

Different forms of scholarships and awards are granted to students coming to attend German universities.

In fact, the postgraduate courses in Germany have a bigger rate of international students.


The most common courses offered at German universities are as follows

  • Informatics
  • Engineering and information technology
  • Medicine and health studies
  • Marketing and business studies
  • Applied sciences and arts
  • Languages and communication skills


This is indeed a fact the universities present in Hungary offer cheap and affordable tuition rates for international students. Students find up their education packages along with the accommodation charges at a very low cost.

It is one of the cheapest countries that can be opted for education in the world. Hungarian universities are also offering a large number of different scholarships for international students coming from all over the world.

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Following are the courses offered at Hungarian universities

  • Engineering
  • Culinary skills
  • Political studies
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Medicine and health-related sciences


Italy is marked as the most affordable country. The universities located in Italy are offering a wide range of different courses at affordable rates and costs. Italy is famous for providing the cheapest education in the fields of arts, liberal arts, history, and fashion.

There are some universities offering high costs but many of them are affordable choices for international students. Italian universities are offering different accommodation packages at a reasonable rate. Italy is famous for its architecture and history. It is the best place for studying the arts.


Following are the courses available at different Italian universities

  • Engineering and technology
  • Arts
  • History
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration
  • Applied sciences
  • Medicine

Yes! You can get the most affordable education to international students in 2021 just try out Schools and Opportunities in these Countries, you’ll be glad you did

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