How to get Cheap Student Accommodation in Cape Town 2022

Students are always faced with lots of important decisions to make once they get admission. One of these decisions is in the area of getting where to stay.

Deciding where to stay is very essential because it contributes a lot to your total academic performance.

For instance, What do you think will happen if you try studying in a place that you are not comfortable?

You won’t be able to concentrate, right?

That’s is what we are talking about. Giving attention to the process of getting the right accommodation for yourself is very important.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal student accommodation in Cape Town can be a big challenge. This is because the number of student accommodation options has increased as not every student wants to stay thousands of kilometers away from school.

Although as a student you might easily get an affordable place to stay, the truth is that if you are not properly guided, you might end up getting a low standard apartment. And you won’t like it.

Therefore, to get all the necessary guidance you need on how you can get cheap student accommodation in Cape Town that will give you the comfort you need, carefully read this article.

Also, navigating through the table of contents below will give you insight into all we have wrapped in this article for you.

Why Choose a Student Accommodation in Cape Town?

Cape Town is one of the best places to live in South Africa. This is because the tranquility and spacious features of most of the apartments there are rare to find. Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg and also the legislative capital of South Africa. 

With its popular entertainment spot and working harbor, mild weather, modern infrastructures, and world-renowned natural beauty, you can have the best experience ever.

Aside from the state being among the most beautiful city in the world, the cost of living there is more affordable than other language travel destinations. This means that as a student, you won’t have to spend much on getting accommodation.

Additionally, the people in the state are friendly. So as an international student, you have nothing to worry about. Besides that, you won’t find it difficult to enter the state because the international Airport is located there.

Although the city has struggled with problems such as drugs, a surge in violent drug-related crime, and more recently gang violence, it is still one of the safest places in South Africa.

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What Should I Consider when getting a Student Accommodation in Cape Town?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing from the different student accommodation options available. You have to consider things like closeness to school, transport routes, comfortability, and so on.

Getting a place that satisfies at least 85% of all these needs can help you save and relieve you of a lot of stress. You can even have more time to focus on your modules and after-hours plans.

Now let’s take a look at some factors to consider when getting a Cape Town student accommodation:
  • Proximity to School
  • Free WiFi
  • 24/7 Security
  • Spacious
  • Affordability
  • Comfortability

Before you get any accommodation, ensure that it’s close to your school. This will save you the stress of having to wake up in time every morning just to meet up with your classes. Also, it will save you a lot of costs.

Safety is the most important factor to consider when getting accommodation in any part of Cape Town. Go for an apartment where you will rest assured that your room and personal belongings are safe whether you are around or not.

This is another thing to factor in before you can choose accommodation. Your room can be used for group studying if it’s spacious. And also you can have your friends come around for parties and other social activities.

The cost of accommodation matters a lot. Student life is filled with so many activities. To run some of these activities involves costs already.

So, it’s important to structure your costs and create a budget that will make you not spend more.

Choosing a student apartment that is very comfortable will give you the perfect atmosphere to reach your potential.

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How Much Does a Student Accommodation in Cape Town Cost?

The cost of student accommodation in Cape Town depends on the type of accommodation you want, its location, and your university.

For instance, an On-Campus undergraduate student at UCT pays around R56 000 – R62 000 a year. Whereas Rhodes accommodation prices range from R60 000 – R63 000 a year.

To get a residence accommodation in Stellenbosch is around R38 000 while a private room set up for R47 000 a year.

On the other hand, For Off-Campus Private accommodation such as living in a student digs, the cost is totally different.

As a student, you can get an apartment of R6 350- R6 750 per month, or R76 200 – R81 000 a year. You will be supplied with 24/7 security, water, WiFi, a rooftop gym, and common areas for kicking back and relaxing.

What are the Types of Cape Town student Accommodation?

There are different types of accommodation for students who want to study in Cape Town South Africa. Some of these accommodations include;

  • Student Digs
  • Residence Living
  • Private Accommodation

Student Digs

If you don’t like staying alone, then this type of accommodation will benefit you more. This type is known as a shared living environment where you are likely to stay with 2-5 students in same house. You will share kitchen, lounge, and bathroom except bedroom.

The upside of Student Digs is that you will live independently with fewer rules, potential curfews and policies worry about.

On the other hand, the downside is that You might not have the chance to participate in any university residences such as on-site tutoring, counselors or mentors.

