How to get a Diploma in Psychology in 2022

Psychology is one of the courses that can prepare you for a variety of careers. Getting a diploma in psychology can be a great start for you. That is why we have put together amazing steps on How to get a Diploma in Psychology.

This contains all the information you need to have about getting a diploma in psychology n a reputable university.

According to the Georgetown analysis, it is estimated that about 45.3% of undergraduate psychology majors go on to earn a graduate degree. Psychology is a major field of endeavor, which is key to society, as it borders on knowledge about the human mind, brain, thinking pattern, and behavior generally. 

it is estimated that about 3.5 million people hold a psychology degree in the USA. This shows how crucial the field of study is, and the important role it plays in life.

What is a Diploma in Psychology?

A diploma in psychology is a course that borders on learning about how the human mind works, as well as how different stimuli alter the functions, actions, and reactions of the human mind.

In the process of getting a diploma in psychology, one is exposed to learning how to detect the motivation for human interaction, and to understand how to navigate relationships.

Psychology is a discipline of both scientific research and applied practice. It is concerned with studying human behavior and its underlying mental and neural processes.

A diploma in psychology would expose one to principles in the field of study, help in critical thinking, analytic skills, as well as research skills.

Is a Diploma in Psychology equivalent to a Degree?

A diploma in Psychology is generally taken after the completion of a first degree. However, this varies across countries.

In some countries, a diploma in psychology is seen at the same level as the final year of a bachelor’s degree, and for some other countries, it is at the level between a Master’s degree and a Doctorate Degree.

In the USA, a diploma in Psychology is an Intermediate Graduate Qualification, which involves study beyond a Master’s degree, but not up to Doctorate Degree.

Why do I need to earn a Diploma in Psychology?

There are many reasons why one should pursue and earn a diploma in Psychology. Hence, it is important to break down some very important reasons, why one should consider earning a diploma in Psychology.

  • To start with, earning a diploma in psychology would expose one to in-depth knowledge about the subject matter.
    For example, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, earning a diploma in Psychology would expose you to more about the subject matter, giving you the chance to be an industry expert.
  • It would give you an in-depth understanding of the human mind, brain, and behavior.
  • Another reason why you should earn a diploma in Psychology is that it helps you in understanding yourself. The knowledge of psychology would give you insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, biases, the reasons behind your behavior, etc.
  • It also helps you in the process of critical thinking and decision-making.
  • The knowledge of psychology also helps you understand people, and helps you get better in your relationship, with other humans.
  • With the knowledge of psychology, you would be able to manage people, resolve conflicts between you and others, collaborate well, etc. This is typically good for people who plan to pursue careers in Human resources, People Management, etc.
  • Another benefit of earning a diploma in psychology is to help grow your communication skills and research skills. It opens your mind to a lot of knowledge and refines your critical thinking skills.

What Careers can you pursue with a Diploma in Psychology?

There are so many career opportunities to pursue with a Diploma in Psychology since it hands you a host of knowledge to navigate various industries.

One can start a career in the education industry, by working as a school counselor, who is in charge of counseling students, give them career advice for the future, helping them see possibilities in life, walk them through intellectual challenges, etc.

Another interesting career to pursue with a diploma in Psychology is to be a rehabilitation specialist. Rehabilitation centers and remand homes need psychologists, who can offer their skill in helping their patients walk through their rehabilitation journey to becoming better individuals.

A diploma in Psychology also allows you to work as a mental health counselor, this is because a core part of Psychology has to do with the human brain, mind, thinking pattern, and behavior.

Other career paths include being an advertising agent, a child care worker, psychiatric technician, social service specialist, a content writer, human resource manager, etc.

How much can you earn with a Diploma in Psychology?

The resources invested in earning a Diploma in Psychology are surely worth the stress and work. Different professions offer varying salary ranges, hence, the career path one delves into determines the amount one can earn.

The various annual salary range for a different career path, which one can go into with a diploma in Psychology shall be stated below:

  • Organizational Psychologist: $102,530
  • Neuropsychologist: $93,440
  • Psychology Teacher: $85,050
  • Clinical Psychologist: $81,330
  • Counselling Psychologist: $81,330

However, the average annual salary for a psychologist in the USA is $95,065. This payment differs and is determined by various factors, such as several years of experience.

How long does it take to complete a Diploma in Psychology?

Starting and completing one’s program to earn a Diploma in Psychology usually takes about 1-2 years. However, this timeframe differs based on the school of study and one’s department.

How much does it cost to get a Diploma in Psychology?

Getting a Diploma in Psychology surely comes with some costs, ranging from tuition to buying books, carrying out researches, etc. Hence, one needs to be financially prepared, to be able to pay for them.

Various factors affect the cost of earning a Diploma in Psychology, such as your school of study, whether it is a public or private school, whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, etc.

Also, the cost of earning a diploma in psychology depends on whether it is an undergraduate Diploma or a Post-Graduate Diploma.

On average, it is estimated that it would cost you $10,976 to earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology as an in-state student, whereas as an out-of-state student, it would cost you about $19,416.

And for an undergraduate Diploma in Psychology, it would cost you $7,505 as an in-state student, and $25,763 as an out-of-state student.

How can I get a Diploma in Psychology? Step-by-step guide

There are various steps to take, to earn a Diploma in Psychology. To start with, decide the area of psychology that you are interested in, or want to specialize in. This would help streamline your research, and help you get on with other things required.

There are many areas of specialization in Psychology, which include, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, counseling, family psychology, child psychology, psychiatry, etc.

