How To Get Thurgood Marshall College Fund Easily In 2021

Say goodbye to the exhorbitant college tuition and fees paid in the US with Thurgood Marshall college funds and scholarships.

Before taking that leap for joy, make sure you are enrolled in a historically black college and university (HBCUs), medical school, or law school.

And yes…they must be TMCF member schools. The member schools have been listed below in the article.

Before we start on the tips and requirements to get the thurgood college funds, learn a little about te history of TMCF.

Meanwhile, the table of content below will show all that we will discuss in this article.

About Thurgood Marshall College Fund

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is an American non-profit organization named after the Supreme Court’s first African-American Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

They basically support and represent students attending their 47 member-schools. These schools include public historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), medical schools, and law schools.

TMCF achieves its vision of “Changing the World … One Leader at a Time” by focusing on four areas: Scholarships; Member-School Capacity Building; Leadership Development & Career Preparation; and Public Policy & Advocacy.

History and Founder of Thurgood Marshall College Fund?

Abbreviated as TMCF, the Thurgood Marshall fund was established in 1987 by Dr. N. Joyce Payne.

TMCF is in collaboration with Miller Brewing Company, Sony Music, the NBA, Reebok, and the American Association for State Colleges and Universities who support the public HBCUs.

This organization has grown from just providing scholarships for public HBCUs to now raising over $300 million for program support, capacity building support and scholarships for its member-schools and the students.

Because of expansion in scope, the organization changed its name from Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in 2006.

Some companies that have supported TMCF include:

  • $50 million in 2015 by Apple, 
  • $26.5 million in 2017 by the Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries,
  • $6 million by The Boeing Company in 2018.

Did Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarships Acquire Any Organization?

Yes, TMCF has one acquisition.

In 2013, TMCF acquired the Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC), merging the two organizations with TMCF becoming the parent organization.

Both organizations share a similar mission of providing service to the HBCU community, particularly in the area of talent identification.

OFC’s role will now involve enhancing the entrepreneurship curriculum within the schools, while also identifying the most promising future entrepreneurs and introducing them to potential investors and very successful entrepreneurs.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute

The award-winning Leadership Institute is a TMCF national program used to develop students’ leadership skills, and provide organizations access to a talented pool of students community. Similarly, the students make connections that lead to careers.

TMCF leadership institute organizes a 5-day virtual conference where selected students will compete in this competitive global workforce.

These students are from the 47 publicly-supported HBCUs and PBIs.

Amongst other activities is the recruitment fair where Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and graduate program representatives will offer jobs, internships, and continuing education opportunities to the student participants.

This is why the competition to get into the leadership institute is usually very stiff.

In order to be part of this invitation-only virtual conference, students must apply to attend. Then, they’ll undergo a rigorous interview process before being selected to participate.


Only 1000 Attendees is admitted for the leadership institute which are:

  • 400 HBCU Students
  • 600 Corporate, Government and Education Partners/Speakers/Recruiters

What is the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute Requirements?

Below are the requirements for students interested in applying for this opportunity.

  • Minimum 3.0 CGPA
  • Full-time student at a TMCF member-school
  • Junior, Senior, Graduate, or Professional Student (strong sophomores are considered)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics or Business-related majors
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate strong initiative and drive

How to Apply for TMCF Leadership Institute

The application involve the steps listed below.

1. Online Application:

Interested students must apply online to be considered for the Leadership Institute. In addition, they’ll also provide all the required information, upload files, and complete all application steps.

2. Video Interview

 Stay in a quiet well-lighted place for the video interview. This will give you the chance to explain your skills and experiences. Besides, all applicants will answer the same question.

3. Campus Interview

When you scale the first 2 processes, recruiters will visit respective TMCF member-schools campuses to conduct interviews for all students.

You’ll be notified of the date and time.

The personal interview is a major determinant because if you fail this stage, all the GPA skills, and experience not count. Make sure you prepare.

Click here for some quick interviewing tips.

4. Final Selection

The TMCF Recruiters evaluates the students who participated in the campus interview process to identify the top students who will be invited to attend the Leadership Institute. 

