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Each year, the National Geographic Society offers several students a paid opportunity to spend the summer exploring and learning with them. These National Geographic summer internships are diverse and set up to give both undergraduate and graduate students a complete experience.

However, interested applicants are to note that these internships are highly competitive and are therefore encouraged to check the career portals which will be provided below early in the year to apply.

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Just take your time and go through this article, the World Scholarship Forum has arranged every detail you need to be a participant in the National Geographic Internship Program.

More About The National Geographic Internship Program

The National Geographic Society offers these paid internships with the aim of providing undergraduate and graduate students with educational and work opportunities. However, all interns will work temporarily to acquire job-related skills and participate in other formal learning and educational opportunities.

Nevertheless, the program provides support and guidance from a wide range of National Geographic staff members.

Also, it aims to provide interns with the opportunity to learn from the host department/mentor, the management team and other staff members, and human resources.

Level/Field of Study

These Nat Geo Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students and cut across various fields.

Host Nationality

The National Geographic Summer Internships are offered by the National Geographic Society; a US-based impact-driven global nonprofit organization.

Eligible Nationality

To work for the National Geographic Society, applicants must be able to work in the United States. In other words, an intern at national geographic must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States of America.

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National Geographic Summer Internship Deadline

Unfortunately, the application for the Nat Geo Internship is over; as it is a summer program. However, we encourage interested applicants to look up early in the year for summer of 2022 (June to August) internship postings.

For more information, visit the internship career portal below or send your questions about the application process to [email protected]

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Answers to Some FAQs On National Geographic Summer Scholarships

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the National Geographics Summer Internships.

How Much Do Interns At The National Geographic Earn?

The worth of the National Geographics internship varies. However, according to Glassdoors, Nat Geo interns earn $13 per hour.

Who Can Be A National Geographic Intern?

Generally, to work for the National Geographic Society, you must be bold to share their passion for exploration, storytelling, science, and education. Also, you must be one who wants to help spread their mission.

However, to work as a National Geography Summer Intern, applicants must adhere to the following:

An intern must be a student enrolled at an accredited college or university and also, be a rising junior or above.

In addition, candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.

How Long Does The National Geographic Summer Internship Last?

The National Geographic Society offers only summer internship opportunities. The Nat Geo internship program is a 10-week-long paid experience.

How To Apply For Nat Geo Internship Opportunities?

Applicants should visit the Nat Geo career portal below, as well as, explore the open positions.

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