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Medical assistant school is one of the most affordable ways to get started in the medical field. Following this path to a career as a medical assistant offers the best combination of earning potential and flexibility for those who are just looking to get their foot in the door.

Depending on your specific goals and the programs you enroll in, medical assistant school costs can be anywhere from free to quite expensive. 

If you’re looking to get into the medical field this is a good place to start. You can get a job that’s a good fit for your personality and interests, and very likely offer a higher salary than you’d earn in a job that doesn’t require a degree.

But, like with any career path, it’s important to do your research before you decide what route is right for you. 

In this article, we have researched the question “how much does medical assistant school cost” and have come up with the suitable answers that can help you make your decision in getting into a medical assistant school of your choice.

Is Being A Medical Assistant Hard?

Medical assistants are responsible for a large variety of medical tasks. They’re in charge of taking medical histories, preparing patients for procedures, and assisting doctors with examinations.

Medical assistants are generally entry-level workers in the medical field, and their jobs don’t require a college degree. 

Most employers prefer to hire people who have achieved certified medical assistant (CMA) status.

This means they’ve successfully completed certified medical assistant programs that are approved by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). 

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The Primary Duties of Medical Assistant Work

Being a medical assistant comes with different responsibilities and roles depending on the type of medical assistant you want to be.

There are various medical assistant programs you can learn in order to be a specific kind of medical assistant and take up a particular medical assistant work that you find interesting and suitable for you.

Therefore, you should know that there is more than one type of primary role a medical assistant can work on. There are also different types of medical assistant programs you can enroll in and different types of specialty certifications you can receive at the end of each program.

In general, there are two primary categories of medical assistant work that are most required of any medical assistant.

Most employers usually include these categories of work in their job description when looking and posting for a medical assistant job. These categories of medical assistant work include:

Administrative Medical Assistant- Their Roles Include:

  1. Scheduling appointments and greeting the patients upon their arrival
  2. Filling out and coding insurance forms
  3. Arranging patients records for laboratory services and hospital admissions
  4. Filling records of patients
  5. Handling the hospital’s or clinic’s correspondence, book-keeping, and billing in order to keep the medical practice running.

Clinical Medical Assistants- Their Roles Include:

  1. preparing patients for examination by taking records of their weight and blood pressure.
  2. Receiving patients that are in the lobby
  3. Taking and keeping a record of the patient’s medical history
  4. Confirming the patient’s reasons for coming into the hospital 
  5. Serving as assistants to the physician during examinations
  6. Collection of specimens required for laboratory work
  7. Explanation of treatment procedures
  8. Giving instructions to patients about dietary restrictions
  9. Giving recommendations
  10. Collection of blood and administering injections

The majority of medical assistant programs are generalist programs that provide undivided equal attention to training the students for them to be able to handle both sides of the medical assistant profession. 

Also, there are medical assistant programs that offer one or both of the programs. This gives you the opportunity to determine what kind of medical assistant program and profession you want.

It helps align your career opportunities on the right path by helping you know if you want to be at the front desk or in the examination room, assisting a physician.

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How Much Does Medical Assistant School Cost

The cost of medical assistant school varies widely depending on your location and the specific program you choose.

The most expensive medical assistant programs are often the most comprehensive. Community colleges often offer medical assistant programs at the associate’s or bachelor’s level, and these programs can be completed for less than $5,000 in tuition.

A few community colleges offer accredited medical assistant programs, but these tend to be more expensive. 

The most expensive types of medical assistant programs are usually the ones that lead to a medical technologist or a Master of Healthcare Administration degree. These programs can be quite expensive and are usually not available at all community colleges.

Some states only offer medical technologist programs, and there may be no program at all in your home state. If you’re interested in a master’s program, you may want to consider applying to a private school. 

Why Medical Assistant Certification Is Considered To Be Worth The Cost

Having a medical assistant certification is a great way to show potential employers that you’ve completed a recognized medical assistant program.

But, beyond that, it also shows that you’ve spent time in the field learning what’s involved in being a medical assistant. This experience can typically be translated into paid work, depending on the kind of position you get into after applying for work.

Medical assistant certification requires a significant amount of studying and hands-on practice, and it’s important to do your research before you decide what program is right for you.

These certifications and programs enable you to get hired faster and also get higher paying jobs that are worth the investment, even if you’re only planning to use them for a single career. 

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Medical Assistant Salary 

A medical assistant salary varies depending on the location and employer, but most medical assistants earn between $20,000 and $50,000 per annum.

Majority of these medical assistants will be employed in a private office, and the average salary for these types of positions still varies depending on location. 

According to research, the best-paying medical assistant states tend to be the northeast, the mid-Atlantic, and the upper Midwest. The salary will also vary depending on your employer.

If you’re employed by a large medical group, you might earn more than a solo practice doctor. However, some solo practices might also offer benefits such as health insurance and paid time off which could make up for the lower pay. 

Also, medical assistants who work in hospitals tend to earn a higher salary than those who practice in a physician’s office. Entry-level jobs in hospitals tend to offer a salary, but some experience is usually required in order to move up in the organization. 

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Does Medical Assistant School Cost?

How long does it take for someone to become a medical assistant?

There are medical assistant programs available and offered by community colleges, technical schools, vocational schools, and universities that take a duration of one year to complete.

These programs that take a duration of one year often result in a certificate or diploma while the 2-year programs result in an associate’s degree.

What do I do to become a medical assistant?

training in this field via an accredited institution. You will also need to sit and pass an industry certification examination.

To climb up the ladder in this field, you can further your studies and bag more certificates and degrees proving your knowledge in this field.

What are the roles of a medical assistant?

Medical assistants are responsible for taking records of medical histories and patients’ vital signs. They also complete administrative and clinic tasks.

Why are most medical assistants underpaid?

Most medical assistants are underpaid majorly because of their low-level qualifications, the employers or doctors, location of their workplace, specialization, and lastly, the level of their experience.

Can medical assistants administer shots or vaccines?

Yes, medical assistants can administer shots or vaccinations in a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office only after they have received the appropriate training.


If it’s your desire to be a medical assistant, then the first thing you should inquire about should be how much medical assistant school costs and how to get into it.

Medical assistant schools offer different medical programs for different medical assistant degrees and certifications. With the help of this article, you should be able to make your decision now.


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