How To Get High School Diploma

A high school diploma is an academic qualification that is awarded to high school students upon graduation. It requires 4 years of studying (9th grade to 12th grade) before this qualification will be awarded.

To make the right choice, you have to enquire about how to get a high school diploma in different states and schools. Additionally, you need to find out the type and number of credits that are required to earn a high school diploma. 

To be qualified for this certificate, you must pass grade-level courses in Mathematics, English, Science, Social studies, etc. Some states require students to write an exit exam to earn a diploma in their school. 

All information needed on how to get a high school diploma is stressed out in this article. Read this article thoroughly, it will enlighten you on the stepwise way on how to get a high school diploma to face the next stage of your life.

How To Get A High School Diploma: Step-by-step outline

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to get a high school diploma in your choice high School

Step 1: Make Research

They are many high schools out there that can offer high school diplomas to high school students. Before deciding on the High School to be enrolled in, make research on the academic programs offered in the school, including the cost, diversity, school size, teacher to student interaction, graduation and college attendance, technology and resources, school culture, parents engagement, and extracurricular activities. 

Making this research will help you make the right decision on which High School will best suit your interest.

Step 2: Visit The School

After adequate research has been made on different schools, and you have concluded on the school or program you’d love to attend, you can then visit the school you are considering. 

It is better to visit the school more than once, and when you visit ensure that you walk around the campus and try to familiarise yourself with the environment. 

Talk to students, sit in a busy place for like 30 minutes, visit lecture rooms, and if possible attend an ongoing class lecture. You should look at the school from the standpoint of an admitted student, this may help you look at the school in a new way. 

Step 3: Seek For Advice From a Professional or Your Loved Ones

Even though you will be the one to make the ultimate decision of the college you will attend. It is sometimes helpful to seek advice from your friends, guardian, counselor, or parents. Talking to them may help you realize the point you have not discovered/considered. Thereby, assisting you in making the right decisions.

Step 4: Assess if the School is An Academic, Financial and Social Fit

In high school, you will have to decide and choose the academic Major you are interested in. Getting a high school diploma Is not enough, you have to be certified in the Major that you are passionate about. And to get this right, you will have to assess if:

  • the school offers a strong program in your Major;
  • you can handle the workload;
  • you will be challenged enough;
  • they offer research or Internship opportunities.

There are different tuition fees for different private high schools. To know if the school is a financial fit for you, you have to gather information on the cost of attendance and determine if your family can afford the expense. If you would like to work as you study, enquire if there are available work-study opportunities or scholarships for students. You can also check if the surrounding town offers internships or job opportunities for high school students.

Going to High School is not only for learning in the classroom, there are some extracurricular activities that you will be engaged in. Assess if the school has the extracurricular activities you are interested in to make learning fun for you.

Step 5: Enroll for School or Progam and Start Lectures

After you have accessed all requirements and you met them, you should enroll in school and start the lecture. Traditionally, it takes four years of schooling (grade 9-12) before a high school diploma will be issued.

Step 6: Complete Course Requirements

The credits requirements for earning a high school diploma differ from school to school and state to state. For inquiries on how to get a high school diploma in your school, you should inquire from your States Department of education or prospective educational institution.

In public high schools,  traditional schooling to earn a high school diploma entails the completion of courses in English language, Mathematics, Physical education, Science, and Social studies. Foreign languages and electives can also be included.

In private high schools, you will also have to complete courses in English language, Mathematics, Physical education, Science, and Social studies. You may be required to add Fine arts and Foreign language as additional coursework. 

There are online accredited programs that offer high school diploma qualifications. You can get a high school diploma online, but the traditional way of earning a high school diploma is more common. The credit scores of online high school diplomas are similar to the traditional way, but online programs offer typical accelerated courses to candidates so that they can earn their high school diplomas within a short time.

If you are obtaining a high school diploma either through the traditional coursework, distance learning education, national external diploma program for high school completion program. You must be very much aware of how to get a high school diploma in the school or program of choice.

There are different options or ways of earning a High school diploma. Below we will give you valuable information on how to get a high school diploma regardless of if you are young, an adult, or if you want to take it traditionally or online.

 Some of the available options are:

  • Traditional class work
  • Distance learning
  • National extended diploma program
  • High School completion programs

1. Traditional classwork

This is the most common option of obtaining a high school diploma. It involves attaining a level of mastery over academic subjects that are taught in grades 9 to 12 in school. High school students are to attend classes, write exams on mandatory subjects and obtain the number of credits that are needed to graduate.

2. Distance learning education

This is also a popular option on how to get a high school diploma. It is an online program that has materials or courses for students to utilize on the web. The classes are to be completed online and study materials for correspondence courses are being sent by courier service or poster. At the end of the lessons, students are to return the materials to school for grading. This particular option is viable for the state that does not offer an adult high school diploma program. 

3. National external diploma program:

Adults can now worry less about how to get a high school diploma. This program provides adult students to earn a high school diploma by using life experiences to demonstrate high school level skills. The individuals that enroll in the national external diploma program will pass through the two phases of the program.

The first phase involves assessing the student’s life experiences, reading, writing, and knowledge of mathematics. And the second phase is the demonstration of what they know through real-life situations and a series of exercises. The student who scores below a hundred is not eligible for this diploma certificate.

4. High School completion program:

Adult students can complete a high school diploma without going to earn credits from college. Colleges with high school completion programs have their requirements following Monopoly municipalities or state educational requirements. These programs are also known as concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment, or High School completion plus.

List of Compulsory Courses for High School Diploma

In high school, some courses are to be taken by students before graduation. Some of these courses are compulsory while some are elective, the compulsory courses are to be completed before students are eligible for a high school diploma certificate.

Here is the list of the compulsory courses for a high school diploma:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Physical education
  • The elective courses may include fine arts and foreign languages.


You have to worry no more about how to get a high school diploma. Regardless of your age, you can obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent through a series of high school programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What way is the easiest to earn a high school diploma?

The  fastest and easiest way to get a high school diploma is to r in self-paced online courses and complete the courses to graduate as fast as possible

Is a fake high school diploma acceptable in organizations?

It is not!. Purchasing a fake high school diploma from an unauthorized High School website will not help you get into college or secure a job.

As an adult, how can I finish my high school diploma?

You can enroll in a high school program for adults. you can enroll through the department of your state education or Community College.

What is the age limit of enrolling in high school?

Yes, the age limit is 21. Once you are above 21 you will have to enroll in adult High School

How can an adult obtain a high school diploma?

As an adult, you can obtain a high through official high school diploma or by taking GED exam.


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