Before an official offer can be made, the students must be verified and approved by the TMCF Campus Coordinator. Once students are approved by the TMCF Campus Coordinator, official invitations will be sent to the students. 

Additional assessments and a registration process will be required to officially lock in your spot as a Leadership Institute participant.

When is Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute Application Deadline?

The application for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute hasn’t commenced yet. Taking a cue from last year, the deadline was June 7, while the conference was on October 13-17.

Once the application is available, we will update you.

You may need to read this: How to Benefit from the United Negro College Fund in 2021.

What Schools are Thurgood Marshall College Fund Members?

This section will provide a comprehensive list of the 47 TMCF member-schools.

Member Schools

  • Howard University
  • Harris-Stowe State University
  • Alabama A&M University
  • Alabama State University
  • Albany State University
  • Alcorn State University
  • Bluefield State College
  • Bowie State University
  • Central State University
  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science
  • Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
  • Chicago State University
  • Coppin State University
  • Delaware State University
  • Elizabeth City State University
  • Fayetteville State University
  • Florida A&M University
  • Fort Valley State University
  • Grambling State University
  • Jackson State University
  • Kentucky State University
  • Langston University
  • Lincoln University
  • Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
  • Medgar Evers College
  • Mississippi Valley State University
  • Morgan State University
  • Norfolk State University
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • North Carolina Central University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Savannah State University
  • South Carolina State University
  • Southern University and A&M College
  • Southern University at New Orleans
  • Tennessee State University
  • Texas Southern University
  • Southern University at Shreveport – Bossier City
  • Tuskegee University
  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • West Virginia State University
  • University of the District of Columbia
  • University of the Virgin Islands
  • Virginia State University
  • Winston-Salem State University
  • York College
  • Florida A&M College of Law
  • Howard University School of Law
  • North Carolina Central University School of Law
  • Southern University Law Center
  • Thurgood Marshall School of Law
  • UDC David A. Clark School of Law

TMCF Scholarships

TMCF scholarships offer unique scholarships that are merit, plus need-based that addresses the financial needs of students attending TMCF member-schools.

It awards nearly 500 scholarships a year to high-achieving students.

Last year, the $5,750,236 of funding for 2019-20 scholarships enabled 1,153 students to stay in school.

Here is the list of Thurgood marshall college scholarships funds.

#1 CVS Health Undergraduate Spring Scholarship

Scholarship is worth $5, 000. Read More

#2 TMCF | Lowe’s Emergency Spring Scholarship

Selected scholars to receive a spring scholarship up to $500- $7,500. Read More

#3 Synchrony Foundation Spring Scholarship

It is a spring scholarship worth up to $3,000. Read More

#4 Honda Spring Scholarship

Selected scholars to receive a spring scholarship up to $5,000 for 2020-2021 academic school year. Read More .

#5 TMCF | JPMorgan Chase & Co. Emergency Scholarship

Selected scholars to receive a spring scholarship of up to $2,000. Read More.

#6 WGRG Foundation Terri Grier Memorial Scholarship

At least $5,000.00 towards your books, tuition and/or other college expenses. Read More.

#7 TMCF | Fedex Scholarship

Scholars will be selected to receive a scholarship up to $5,000. Read More.

#8 All Around Scholarship

Generally, financial assistance is available to exceptional students with a 3.0 GPA who can demonstrate an outstanding financial need. Read More.

#9 Mcdonald’s Black and Positively Golden Scholarships

Selected scholars will receive a scholarship up to $15,000. Read More.

#10 HBCU Alliance Partner Inc. Scholarship

Selected scholars will receive a one-year scholarship of up to $4,500. Read More.

#11 Center For Advancing Opportunity Doctoral Fellowship

Scholars will be selected to receive scholarships of up to $15,000. Read More.

#12 TMCF | USDA-NRCS Scholarship Program

Recipients will receive up to $15,000 in scholarship funding based on individual financial needs that will be applied to their junior and senior years of study. Read More.

#13 The Center for Advancing Opportunity Ph.D. Fellowship

This is a Ph.D. Fellowship. Read More.

