St. Edwards University Review| Acceptance Rate, & Tuition Fee

St. Edwards University is a private, Catholic university located in Austin, Texas. This article contains the St. Edwards University review, ranging from the school’s acceptance rate, admission rate, requirements, and tuition fees.

Whether you are looking to learn about this school for the purpose of knowledge or because you are looking to further your education and want to know if this school is the right one to go for, this article will discuss everything you need to know. It is your go-to guide for getting into St. Edwards University.

Continue to read to find out all you need to know about the school.

About St. Edwards University

St. Edwards University is a private university founded in 1885 by the Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Reverend Edward Sorin. At first, the institution was founded in 1877 and named St. Edward’s Academy in honor of Edward the Confessor and King, his patron saint.

The University has since been a high nationally ranked university set in Texas and aims at educating individuals from all over the world and at different academic levels.

It is currently a booming private, Catholic, liberal arts university and doubles as an academic home to around 5,000 students. Its campus is a blend of historic architecture from the early years and more modern buildings.

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St. Edwards University Accreditation

St. Edwards University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctor’s degrees to deserving individuals.

(SACSCOC) is a regional body in charge of the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states.

This authorization body serves as the standard denominator of shared values and practices among various institutions in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Latin America and other international sites approved by the commission that award associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees.

St. Edwards University Acceptance Rate

Basically, one of the most important things to look out for when you are deciding on a college or university of choice is the institution’s acceptance rate.

Discussing the university’s acceptance rate, according to USnews, Princeton review, and other verified sources St. Edward University has an acceptance rate of 91%. 

St. Edwards University Ranking

According to USnews, St. Edwards University has ranked:

  • #9 in Regional Universities West
  • #3 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #10 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • #7 in Best Value Schools
  • #18 in Top Performers on Social Mobility

Also, in 2011, USnews and World Report ranked the university 21st in its “Best Colleges” edition for the Western region of the United States.

In 2004, the university ranked among the top 25 master’s granting universities in the Western United States.

In addition, the university has been recognized by Forbes and the Center for College Affordability and Productivity as one of America’s best colleges out of 600 undergraduate institutions that were ranked based on the quality of education, experience, and achievements students receive. 

St. Edwards University Programs

St. Edward University offers 12 master’s degree programs degree completion 15 majors, professional development ( IT and project management), and about 50 areas of study for undergraduate education.

Generally, they mostly offer programs in:

  • Business & economics
  • Arts & humanities
  • Life sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Computer sciences
  • Education
  • Law
  • Clinical, pre-clinic, and health
  • Psychology

St. Edwards University Admission Requirements

Accordingly, every university and college have their different requirements set for students to meet to enable them to gain admission into the institution. This section discusses the admission requirements classified into the various student categories at St. Edward University.

The following admission requirements will help you determine your category.

Returning Students

Returning students are former students of the school who are not recently enrolled in classes at the school.

If you fall in this category, then you will be required to reapply for admission. Also, you will be required to provide the transcripts of any other institution you attended.

These transcripts of coursework in addition to your complete application are to be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Temporary Students

If you are applying as a temporary student from another four-year university, you will be required to take courses at St. Edward University for one semester.

Your college transcripts are not required for this student category, however, you will be required to provide an official letter of good standing from your university in addition to your application.

Postbaccalaureate Students

If you are applying as a postbaccalaureate student, you must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition to that, you must send your official college transcripts from all the undergraduate colleges you attended.

Non-degree Students

As a non-degree-seeking student, you will be required to provide your official college transcripts from all the undergraduate colleges you attended.

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St. Edwards University General Requirements

This section will discuss the general application checklist for individuals looking to get into the university.

  • Complete the application form with all the required information provided.
  • $50 application fee. You may pay this with a credit card, check, or cashier’s check. However, this is an exception for applicants seeking admission into the school.
  • Official college transcripts from all the post-secondary institutions you attended. However, if you have completed a master’s degree or higher, then you will be required to share only the transcripts from the awarding institutions. The transcripts must be sent to St. Edward University in an envelope sealed by the educational institution. This is an exception for temporary students.
  • A letter of good standing instead of transcripts. This applied to only applicants applying as temporary students.
  • An application essay or personal statement.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • A copy of your permanent resident card. This applies if you are a permanent resident of the US and not a citizen of the country.
  • Major of study and the school or faculty it is in.

