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No one would willingly like to pay the full price for an item sold at a discount to people of your caliber.

If you’re a student without a verified UNiDAYS account, you might as well be cheating yourself out of student discounts that you would have otherwise have claimed.

Unless you’ve been living under a cave, every American student nowadays knows that certain brands such as Apple won’t let you browse student deals until you verify your student status via Unidays.

Does UNIDAYS do Student Discount?

Unidays function is to provide valid student information to service providers.

Their database contains the real ID of all students who register, and after Unidays verification, all official users receive premium discounts under their default student plan.

UNiDAYS provides an avenue for all verified students to enjoy at least a 10% discount on sold items from brands or some third-party sources.

Therefore, if you’re a student looking for a college discount on food, entertainment, fashion, and education, you will connect with your UNiDAYs account before proceeding to buy with the discount code.

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How to sign up 

All you need to do to enjoy this beneficial service is to register and join Unidays. Unidays are free to join, requiring just your academic email address and student ID card to be eligible.

For descriptive purposes, you can sign up for UNiDAYS by taking the following steps: 

Visit the Unidays official website 

Navigate to the “Sign up” process, 

Submit the following details in the sixth form; 

  • Student Name 
  • University Education Email 
  • Create Own Password 
  • Go to your email inbox and click on the confirmation link. 

After this, you will automatically return to the Unidays portal where they’ll provide you with a custom ID.

What is most important is that you shouldn’t share the Unidays ID with anyone else. You’ll be granting them access and thereafter necessitate the blocking of your account at any time. 

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How does UNIDAYS verify you are a student? 

Some youngsters wonder how UNIDAYS is able to verify someone as a student and put exclusive deals and discounts on their selective account tab. The answer isn’t difficult – database administration and web development.

This makes verification of student status a walk in the park for the typical computer.

Note that the basic principle of programming must be adhered to, that is, “input equals output”. Thus, a student must open a Unidays account with valid student information before such information is on the database for near-future use.

Within 24-48 hours after signing up to Unidays, a secret ID code will be created for your account immediately after successful verification. The ID is a tracking ID that you can use for the third-party website offering student discounts. 

How do I know if I qualify for UNiDAYS? 

Unidays Apple, Apple Music, Unidays ASOS, Unidays Reddit, and Unidays Verizon are some of the popular brands you will enjoy student discounts from.

Upon verification of your student status with Unidays, you can open the doors to several student discounts in the above stores and many others.

Unidays’ doors are open not only to electronics and gadgets discounts, but also to offer discount deals on graphic design tools, domain & web hosting tools, video & audio editing tools, English content development tools, and many other online premium tools.

With the availability of a custom school email and student ID card, students who attend college or university can qualify for a UNiDAYS account.

Nevertheless, students must be over 16yrs of age to qualify for a UNiDAYS account. 

Need more info? Contact the service rep at Unidays via email or phone communication with the provided contacts on their website. 

  • Registered and verified members (i.e. students) can get at least 10% off on the total amount of their purchase (excluding possible delivery fees). Discounts can be greater than 10% depending on what the brand offers as a discount either percentage-wise or money cost. 
  • Product or service discounts are available to verified UNiDAYS members only. It is not transferable from one account to the other or from one product to the other. Therefore, Unidays discount privileges
  • cannot be used on any previous purchases by you. 
  • The Discount code is valid online once the order checkout page of that particular brand. 
  • Discount is only valid online for UNiDAYS® members who have entered their UNiDAYS details and verified their student statutes? 
  • Discount is not valid for all items on sale and other promotions. For instance, you can’t expect to get a UNiDAYS student discount on a 24-karat diamond ring, would you? So discounts may not be valid on gift cards, certain services, charitable items, or any other exclusions mentioned on the brand’s store. 
  • The brand company reserves the right to terminate the UNiDAYS student membership discount without notice. 

Other Student Discount Websites/Apps in 2022 

  • TOTUM.
  • Student Beans. 
  • Student Money Saver. 
  • Save the Student. 

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How to Get Student Discount Without Being a Student 

There are obvious reasons why someone would like to have a UNiDAYS or Totum student account — to enjoy the many student discounts available at their favorite online stores.

Well, it is possible to get a student card without being a student so that you can join UNiDAYS or Totum to stand the chance of benefitting from student discounts.

When you visit their official website, click Join Now and sign up with your personal email address since you may not have a school one. You’ll also need to enter a password and click Join. 

Next, you’ll be required to fill in some personal details, and progressively, you’ll be asked to select some options from the provided dropdown menus.

When you are asked – Qualification/Course level and/or What are you studying, select Other for both of these. 

That option will lead to another section where you shall be asked – Year of course and/or When does your course end? To keep it simple, select Year 1 for the year of the course and a year that is 3years ahead for the second question so that you can order a 3-year student card.

The next page will ask further questions about the name of your school and your education degree type or mode of learning. Again to keep things simple, type distance learning and the options from the top-down menu will show up. 

Select a Totum Pro card that is applicable to part-time students and distance learning programs. 

Click on ‘verify’ and you check your inbox for the confirmation of your student status. All you’ll need is to get the student card option you paid for and you’ll be set to entering the ID and using it for future discount purchases. 


Many students love to take advantage of the amazing discounts offered to them by UniDAYS. Would you not want to join them if you are a student who is trying to manage your parent’s money allowance.



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