How to Write a Student Visa Sponsorship Letter | 2022 Tips

A sponsorship letter is one of the important documents that needs to be provided to the embassy for students who want to study abroad. It is an authentic document that is used as proof of verification in the visa approval process.

The sponsorship letter is submitted to the embassy together with other required documents when you go for your visa interview with the Consular office.

Just like other types of formal essays or writing, writing a sponsorship letter can sometimes be a hard task. You may go through a lot of pressure and stress while writing it correctly.

So, if you’re interested in writing a student visa sponsorship letter, this article is a full guide.

A student visa sponsorship letter is a letter by a sponsor that provides an assurance and promise to pay the dues on behalf of a student so that the student can further his or her educational journey in a particular university or educational institution.

It is important to know that not including a student visa sponsorship letter in a student visa application may not be part of the criteria for them rejecting the application, but it is strongly recommended that you include one.

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A sponsor is an individual that is going to finance a student’s studies. Individuals who can be a student’s sponsor include parents, siblings, friends, cousins, etc.

A student must choose a sponsor that meets the requirements of the country he or she intends to study.

Since a sponsor is directly involved with the financial accountability of the student, the student has to be able to convince the embassy that the sponsor is ready and able to sponsor him or her fully while studying abroad.

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A student sponsorship letter may come from an individual or an organization so long as they will sponsor a student to pursue his or her educational goals.

Any individual who sponsors any student must be able to prove their citizenship or legal status and also must be related to the student as a friend, relative, or representative from a relevant institution. If the sponsor claims to be a family member of the then he or she will be asked to prove their relationship with the student being sponsored.

 A sponsor shows trust in a student and assumes some of the important legal and financial responsibilities of the student being sponsored.

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 While writing a student visa sponsorship letter, it is important to write it correctly. Knowing some of the do’s and don’t of writing a student visa sponsorship letter can be a guide to writing a correct and standard student visa sponsorship letter. Some of these do’s and don’t include:

  1. You should write the student visa sponsorship letter in English. If it is written in another language, it is important to attach a professional English translation to it.
  2. In the student visa sponsorship letter, state clearly the relationship between the sponsor and the student.
  3. The student visa sponsorship letter should include the reason for the student’s visit and the duration of their stay.
  4. The student visa sponsorship letter must be free of errors of any kind.
  5. Also include in the student visa sponsorship letter the contact details (full name, phone number, and email address) of the sponsor.
  6. The study visa sponsorship letter must be in a typed format, not handwritten.
  7. The study visa sponsorship letter must bear the signature of the sponsor.
  8. All information in the student visa sponsorship letter should be correct and accurate

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A common mistake people make when writing student visa sponsorship letters is forgetting to include every relevant information needed by the embassy.

Another mistake is providing inaccurate or incomplete information, e.g writing one’s nickname rather than their official legal name.

To prevent providing incorrect or incomplete information in a student visa sponsorship letter, you must proofread the letter by at least over two people. The sponsor can also share the letter with the student so they can verify by themselves that all the information about them like the full name and contact in the letter, is correct and accurate.

 Another common mistake is writing the study visa sponsorship letter in the applicant’s native language. The student visa sponsorship letter must be written in English even if the applicant does not speak English. When the applicant doesn’t speak English, it is necessary to give them an overview of the contents before in case they are asked about that in an interview.

Although the study visa sponsorship letter will be sent to the government of the country where the student intends to study, its major function is to provide general information and assurance that the sponsor will take responsibility for the student’s welfare while studying abroad. It doesn’t need to be too formal, it just needs to write clearly and concisely.

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To secure a student visa to study abroad, a student visa sponsorship letter must come from either the student or the student’s parents or the student’s relatives or friends.

 Also, a sponsor in this situation has to be chosen based on the chosen country. Different countries have different rules regarding student visa sponsorship. While some countries accept sponsorship from the student’s close relatives or friends like the ones mentioned above some other countries only accept student visa sponsorship letters from a specified relationship.

The reason for the sponsorship letter is to confirm the relationship between the sponsor and the student and to make sure that they are aware of their financial responsibilities towards the student if they are to study abroad.