St Edwards University GPA Requirements

Oftentimes, colleges and universities specify a minimum GPA requirement set for students to meet to be eligible to apply.

Although St. Edward’s University hasn’t officially announced its GPA minimum requirement, using data from more than 1,000 schools, Prepscholar estimated a minimum GPA of 3.52.

St Edwards University SAT Requirements

If your GPA is at or not up to the minimum GPA required, then you may need higher SAT or ACT scores to compensate to increase your chance of getting in.

Generally, most institutions maintain that they do have SAT scores cut off, but that is not always as true as they say. Usually, there are hidden requirements in SAT and this is based on the school’s average score.

Having known that, the new SAT score analysis for St. Edward’s University is 1600 SAT. 

The 25th percentile new score is 1110. On the other hand, the 75th percentile new SAT score is 1280.

This simply means a SAT score of 1110 sets you below the average while that of 1280 sets you above average.

St. Edwards University ACT Requirements

Just like the aforementioned SAT score, the university has no cut-off mark for ACT score. However, the average is likely to be set at 25 as the 25th percentile ACT is 22 and the 75th percentile is 27.

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St. Edwards University Tuition & Costs

This section provides a breakdown of how much it costs to study at St. Edward’s University. These costs include tuition fees, living costs, and others.

  • Tuition fees at St. Edward’s University

According to the information on the school’s website, the tuition fee at St. Edward’s University costs $24,573 per semester for the 2021-2022 academic year.

  • Accommodation at St. Edward’s University

At St. Edward’s University, a residential hall with roommates costs an estimated $4,161.

  • Meals at St. Edward’s University

You are likely to spend an estimated $2,543 on meals per semester.

  • Health Insurance at St. Edward’s University

You are likely to spend an estimated $1,189 per semester.

  • Other Fees at St. Edward’s University

You are likely to spend around $425 on other fees at the university.

  • Car Permit at St. Edward’s University

You may expect to spend an estimated $310 on car permits per year.

Below are the means you can contact St. Edward University:

3001 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX  78704 United States

Ms. Kelsey McClure

Administrative Coordinator

[email protected]


Fax:  512-464-8877

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at 512-448-8581

Dean of Students at 512-448-8408

School’s website:

St. Edward’s University Review

“I love St. Ed’s! The things I’ve grown to truly appreciate are the community and campus’ beauty and the caring professors. The professors truly care about students, and the small campus allows for more connection and individualized educational experience! Also, the residence life on campus does an extraordinary job at making all students feel welcomed and fosters diversity and individual learning experiences.”

“St. Ed’s is very diverse in terms of race, LGBTQ+ representation, religion, nationality, etc. The professors were a bit less diverse (many old, white). The social justice focus and small classes were great, but in the Honors program half the classes I took didn’t transfer elsewhere. Dining was pricey, but I enjoyed that campus dining offered many vegan and vegetarian options. Dujarie Hall was very expensive but very nice. I loved that its sports scene isn’t the central focus of university culture, and that its student life didn’t heavily center around parties. The campus is beautiful, safe, and small enough to walk wherever you need to. At night they even have an escort system for safety. If you can afford to attend all four years or for a few years after transferring in, I suppose it’d be a fair return on investment, as they provide lots of support for obtaining funding for research, conducting thesis projects, study abroad, and the like, all with the close partnership of professors.”

“St. Eds was a great place to study. I came from a small high school, so the transition was easy because the classes weren’t too big, and the teachers actually know you. The classes were challenging and helped prepare you for life beyond college. There are many opportunities to seek extra help via tutoring sessions or the teachers who are always willing to help. St. Eds has many opportunities to get involved in the community through community service, or to get involved on campus. Whether you live on or off campus, there are many activities to know your fellow classmates and have fun!”

FAQs St. Edward’s University Review

Does St. Edward’s require the SAT essay?

The SAT includes an optional essay; however, it is essential to have an SAT score as there are usually hidden requirements in them even when schools say they do not have a cut-off mark for SAT score.

Is St Edward’s University a good school?

St. Edward’s University is a good school. It is ranked #9 in Regional Universities West.

What GPA do you need to get into St Edward’s University?

Is St Edward’s University Expensive?

According to the school’s website, the tuition fee at St. Edward’s University costs $24,573 per semester for the 2021-2022 academic year.

What is St. Edward’s University’s acceptance rate?

St. Edward’s University admission rate. St. Edward University has an acceptance rate of 91%.


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