The Most Expensive Universities in the World

Do you think that the most prestigious universities are the most expensive? For sure, education expenses in universities like Harvard, Stanford, or MIT can be high. However, they are not the highest in the world. 

In this post, we have collected the list of the most expensive universities in the world. To create this selection, we examined tuition prices only. Dorm fees, nutrition plans, and other expenses were not included. 

#1. Columbia University

It is a top-notch university that is located in New York. For more than 250 years it takes leading positions in education not only in the US but also in the world. To acquire education in this research university in 2022, you will need to spend $61,788/year.

There are a lot of schools so you can study Architecture, Arts, Business, Engineering, Journalism, Law, and many other sciences at Columbia University.

#2. University of Chicago

This one is a well-known university around the world for driving new ways of thinking. They teach students to generate original ideas, develop them, and achieve top peaks by chasing their dreams. If you want to gain critical thinking and join the next generation of leaders, you will need to pay $60,552 in 2022. 

Even though the high price, a lot of students want to get a higher education diploma in this university. The acceptance rate here is 8.7% only. For this reason, do not hesitate to get assignment writing assistance to be provided with a top-grade admission essay. 

#3. Landmark College

It is one of the accredited colleges for students with different study disabilities. The high price for education, which is $59,100/year in 2022, helps cover all the expenses needed to provide full-cycle education processes for students who learn differently.

This college provides leading-edge education to learners with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. 

#4. Trinity College

Located in Hartford, Connecticut, it is one of the oldest educational institutions in the US. Despite this fact, Trinity College provides up-to-date education in different fields of study for $59,050/year in 2022. There are 41 majors and more than 900 courses.

#5. Franklin and Marshall College

It is a university that offers bachelor’s degrees in art and sciences. They personalize education and help students to achieve something significant for $58,800/year in 2022.

The student per faculty ratio is 9:1 at Franklin and Marshall College. For instance, the US national standard is 15:1. They also teach to use the power of a crowd by gathering like-minded students into communities to use their strong sides.

#6. Vassar College

It is a highly selective university that offers the best educational programs in liberal arts for $58,770/year in 2022. This college is famous for its position toward women’s education. Right from the date of the foundation, they provided equal education for men and women.

#7. Harvey Mudd College

This educational institution is one of the best places for students who like exact science and want to gain their skills significantly. If you want to study engineering, math, and other sciences at this university, you will need to pay $58,660/year in 2022 For this price, you will be able to learn the exact sciences and participate in high-level research projects.

#8. Will Prices on Education Grow?

According to the latest research, prices on education in the most expensive universities will grow significantly soon. Even though global digitalization and free access to education materials, face-to-face education remains in high demand.

Moreover, one of the primary benefits of studying in physical classrooms is communicating with like-minded students and professors every day, which is worth paying for.

Columbia University is the most expensive university in the world in 2022, here are the university’s Admission Requirements: SAT, ACT Score in 2022

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