#14 Center for Advancing Opportunity Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Scholars will be selected to receive a scholarship of up to $7,500. Read More.

#15 University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Inclusion Scholars Program

This thurgood marshalll student fund is a 4-year renewable scholarship by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. It offers $6,200 per year. Read More.


The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and varying partners are proud to offer COVID-19 emergency financial assistance to students attending one of TMCF’s 47 publicly-supported Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) or Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs). Students selected will receive an emergency award of up to $1,000.

It will cover expenses for five years. Read more.

There are lots more Thurgood marshall college funds and scholarships. View them here.

How to apply to Thurgood Marshall College Scholarship Fund?

The application follows the following simple procedures;

  • Online Application
  • Applicant Selection
  • Scholarship Award Notification
  • Document Verification
  • Check Distribution

From February through May, students can submit an online with all of the supporting documents. Complete applications include:

  • Online Application
  • Essay (Minimum 500 Words)
  • Student Aid Report (FAFSA)
  • Most Recent Transcript (Unofficial Accepted)
  • Recommendation Letter (On school letterhead)
  • Resume


Read Simple Steps On How To Write A College Essay | Best Samples.

When Does Thurgood Marshall College Fund start?

Earlier, we mentioned that the application process is in phases. Because of that, we will categorize the deadline for each phase.

  • Online Application
  • Fall Scholarships: January – February
  • Spring Scholarships: August – October
  • Applicant Selection
  • Fall Scholarships: March – April
  • Spring Scholarships: November
  • Scholarship Award Notification
  • Fall Scholarships: May – June
  • Spring Scholarships: December – January
  • Document Verification
  • Fall Scholarships: June
  • Spring Scholarships: January
  • Check Distribution
  • Fall Scholarships: July
  • Spring Scholarships: January

How to get Thurgood Marshall College Fund Easily in 2021

If you wish to get the Thurgood mashall college funds and scholarships easily in 2021, we have a few tips to help you.

First, only apply to the funds you have the met all the minimum requirements. You won’t be considered if you do not meet all.

Secondly, you must be a US citizen.

Thirdly, make sure to have a good CPA of at least 3.0 before applying. Although some funds may have lower minimum GPA, it is important that you have high grades. This is because, the funds are quite competitive and they are awarded based on merit.

Lastly, upload all requirements. Additionally, apply to as many scholarships as possible as long as you meet the criteria. Who knows, all the college costs may be covered by thurgood marshall college funds.

Did we forget to add that your application must be completed before the deadline? Now you know.

FAQs on Thurgood Marshall College Funds

What is the thurgood marshall college fund?

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is an American non-profit organization named after the Supreme Court’s first African-American Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

Thurgood Marshall College fund who do they help place

Thurgood college funds places and pays the tuition of college students who school in their 47 member-schools which include public historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), medical schools, and law schools.

What are the requirements for the Thurgood marshall college fund?

You need to submit the following documents
a. Online Application
b. Essay (Minimum 500 Words)
c. Student Aid Report (FAFSA)
d. Most Recent Transcript (Unofficial Accepted)
e. Recommendation Letter (On school letterhead)
f. Resume

How do I get notified about scholarship opportunities?

Create a TMCF Student Profile (link to Fluid Review) and you will be notified of all opportunities that you may be eligible to apply for. You can also sign-up for the TMCF newsletter and follow all TMCF social media channels.

I meet the eligibility criteria for multiple scholarships. Should I apply for them all?

Yes, you should apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for. You will need to complete your Student Profile one time and then have a streamlined process to submit specific application materials for each opportunity.

How do i upload my recommendation letter for Thurgood Marshall College Fund ?

There is no special process involved. Just upload your letter of recommendation with other documents during the online registration.


Thurgood Marshall college scholarship and funds have been consistent in raising funds that aids students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), medical schools, and law schools to attend college.

Their requirements are also not very difficult to attain. Therefore, apply for as many college funds as you’re eligible for. The scholarships are independent of each other.

Lastly, make sure your college is among the 47- member schools we listed above in the article to be eligible for TMCF.

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