How Can I Get A Diploma In Translation In India?

Many Indians think that translation is not a real job or career. They think that the mere knowledge of Hindi and English is enough to kick-start this fake career. Actually, they fail to realize that people opt for a diploma in translation to enable them to earn higher in this career path.

As a result, this article will explain how one can get a diploma in translation in India. Similarly, we will talk about the schools to get this diploma certificate, the cost of the degree, salary and career prospects. Stay with us!

Meanwhile, this table below will show all the topics we will discuss in this article.

Introduction to Diploma in Translation

A diploma in translation is a one-year course for a graduate degree.

The least eligibility criteria are passing 12th  class with certification in translation experience from an acknowledged school board or its corresponding exams.

Admission to the course is based on the student’s presentation in a relevant entrance test and the following counseling.

The course teaches translation from Hindi to English and vice versa. It has been made to have a good set of translators in our socio-cultural and professional areas.

A diploma in translation helps to get jobs in different sectors and areas, especially throughout the globe. People who are having advanced experience in the translation field will get more expertise in the field.

By studying a diploma in translation, candidates will be able to get a good understanding of the function form of different languages or languages that have been specifically chosen.

Based on the skill of translators they can find work with embassies, large, medium, and small firms and they can do work as freelancers.

Coming to the admission section, the basic course fees are said to range from 3000 to 4.5 lakhs in India for the time of one year. These students are employed in placements such as judiciary interpreter & translator, Medical interpreter & translator, sign language interpreter, language teacher, literary translator, and escort interpreter and will soon have salaries ranging from rupees 120188 to 1465765 per year.

 Is Translation a good career?

To answer the question, yes, translation is a good career.

Translators have a new and advanced career. In the current position of growing with the Indian economy full of opportunities, many companies in India and those coming into the country have joint ventures and collaborations that increase this career prospect.

The work of a professional translator includes translating texts, data from one language to another without change in interpretation. Translators often get jobs in both the private and government sectors. Many employees also work as freelancers.

After getting the required skills and qualifications, one can get employment in many private organizations with good salary packages.

There are many advantages to obtaining a diploma in translation in India. This career creates an avenue for continuous learning. You earn alongside the growth.

It often gets tiring and repetitive especially if you work as a house translator for a company in an assigned task role. However, if you’re open-minded about the role, there are always fun and refreshing moments.

What are the Pros and Cons of getting a Diploma in Translation in India?

The ever-increasing population in our country India and digitalization have lead to unemployment and poverty. Hence the need for fast jobs which you can get through a diploma in translation in India.

The major advantage of getting a diploma in translation in India is the course duration. You can complete this course in one year. It has fast become very popular and one of the best scope in future. One of the advantages of becoming a translator is getting a diploma in translation.

There is also an opportunity of communicating with people across worldwide and learn their languages. A diploma in translation in India one way to be a step ahead in information.

One of the disadvantages of a translation diploma in India is that the job can be stressful in real time. You have to keep up with the speaker, face pressure because of tight deadlines work on schedule, and in routine. This involves working late at night, irregular work hours, and limited work periods.

Which careers can you pursue with a diploma in translation in India?

 Pursuing a degree or diploma in translation in India can make one eligible for many private-sector jobs that includes the following;

  • Software Developing Companies,
  • Newspapers and Magazines,
  • Courtrooms,
  • International Organisations,
  • Embassies,
  • Teaching,
  • Technical,
  • Scientific Literary or Business,
  • Export Agencies,
  • Radio Stations,
  • Trade Organisations,
  • Publishing Houses and Research Organisations.

Top recruiting private companies and some of the government sectors seeking after diploma holders in translation in India are Oracle, LG, Samsung, Hyundai, Reserve Bank of India, Publishing Houses, Thomson, HP, and Aventis.

There will be a detailed interview and testing of your skills and many other rounds when you qualify them for the job. Though a good sought of the package is initiated at the initial stage and promotion is made with the package.

How Much do Translators Earn?

Translation workers earn based on their skills. There are a number of factors that are considered. They include language direction, nature of work- freelancer or house employees, and many others.

Basically, a translation diploma holder in India can expect a salary from rupees 10000 to 15000 as a beginner. After getting a little bit of experience, he can earn up to rupees 25000 per month.

Owners of translation businesses can earn up to rupees 50000 per month. Professors may get rupees 18500 per month, Lecturers may get rupees 10500 – 13500 per month.