After choosing your area of specialization, you can then move further to pick and apply to a school, which offers your desired course and which is recognized by relevant educational bodies.

Afterward, you would be required to write an entrance exam and/or an interview, which would be used as a basis for your admission into the school.

After admission, you would be required to complete the required courses in your department and other electives necessary.

Afterward, you then complete the portfolio of job skills required and also demonstrate competency in all core aspects of psychology. After you have fulfilled these criteria, you would then be awarded your diploma in psychology, as a certified psychologist, at your level of study.

What are the Requirements to get a Diploma in Psychology

There are different requirements to be fulfilled for a person to be able to earn a Diploma in Psychology. And this depends on whether it is an undergraduate diploma or a PostGraduate Diploma.

For an undergraduate Diploma, one would be required to have completed a 10+2 stream from any recognized board, with the minimum aggregate mark as required by your school of choice.

And for a Post Graduate Diploma, one would be required to have completed a degree or Master in Psychology or a related course from any recognized and accredited university.

Also, foreign students would be required to pass an IELTS or TOEFL for English Language Proficiency, as required by their school of choice.

Which school offers the best Diploma in Psychology Program?

1. Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care in Fanshawe, London

Fanshawe College is a large publicly-funded college in London, Ontario Canada. They offer the advanced diploma in child and youth care at Fanshawe College.

It is a psychology course that exposes one to in-depth knowledge about how to resolve family issues, children’s emotional and behavioral challenges, special education, assistive technology, etc.

Students would develop edge-cutting counseling skills, examine child abuse and neglect cases, mental health issues, learn about psychotherapy techniques, etc.

The diploma course involves a field placement and spans one year

 Link to their website

2. Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling in Kelowna College, Canada

The Diploma course in applied psychology and counseling is a course that exposes one to knowledge in psychology, arming you with adequate knowledge to handle depression, and anxiety-related disorders, addiction, suicide, doing prevention, recovery, and follow-up of treatment, etc.

The diploma course has 16 courses, with one course taking 3 weeks in length, in a total of 1 year. Students must be 19 years old and have one year of work experience for all counseling diplomas and certifications programs.

The course allows you to choose between two specializations of Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Link to the program:

3. Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology in University of Western Australia

This is a public university in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 1911 by an act of the Parliament of Western Australia, the University of Western Australia began teaching students two years later.

The graduate diploma course is aimed at students who are looking to upskill and get better in clinical psychology and have completed a Master’s degree or equivalent in Clinical Neuropsychology.

It spans a full-time program, and the school fees for a year are $25,737. Students to be admitted would be required to pass a language proficiency examination, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Link to the program

4. Graduate Diploma in Psychology in Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria

This is a full-time program that spans 1 year, and it requires aspiring students to have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, and at least two years of relevant experience.

Students get in-depth knowledge about psychology and its core principles as well as provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia and Associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society.

Students are required to undergo both coursework and a research project. Language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOELF, and PTE are required for admission into the program.

Link to the website:

5. Graduate Diploma in Psychology in Western Sydney University, Sydney, New South Wales

This is a full-time program, which spans for a period of 1 year, while the part-time program spans for 2 years. The diploma course exposes students to core areas in Psychology, such as handling depression, counseling, etc.

Students are trained to develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills in psychological issues.

Students who want to enroll in this program must have completed the Global Assessment Certificate with a GPA of 2.0, completion of Cambridge International or Edexcel GCE O Level examinations, with at least 2 credits and 2 passes in 4 core subjects.

Language proficiency examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE must be successfully passed by applicants.

Link to the program

6. Graduate Diploma in Behavioural Intervention in University of Quebec, Montreal

This is a full-time program that spans 16 months, and French is the programming language. Hence, for admission, students must take and pass the International French Test.

The Diploma course trains specialized professionals to work with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which usually occurs in the first three years of childhood.

The course is highly interesting, exposing students to a core aspect of behavioral intervention, etc.

Link to the program

7. Diploma in Psychology in Dawson College, Montreal

This is a full-time course, which takes 2 years to complete. To be eligible for this course, one needs to have a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or Academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

It exposes students to core aspects of Psychology, enlightening them in concepts such as counseling, walking people through addictions, helping with depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

Link to the program

8. Diploma in Addiction Counselling in North Lakes College, Alberta

This is a full-time course, which spans for 2 years. Students eligible for the program must have completed an ACCUPLACER assessment or a General Educational Development Diploma (GED), with a minimum of 570 in the math portion.

Students must pass language proficiency examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL.

The course would expose students to in-depth knowledge about psychology, how to help addicts walk through their recovery journey, as well as providing counseling to individuals, groups and families, etc.

Link to the program

9. Diploma of Psychology in Charles Darwin University, North Australia

Charles Darwin University is a sustainable, innovative, creative, and inclusive new world university, which teaches 24,000 students from more than 55 nationalities, across 11 campuses and training centers, in over 100 regional and remote locations.

This is a full-time course that spans 1 year, while the part-time program spans 2 years. It exposes one to core knowledge about the field of psychology.

Students eligible for this program must have attained a STAT multiple score of 135, successful completion of at least 0.5 years of full-time study, or the equivalent of a higher degree.

Language proficiency examination such as TOEFL is also very important.

Link to the program

10. Diploma in Psychological Studies in Edith Cowan University

This is also a full-time program that spans one year.

It is most beneficial for people who are interested in getting an overview of psychology, as the program gives introductory knowledge on some of the latest theoretical issues impacting Psychology, whilst introducing practical skills.

Link to the program


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