Lake Wales Charter Schools Review | 2022

They clearly created the Lake Wales Charter Schools to start the life and philosophy of the man, Edward W. Bok, at Lake Wales High School.

This replacement in culture and climate at this institution matches well with the Lake Wales Charter Schools’ purpose and needs to have an essential impact on the Lake Wales community.

Lake Wales High School stands over 75 acres of property in North Lake Wales. The campus borders the southern dividing line of Bok Tower Gardens, making it the ideal association for studies in wellness, tourism, environment, and agriculture.

They placed the campus to create the Academies and with changes will become a centre for top-notch education for the region through the Lake Wales Charter Schools.

The Institution location, along the Lake Wales Ridge, sets it in a tremendously helpful community based on industry and agriculture and the nearness to Florida’s High Tech Corridor makes it a great location to grow many associations that will foster students’ excellence and their capability to flourish.

The school serves the city of Lake Wales and nearby communities like Frostproof, Dundee, and Winter Haven, Florida.

The Board of Trustees for Lake Wales Charter Schools, Inc. has the duty of policy making, providing direction, and taking charge of the business side of the enterprise. In addition, every year, they appoint one or more Trustee as the parent/community contact for a defined school.

Lake Wales Charter Schools has the following Framework for Education

  1. The School group makes use of the metaphor of design and architecture.
  2. They offer Vocabulary of knowledge and design
  3. There’s a standard of comparison or evaluation–the literature of success
  4. Core Keystone Spirals
  5. The essentials of behavior
  6. Cooperative and Open Source Learning
  7. Experiential learning
  8. Project-based way
  9. Community comprehension and service
  10. Paying attention to great successful performance
  11. Leadership training–philosophy and ethics
  12. TED: Technology, Entertainment & Design

History Of Lake Wales Charter School System

In the year 2004, the Lake Wales community took control of its institutions and even construct a model system.

Making use of Florida’s charter school law, the parents and teachers actually voted to assist community leadership and converted five public schools into a topically governed community school system, which is the Lake Wales Charter Schools.

The charter schools keep being public schools, but they are no longer handled by a large, out-of-town government by bureaus or their administrators.

Lake Wales Charter Schools now have a local system which is conducted by a Board of Trustees that can allow schools the liberty to be creative and flexible.

Students now have responded with greater improved academic successful performance and there has been a veritable reduction in disciplinary issues.

Lake Wales used to serve white students only until the year 1968, when Federally mandated bringing whole or entire together (integration) required the Institution to take in about 260 black students from Roosevelt High School, which was in the past remodelled as a junior high school.


They rank Lake Wales Senior High School 243rd within Florida. Students of the institution take Advanced Placement exams and coursework. The rate of AP participation at the Institution is about 35%.

The total minority enlisting done is about 54%, as well as 63% of students are economically lacking. Lake Wales Senior High School is 1 of 47 high schools in the Polk County Public Schools.

According to National Rankings, the institution is ranked number 4,880. The basis of these rankings of schools is on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well the students of college are prepared.

What are the Career Academies of Lake Wales Charter Schools?

Lake Wales Charter Schools boasts several academies.

Their Career Academies include:

1. Agriculture Academy

Ag Communications, Ag Mechanics & Tech Operations, and Veterinarian Technician are the three main pathways available to students.

In their Agriculture classrooms, students will learn about plant science, animal science, and how to use equipment safely. They urge kids to join FFA in order to develop leadership abilities and expand their academic possibilities.

2. Culinary Academy

An academy devoted to the art of culinary operations, including but not limited to all areas of food preparation, presentation, and service.

Leadership, communication, employability, and safe/efficient work practices will all be taught to students. By the end of their Junior year, Culinary Academy students will have completed a four-year program to prepare for the ServSafe industry certification exam.

3. Design, Technology and Innovation Academy

It is “A Shop Class for the 21st Century” within the frames of the Keystone Create Process. Students can design, build, and make at the Design, Technology, and Innovation Academy.

Students start with a foundation in Design Thinking before learning practical, hands-on skills that will allow them to develop their own projects.

They could learn how to use an X-Carve CNC Router and do woodworking, or 3-D Printing and CNC Design • Welding.

4. Early Childhood and Teacher Academy

They aim for this Early Childhood Academy to offer students childcare and teacher education planning, management, finance, technical, and production abilities.

Students will concentrate on developmentally appropriate techniques for children ranging in age from newborn to eight years. Students in this program will work in our on-site daycare, accumulating the required hours toward industry certification.

By the conclusion of ninth grade, students can receive DCF 40-hour child care training certifications. By the end of 12th grade, you will have earned your Early Childhood Professional Certification.

