How to Get Cheap Student Accommodation Madrid in 2022

Once you secure admission into a university in Madrid, the next important thing on your mind is where to live. Whether you choose to stay in the university hall, rented room, or flat; the process of getting a place in Madrid is fairly straightforward.

Fortunately, you may not have to go through the daunting experience that comes with searching for student accommodation. We have put together important tips that will help you navigate through the process with ease.

Since you’ll be sleeping, studying, cooking, and perhaps socializing; you have a consider a comfortable, safe, clean, and enjoyable apartment. Remember where you live as a student determines your overall performance in school.

Do not ruin your chance of having a memorable college experience. Read on to learn more important tips.

Student Housing Options In Madrid

There is a wide variety of students’ accommodation in Madrid. You can get a room in a shared apartment, an entire apartment, or live in a university hall.

These apartments require a minimum of one or two month’s rent to be paid. You may have to submit a reference or guarantor and proof of enrollment at your University to a Landlord or accommodation agency.

The following are the various types of student accommodation you may find in Madrid:

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University hall

University halls consist of fully furnished bedrooms as well as shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Each student flat usually contains around 6-8 bedrooms so you’ll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom facilities with about 5-7 flatmates with other students.

University halls generally promote a co-living environment and are usually not expensive. Also, you may likely have to compromise your privacy living there.

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 Rooms for rent

Shared apartments would ideally imply that you would share houses with a number of housemates (or flatmates), depending on the size of the building.

This is the preferred accommodation for students because living alone is extremely costly. Rental properties are usually unfurnished which means you will have to take care of household furniture.

You can search online, in local newspapers, housing services department for rental accommodation.

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Apartments for rent

Renting a flat is the most costly alternative. You have the option of moving in with a friend if the flat can accommodate several people. However, if you wish to live alone, make sure to adapt your budget.

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A Homestay is where the student stays in a Madrid Family almost like a family member.

Most Universities in Madrid maintain a diary with necessary information about approved homestay options. 

International students who wish to learn and imbibe the culture preferred this type of accommodation.

How to Get Students Accommodation in Madrid- Best Tips

Before you start searching or settling for any available accommodation it’s important to do your research and think about what’s important to you.

Here are many things you need to consider before you settle for any accommodation:

#1. Conduct thorough research

Check for student life, safety, rent prices, available transportation, traffic, and general convenience. Ensure you keep an open mind when viewing properties. Examine accommodation for signs of mold or grime, particularly if it’s a privately-rented home.

If you’re considering a campus dorm, find out if there are cleaners for the communal areas or if you’ll have to rely on those in your hall to clean up after themselves.

#2. Pick the price that suits your demands

Student accommodation has different price options and there is something that suits all budgets. You have to determine your budget to know and look out for bills you may need to pay.

#3. Start your search early

Competition for quality rooms and houses can be very intense. If you don’t want your ideal home to be taken by someone else, you have to start scouting early.

Also, searching for accommodation on time will enable you to get the best prices and offers. If you commencing your program in October, we recommend you begin your search between January and March.

#4. Weigh up the Pros and Cons

Make of list a list of the available options and note the positive and negative aspects. Although finding a perfect accommodation is almost impossible as each option has its flaws but, some options are better than others.

#4. Consider the essentials

Check if the apartment you’re considering has the basic bedroom and kitchen features so that you won’t have to buy things already installed.

#5. Make yourself be seen

The easiest and fastest way to secure accommodation is to way to do that is to create a person listing. upload your photo so that the accommodation providers can see you.

#6. Never make an upfront payment to anyone

Do not send money to anyone without any form of agreement. Watch out for scammers trying to make easy money. If it appears too good to be true, it usually is!

#7. Connect with trusted accommodation providers

There are many students’ accommodation sites but not all are legit. Therefore, if you come across a site that deals in letting property to students, ensure you check if the site looks well-maintained, or it all for show. 

Also, check if the company has existing partnerships with institutions with whom you can follow up, including other universities or colleges. As you read further, you will see a list of Madrid accommodation providers.

Who are the Best Students’ Accommodation Providers in Madrid?

Finding student accommodation can be overwhelming especially if your budget is low. However, connecting with student-specific accommodation providers can limit the stress.

These accommodation providers are dedicated teams of professionals who offer accommodation solutions for students who move to Madrid for studies. They help students make the right choices in regard to accommodation.

They offer a wide range of events and activities with a host of special offers allowing students to make the most of the city they live in.

Some of the top Madrid students’ accommodation provides include:

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The tips provided in this article will guide you on how to select a finding your perfect student home in Madrid. We hope you find them useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions- Student accommodation In Madrid

How much does it cost to get a good student’s accommodation in Madrid?

Students’ rents in York range between 250£ to 3,000£ per week depending on your budget.

Can I get a cheap students accommodation in Madrid?

You can get a student accommodation for as low as £300.

How hard is it to get students accommodation in Madrid?

You can easily get accommodation by simply connecting with students accommodation providers.



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