How To Hide Your Followers On Instagram

By switching to a private profile you can hide the people you follow on Instagram. You cannot hide the number of followers but you can hide who is actually following you and who you follow.

Can someone hide their followers on Instagram?

Yes. You can hide your followers from the eyes of others. But actual numbers that represent how many people you’re following and how many people follow you in return are always visible. It doesn’t matter what type of account you have–you can’t hide the numbers.

How do I hide my followers on Instagram from my friends?

To do this, you will need to make your account private. Quickly open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen, then select “Settings.” Scroll down and tap “Privacy,” then toggle the “Posts are Private” setting to on.

Why are some followers hidden on Instagram?

There are a few reasons why someone’s Instagram followers might be hidden. One possibility is that the user has set their account to private so that only approved followers can see their posts. Another possibility is that the user has blocked certain followers. This could be because they don’t want to see their posts, or because the user has violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines and been blocked by the account owner.

How do you know if someone has you on restricted on Instagram?

If you can’t see someone’s profile or posts, it’s likely that they’ve restricted you. To check, open Instagram and go to the person’s profile. If it says “Follow,” they haven’t restricted you, but if it says “Restricted,” they have.

How do you know if you are blocked on Instagram?

To know if someone blocked you on Instagram, you should try searching for their account.
If you can’t find their account or see the profile image, you may have been blocked.
Instagram doesn’t send notifications for blocked accounts, so you won’t be alerted if someone blocks you.

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

If you restrict someone: They won’t be able to see when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages. Their new comments on your posts will only be visible to that person, and you can choose to see the comment by tapping See comment.

How do I hide my followers on Instagram 2022?

Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu. Open Instagram, and tap on your profile picture. …
Step 2: Select “Account Privacy” Open settings, and scroll down until you find “Privacy.” Here, you will be able to set the activity status of your profile.
Step 3: Change it to “Account: Private”

Can you see who is looking at your Instagram?

Instagram does not currently notify you or provide you with access to a list of who views your Instagram profile. However, seeing who likes, comments, and follows your IG Stories on a regular basis is a good way to gauge who’s eyeing your Instagram feed.

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