5. Film & Media Communications Academy

Students will gain practical expertise in Adobe, interactive presentation development, production and design at the Film and Media Communications Academy.

They create a variety of interactive multimedia presentations using specialized multimedia presentation skills, such as video editing, audio features, and simple animation and authoring software.

Journalism students will edit and design the Lake Wales High School Yearbook. Throughout the curriculum, you can gain a variety of Adobe Certifications.

6. Health Science Academy

Students who complete the Health Science Academy are prepared to give initial treatment to sick or injured people.

Besides that, they could become ambulance drivers and attendants, or work as an EKG Aide. Clinical learning opportunities are an important aspect of this curriculum.

During their final year, students have the option of taking courses at Polk State College. Depending on their path, students can achieve their EKG certification by the end of 11th or 12th grade.

Why do some parents prefer Charter Schools?

From a survey carried out to know the opinions of parents about Charter Schools.

1. Parents are Happier with Charter Schools

Parents who have enrolled their children in a charter school are more satisfied with their choice (77%) than those who have enrolled their children in a district school, according to the research (67 percent ).

Over the last few reports, there has been a steady and widening trend. Parents are more likely to give charter schools a “A” or “B” (61 percent) than they are to give district schools a “A” or “B” (regardless of where they send their children to school) (48 percent).

In the end, parents want a say in their communities, and when they get it, they’re usually happy with the results.

2. Parents Prefer Charter Schools for a Reason

Parents choose charter schools for a variety of reasons, according to the report. According to the poll results, academic reputation (32 percent), accessibility to home/work (28 percent), and a safe environment are the top three reasons parents select charter schools (27 percent).

In comparison, the top three reasons parents claimed they picked a district school are proximity to home/work (49 percent), assigned school (37 percent), and peers/socialization (32 percent).

While some parents may have lived in the district school’s attendance area, more than a third said they based their decision on assignment rather than active choice shows that charter school demand may be unfulfilled. 

That real-world enrollments do not match parents’ first choices for enrollment is clear because 13% of parents stated sending their children to charter schools would be their first option, despite the reality that only 5% of parents polled had a kid enrolled in a charter school.

3. More knowledge of Charter Schools leads to more support

When they provide the public a description of charter schools, public support rises 13 points to 64% approval. Following a description, teacher support rises six points to 55 percent.

The current school-age parent acceptance rate is the highest of all, with nearly 70% of parents preferring charter schools after hearing a definition.

This is part of a larger pattern we’re seeing with charter schools: as more people learn about them and have firsthand experiences with them, support builds.

Brief Statistics About Lake Wales Charter Schools

Lake Wales Senior High School is an above average public – Charter school in LAKE WALES, Florida. There are about 1,587 students in grades PK, 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 23 – 1.

According to state test scores, about 54% of students are at least skilled in mathematics and on a little over average (52%) in reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of a community-based charter school system?

The greatest advantage is that the Charter School system is of a controllable size. The number of the students they enroll is less than five thousand and schools are principally in the community.

Since the system is very controllable and governable, the institution can operate efficiently and rapidly. The system of Lake Wales Charter Schools is also of quite manageable size and efficient because they allow more funds to go directly into classrooms for instruction.

Do charter schools have to meet state standards?

Absolutely! Yes. Charter schools have to comply with Florida FCAT reading requirements, Class Size Amendment, Florida Sunshine State Standards, and Florida requirements for high school graduation.

Are there special costs or requirements to attend? Is there bus transportation?

Absolutely not! Note that Charter schools are free public schools. Therefore, there aren’t any extra fees or costs to attend the school.

How is the operation of LWCS controlled?

This Lake Wales Charter Schools system operates as subject to a performance contract (or “charter”) alongside the Polk County School Board. They excuse charter schools from quite several local and state rules and regulations. They’re strictly held liable for education and financial results, but have much more scope about how best one can achieve those results.

How are Charter schools funded?

The Charter schools’ primary funding is the same as traditional public schools. State law calls for charter schools to be funded “the same as students enlisted in other public schools in the school administrative division of an area.” Every student comes up with a certain amount of local, state, or federal funds which are used by schools for academics. This amount of “per student” funding covers the performing budget for public schools. In Florida, charter schools receive about 95% of these funds. The District then upholds the other 5%, but they require it by law to make provisions for services to the Charter schools for the 5%.


Lake Wales Charter Schools have outstanding Schools that have brought and still bring the very best of public education. 

The institution understands that communication is a key facet of education, which is why, as educators, the school states the value of keeping the lines of communication open with their students.


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