How to Get Robotics Engineering Degree in 2022 Fast

Creating amazing robots that help make life easier is a fun profession. To be able to create one, you need to earn a degree in Robotics Engineering. If you are wondering how to earn this degree, this article provides a step by step guide on how to get a robotics engineering degree fast in 2022.

In 1954 George Devol invented the first digitally operated and a programmable robot called the Unimate. Two years later, the world’s first robot company was created by Devol and his partner Joseph Engelberger.

In 1961, the Unimate 1900 series was launched. It actually became the first mass-produced robotic arm for factory automation. Since then, robots have become a part of the new society. However, it.s not an easy task to bring together these pieces of metal and bring them to life outrightly.

It takes talent, effort, education, and patience to create such edifice. Amazingly, you too can thrust those metals lying around your home and cause them to perform certain duties. This can happen if you know how to make it happen.

A practical way to make it happen is simply enrolling for a degree in robotic engineering. If you are wondering how to make this happen, glance through the table of content below to understand why you should read this article.

What Is Robotic Engineering?

Robotic Engineering is a formal educational degree that trains people on how to create robots. It is a degree that is awarded to individuals who have completed the required course work to become an engineer who creates robots.

Robotic engineering degree produces robotic engineers who are behind the scenes designers. They are responsible for creating robotic sytems and robots that can perform assigned duties.

Basically, they create robots to aid humans to perform duties that they either are unable to do or prefer not to complete. Majorly, robots are just machines that help to make jobs safer and easier. Because they are controlled by computers, robots are more efficient, especially in the manufacturing industry.

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What Degree Do You Need For Robotic Engineering?

Well, to become a robotic engineer you need a degree in robotic engineering. However, there are no dedicated undergraduate degree programs offering robotic engineering.

Students who intend to become robotic engineers opt for sciences in high school. Then, they proceed to offer degree programs with coursework and electives in robotics and related fields of study.

As an undergraduate students who intends to become an engineer that builds robots, it is a good option to take minors in soft ware engineering, coding particularly for the C programming language.

To attain a better position in the professional ladder, it is not mandatory but highly advised that graduate engineering students pursue an MS in robotics. Earning a master of Science in robotics allows to study the subject in greater depth, in fact, you will develop your own career or academic niche.

Basically, students should ascertain robotic engineer degree programs include marketable skills like using specialist software such as Computer aided drafting and design packages.

Whether you are looking at working for companies or just managing self-projects, robotic engineers need advanced math skills, practical skills in mechanics and electronics.

You will also need coding experience because robotic engineers are problem solvers, demonstrating the personality traits of adaptability and pragmatism.

In summary, you need a bachelor of science degree in a related engineering program with electives in robotics to launch a career. However, to advance, you should earn a master’s in robotics.

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What Is The Job Outlook For Robotic Engineers?

With advancement of technology and replacement of human labor with machines, robotic engineers will see some employment growth in a few years.

There will be more job opportunities for designing and maintaining robots as well as studying these automated machines and developing applications for them.

Bureau of Labor statistics posits that mechanical engineering which includes robotic engineers will experience an average of 4% employment growth between 2018 to 2028. This is as a result of the high demand for robotic machines, especially in industries.

Where Do Robotic Engineers Work?

With a graduate degree in Robotic Engineering, you can take up job vacancies for mechanical engineers. These engineers work companies and manufacturing industries. Robotic engineer also qualify for Process Engineer jobs, they simply supervise the manufacturing of products.

Robotic engineers have good insight into coding, so, they can also work as software engineers who code and program these robots to assign duties to them. Basically, a robotic engineer may work in the manufacturing industry, IT firm, aerospace, and even telecommunications.

They can take up most engineering roles like electrical engineers jobs, CAD designer and even embedded software engineer jobs in any of these companies. They work round the clock to ensure that the robots are working and carrying out their daily tasks effectively.

Some robotic engineers may also decide to manage their own projects. That is running companies that develop and maintain robots for different purposes. Hence, other manufacturing companies or IT firms can simply purchase from them.

How Many Years Does It Take To Get A Robotic Engineering Degree?

To become an engineer that develops robots you need a degree in Engineering with electives in robotics. And, it takes a minimum of four years to earn a robotic engineering degree for accelerated degree programs.

On the contrary, if you run a normal degree both traditionally or online it takes an average of five years to earn a bachelor of science in engineering.

It is highly advisable that students pursue a master’s degree in robotics to get a better insight into the subject area. It takes a minimum of three years to get a master’s degree in robotic engineering.

A doctoral degree in robotic engineering which covers all aspects of production especially, managerial and leadership roles for a robotic engineer will take three years to earn.

In summary, students who intend to attain the peak of their career as robotic engineers should map out five years for an elective engineering degree, three for a master of science and three to four years for a doctoral degree.

That is, it takes an average of to years to get the highest qualification in robotic engineering.

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How Do I Become A Robotic Engineer Without A Degree?

Well, you cannot be addressed as a robotic engineer if you don’t have a degree in robotics. However, if you have experience in installation typework, you can get a job with an integrator as an applications engineer.

You can learn on the job how to build these robots yet you need basic knowledge of building and wiring cells. Basically, robot building requires a lot of schooling and commitment which super nerds put towards their education.

However, there are thousand of positions to handle to get the machine running. These massive volume of work can be handled by others without a degree in engineering.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Robotic Engineering Degree?

How much you spend to get a degree in engineering will be influenced by number of factors. First, this article has established the fact that there is no undergraduate degree program in robotics engineering.