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 A standard student visa sponsorship letter bears the following structure:

  1. An opening salutation (Dear sir/madam)
  2. Identity and different private particulars as to where the sponsor resides
  3. The sponsor’s occupation
  4. The sponsor’s reason for writing the letter
  5. The Identity of the student being sponsored

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            Some tips to follow when writing a student visa sponsorship letter include the following:

  1. Don’t make it too private:
    The consular officer just needs to verify that the sponsor can pay the bills of the student and doesn’t care much about who the sponsor is.
  2. Don’t give pointless particulars:
    It is important to not include unnecessary details in the student visa sponsorship letter. The sponsor simply needs to present the accessible sum of money that he or she is sponsoring the student with.
  3. Don’t make it too long:
     It is important to cut off unnecessary information from the sponsorship letter so the letter won’t be too long to read.
  4. Include the necessary details:
    The sponsor must not neglect to add his important contact details like phone number, and email. This is important in case the embassy wants to contact you and confirm some information.

Although the process of writing a student visa sponsorship letter can be difficult sometimes, it becomes easy when it is written with a clear format and strategy in mind.

First, the study visa sponsorship letter needs to be written to be short and clear giving out all the necessary information about the sponsor’s identity besides the bills of the student that they are going to take care of.

Below are some samples of a standard student visa sponsorship letter:

1. Sample letter from an individual:


[Name of the University]

[Complete Address]

[Telephone number]

Dear sir/madam

RE: Name of Student:

[Name of student] has been selected for admission to [University name] for the curriculum – [Name of the course] from [Year] to [Year]. Reference to your letter no. …….dated…….to him.

Sponsor name:

Sponsor’s relationship to the student:

I hereby agree to pay all expenses for the above-named student at the [University name] for the mentioned curriculum for the following expenses i.e admission and tuition fee, textbooks cost, hostel room rent, food expenses, health center fee, and health insurance charges. The sponsorship from my side will last for [X] years from [Year] to [Year].

Please note that this sponsorship will lot be limited to only the expenses mentioned above and I may sponsor expenses as may be necessary for special situations.

Please send your invoice to the following address:

[Sponsor name][Communication Address][Contact number]

I understand that you require some proof to ensure that I will have sufficient financial resources to fully sponsor [Name of student]. Hence, I have attached herewith my bank statement for the previous three months for your kind perusal.

In case you need any further information or confirmation from me, please feel free to contact me.


[Sponsor signature]

[Residential/Communication Address]

[Telephone number]

[Fax number]

[Email Id]

2. Sample letter from an organization:



[Name of University]

[Full Address]

[Telephone number]

Dear sir/madam

RE: Name of the student:

[Student name] has been selected for admission to [University name] for the curriculum – [name of course] from [Year] to [Year]. Reference  to your letter no….dated….to him

[Organization/Company name] hereby agrees to pay all the expenses for [Student name] to study at [University name] for admission to the said curriculum.

Following are the details of the sponsorship of [student name] for your kind information:

Expenses Heads Sponsored

While raising your invoice to [Company name], please charge the following as necessary:

Admission/Tuition fee

Room rent and food expenses

Charges for Textbooks

Health center fee

Premium health insurance

This sponsorship is not limited to only the mentioned expenses. On special requirements, our organization may agree in writing to sponsor any other contingent expenses.

Period of sponsorship

[Company name] will sponsor [Student name] from beginning on [Date] and ending on [Date]. We may extend it for a further period after communicating it in writing

Billing address

Please direct all your invoices to the following address:

[Name of person]


[Company name]

[Communication address]

[Telephone number]

[Fax number]

[Email Id]

We will notify you of any modifications in the above, if needed, in writing.

In case you have to need any information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.



[Name of person]


[Company name]

[Full address]

[Contact number]

[Email Id]


Sponsors are important in the student visa application process when there is no proof that the student can handle their travel expenses. This means that the student doesn’t have the requested amount in his or her bank account for the last three months. Hence, the student will need a sponsor.

 The sponsor here will have to confirm that he is aware of his or her responsibilities to take care of the student’s bills while they study abroad. The sponsor needs to communicate that they are ready and capable of taking care student’s financial needs through the student visa sponsorship letter

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a fundraising request sent to prospects that offer the recipient an incentive in exchange for cash or in-kind donation.

This is a letter where a sponsor provides an assurance and promises to take care of the dues on behalf of a student to help the student pursue his or her educational journey.

Yes. A parent can be the sponsor of the child.

Proof of sponsorship means that both the student and the sponsor are responsible for all expenses.

When applying for a student visa to attend school abroad, grants, family members, government organizations, and companies can sponsor a student.

Yes, a company can sponsor a student looking to study abroad



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