Residence Living

This is another type of accommodation for university students in Cape Town. It is on-campus accommodation best suitable for students that want to experience university life.

Here, you will have a flatmate who you will be sharing things with. The upside is that you experience a university vibe. Also, you will have lots of facilities and support available to enjoy.

The downside is that you won’t have privacy.

Private Accommodation

If you want to live a private life in school, then go for this type of accommodation. This type is designed specifically for students. There are fewer rules here than on-campus residences.

Unlike Residence living, staying in this type of Cape Town accommodation gives you the opportunity to shop, and go to restaurants. Also, you can retain your room after the academic session.

Places to get these Student accommodation in Cape Town

In Cape Town, there are places where you can check for accommodation. They can help you get accommodation that will give you all the comfort you need.

Some of them include:

Boasting Pool Views

Boasting pool views is one of the platforms where you can get affordable and conducive student accommodations in Cape Town.

They provide you with accommodations with a patio and kettle. Including a private pool, free wifi, parking space, and even a garden.

As an international student, choosing any of the Boasting pool views accommodation will benefit you the more. This is because most of their student apartments are close to the international airport.

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4exchange Internships South Africa

This is another place you can find cheap student accommodation in Cape Town. 4exchange offers students a variety of accommodation options to choose from.

Students that are more favored here are those looking for internships or volunteer space. So, if you are planning your internship in South Africa, 4exchange is worth relying on for accommodation.

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CampusKey Cape Town

CampusKey Cape Town offers you two properties to choose from when applying for your student accommodation. Either you go for CampusKey Rosebank or you go for CampusKey Observatory.

Also, Campuskey has an independent bedroom that comes fully furnished with an en-suite bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. So, if you are the type of student that likes space and convenience, this accommodation is exactly what you need.

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Student & Life Accommodation in Cape Town

This Student Accommodation in Cape Town provides students with affordable accommodation that can give them all the comforts they need.

Basically, they offer premium locations located in the Cape Town city center: Castle view and 210 Loop.

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NEST offers students looking for accommodation with a dynamic environment to live and socialize in while studying at a university in Cape Town. Their apartments are with sleek furnishings, spacious, comfortable, and quite affordable

Also, they have 100% security, a garden, a rooftop gym, free Wifi, and vending machines for students snacking on-the-go. Furthermore, NEST brings the concept of boutique student accommodation to life by providing well-equipped high-quality living spaces, in a secure.

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How to Get Student Accommodation in Cape Town

There are steps to follow when planning to get student accommodation in Cape Town. Before you start anything about accommodation, confirm your admission first.

Once you have gotten admission take the following steps:

#1. Visit Accommodation Websites

The first step to take is to visit any of the accommodation websites in Cape Town. It’s more stressful walking through the streets of Cape Town looking for an apartment. As a student, you don’t need that because daily school activities are stressful already.

Platforms like CampusKey Cape Town, 4exchange Internships South Africa, and NEST make it easy for you to find the right accommodation option for you.

#2. Make a Choice

Making a choice from the available options is the next step to take. In making your choice, make sure you consider the factors that we mentioned above.

#3. Find out Accommodation Cost

As much as you might have your preferences for accommodation, you must also ensure you have the budget for it. Furthermore, a lot of residence places might have the same features and very different prices to them.

So, you must ensure you find out the cost of the accommodation type you prefer.

#4. Visit the Apartment before making Payment

Since you will be going through the accommodation website, ensure you visit the apartment you chose before making payment. Most times, pictures don’t always tell the full story.

So, its important you check out the place to ensure that all the facilities are in good condition.

#5. Make the Necessary Payment and Documentation

If the apartment meets your taste you can then make the necessary payment and sign the document. Signing the documents makes you the legal occupant of the apartment. Always ensure you read through the clauses before you sign.

FAQ On How to Get Student Accommodation in Cape Town

What are digs accommodation?

Digs are a type of housing where a student stays in a family home with other students and usually the homeowner and pays a flat rate for lodgings and board.

When should I apply for student accommodation?

You can usually start your accommodation application once you’ve accepted an offer of a place on a course, but check with your university for details of the process.

Does Cape Town student accommodation include bills??

Yes. Bills like heating, lighting, and water, are generally included in the price of the accommodation

What are the factors to consider before getting student accommodation in Cape Town?

Some of the things to consider includes;

Proximity to School
Free WiFi
24/7 Security


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