People who intend to build robots earn a degree in electrical, industrial, electronic, manufacturing or mechanical engineering. Tuition fee and other academic expenses is totally dependent on the school and degree type.

Private institutions will definitely cost more than public university. Also, earning a master’s degree tends to cost more than a bachelor of science degree. Generally, it cost around $42,000 a year to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering from most schools.

There are numerous scholarship opportunities for Engineering students to aid curb academic expenses.

How Much Do Robotic Engineers Earn?

It takes diligence, commitment and hard work to garner pieces of metals and turn them into robots that makes work easier. Engineers that build robots design , construct and program robots. In fact, they also install peripheral devices which allow robots to complete specific tasks.

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, robot builders earn between $64000 to $96000 based on experience. Engineers that build robots will receive a salary of $88,000 per year if they have the right education and skills.

In the District of Columbia, engineers that build robots earn the highest salaries. A robotic engineer in this area can earn as much as $116420 as compensation.

However, it is important that your level in the company, location of company and your experience will greatly influence how much you can earn. Robot engineers in public administration get an average salary rate of $103380 annually.

Where Do I Get A Robotic Engineering Degree?

Where you earn a degree in robotic engineering will be influenced by what you wish to study and where you wish to get them. Moving forward, this article will list out good colleges to earn your bachelor of science or even a master of science degrees.

You can earn a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering online here. However, for a master’s degree, students can get a master of science degree in robotics from the following institutions.

University Of Massachusetts-Amherst

Getting your hands dirty is part of the training to become a robot builder. At university of Massachusetts it is mandatory and a requirement. The university offers a Research MS Track that allows computer science graduate students to work in some of the university’s coolest facilities.

The master’s degree program prepares the students to eventually transit into the PHD program. To earn a master’s in robotic engineering from this university costs about  $22,364/yr.

To begin enroll for this course, click the button below.

University Of Tennessee-Knoxville

This university is a one of the most famous centers of research in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence. The program allows graduate students to benefit from this accelerated growth in numerous ways.

The University of Tennessee houses a combined program in Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering. This department offers graduate degree and its research strength lies at the intersection of bioengineering, sensing and robotics.

It costs about $21,450/yr to earn this master in Robotics, Automation, & Manufacturing at University of Tennesse. To enroll, click the button below.

Carnegie-Mellon University

The university offers an advanced program for graduates, the master of science program in Robotics combines technical skills and engineering coursework. It lays emphasis on business and project management.

The program seeks to accommodate students who intend to work in the commercial sector. The degree program allows students to work in teams and dabble in multiple aspects of the organization even marketing and product developments.

Interestingly, students from Carnegie University are hired by grand companies like Martin, Google, Intel, NASA and Tesla. However, it costs about  $41,371/yr to earn a master of science degree in Robotic Systems Development from this university. To enroll, click the button below.

How Do I Get A Robotic Engineering Degree?

To get a degree in robotic engineering, you should first consider the career path that lies ahead and be certain it is what you really want to do. Then, follow this step-by-step guide to earn your degree:

It is important you begin your career path from high school. If you wish to become a robotic engineer, you should pay more attention to science classes, especially mathematics and engineering.

Some colleges and universities will require a certain GPA before you can gain admission to study engineering.

Once you are done with high school, apply for a place in universities to study engineering. At the undergraduate level, there is no such thing as robotic engineering. However, students can obtain a degree in relevant engineering courses like electrical, mechanical, biomedical, and others.

Even though you can begin your career with a bachelor of science degree in a relevant engineering course, an MSC in robotics allows you to get an insight into robotics as a subject area.

To practice as a robotic engineer in some countries, you need to get your license. In addition to your license, you should also get the necessary certification to widen your horizon, and learn the latest trends.

You can earn robotic engineering certifications from The National Robotics Training Center (NRTC), Robotic Industries Association (RIA), and National Robotics Engineering Center. 

Robotics Engineering Degree FAQs

Are robotics engineers in demand?

Yes robotic engineers are in demand. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for qualified robotics engineers is expected to grow by as much as 13 percent through 2018-2028 .

How do I become a robotics engineer?

To become a robotic engineer take the following steps below:
Step 1: Take Advanced Math and Science Courses in High School. …
Step 2: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. …
Step 3: Complete an Internship. …
Step 4: Find a Job as a Robotics Engineer. …
Step 5: Earn a Master’s Degree.

Who Is The Highest Paid Robotic Engineer?

Silas Adekunle is the Highest Paid Robotics Engineer in the World. He invented and developed the first gaming robot in the world. Currently, he is described as the smartest robotics engineer in the world.

Is It hard To Be A Robotics Engineer?

While we can’t say it is an easy task to become a robotic engineer, it is also important that it is not an impossible journey. Generally, robotics is a difficult field of study. In fact, training a machine to move on its own, recognize objects is definitely not an easy thing to do.


Creating robots can be so much fun. However, it demands a lot of work, concentration and commitment. While you can work in a robot building company without education, you will only do menial jobs.

While settle for less when you can become a robotic engineer yourself. If you earn a robotic engineering degree, you can work in a manufacturing, IT or telecommunication industries. You can even build your own robots, program them and sell to companies who need their services.

Interestingly, it is easy to get this degree. All you need is determination and commitment alongside patience. In fact, you should read this article to understand how to get this degree and become a robotic engineer in no distant time. The world awaits your amazing robots to make work easier and relieve humans of unnecessary stress.

As it stands, you are the only one holding yourself back. So, go get that degree immediately.



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