Translators earn salaries of rupees 70 – 100 for one page, Interpreter’s salary is rupees. 350 – 550 by one hour, Embassy workers can expect rupees 8500 – 10500 per month.

As you can see, these earnings are from the people who have pursued a diploma in translation in India. It is very important to understand the amount they receive but the job requires many skills and brilliant knowledge of language pairs. The translators who have these skills will demand the greater rates and their job is also in high demand and also earn more rewards.

How long does it take to get a diploma in translation?

Diploma in translation in India is a one-year language-level course. I

There are two language levels that are taught. First is data interpretation, then, diploma in translation. The student learn skills and knowledge in the areas of translation. Translators are very essential in today’s world.

Applicants can choose any one specialization among the following courses: translation from English to Hindi and vice versa, literary translation, film translation, and machine translation.

Participants need to make sure their interest lies in their specialization in diploma in translation. Further, the participants who are interested in interpretation may choose these programs as well and these participants must know how to express their ideas and concepts freely, clearly, and wisely.

There are courses that are a combination of both data interpretation and translation. If students can think that they are stronger they can pursue the combination courses that are held in universities.

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How much does it cost to get a diploma in translation in India? 

To get admission into a diploma in translation in India, course students must pass SSLC and 11 and 12th classes. They must understand and speak any one language perfectly because certification must be given by them or representatives.

Those who are not native English speakers need to get more than 7 or its corresponding marks in IELTS exams.

The admission is based on personal interviews and skills tests will be conducted. Below are the several top institution colleges in India that provide Diploma in translation courses with their equivalent fees given and their respective address state.

Cost/Fees for a Diploma in Translation in India

These are the top schools in India for translation diplomas. their school fees are also here.

  • The University of Rajasthan from Jaipur costs approximately Rupees 25400
  • Assam university of Assam city costs approximately rupees 11900
  • Delhi college of arts and commerce college from New Delhi costs approximately rupees 12000
  • Bharati college from Delhi city which costs approximately rupees 16000
  • Cochin university of science and technology costs approximately rupees 34000
  • Andhra university from Visakhapatnam which costs approximately rupees 4000
  • General shivdev Diwan Gurbachan Singh Khalsa College from Patiala approximately costs rupees 25462
  • English and Foreign Language University from Shillong city provide approximate costs of rupees 2675
  • Chaudhary Charan Singh University From Meerut city provides approximately cost of rupees 17555.

These are the best colleges available. You can select the colleges due to proximity and complete the diploma in translation in India.

How can I get a diploma in translation in 2021? Guide on how to earn a diploma in translation.

Firstly, find the list and number of colleges offering postgraduate diploma translation courses and after that check out the individual college website to know more about the 2021 academic year.

Admission procedure the participants must have a graduation degree in the related field they must be proficient in any language the admission must be done by an entrance exam and personal interview.

After this, select the courses based on your interest and combination along with that conveying your ideas and understanding must be very clear.

Upon completing this course, there are many career options for earning a diploma in translation in India.

Translating from one language to another is very important and expressing ideas, concepts, and thoughts in their own language knowing the sensitive language forms of different cultures is very essential.

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Which schools offer the best diploma in translation programs in 2021?

1. Punjab University

Patiala is a state university located in Punjab city which offers a diploma in translation in India full-time mode and the duration of the course is approximately 1 year.

The fees said to be 16 thousand rupees only; these fees may vary accordingly 5 to 10 percent based on semesters. The number of seats allotted is not more than 20.

The institute offers a diploma in Hindi journalism by the department of Hindi at Patiala University.

Additionally, to this, we can also join Hindi to English, Hindi to Punjab, and vice versa.

The eligibility criteria are that the candidate must have more than 50 percent of marks in previous academics.

Based on the number of admissions there is also admission given to Diploma in Chinese, Diploma in French, Diploma in German and Persian, Punjabi as a foreign/ second language, Russian, Urdu, and other languages.

2. Cochin University of Science and Technology of Kerala

Located in Cochin of Kerala State, the university offers a diploma in translation journalism and Hindi language computing course. It is an evening college program that lasts for a period of one year.

The course is basically part-time that has not more than 28 candidates and admission is based on the entrance exam of the university.

The eligible students must have passed a degree with Hindi as one of the subjects from any recognized university.

 3. J J College of arts and science

The College offers diploma and certificate courses among them. Advanced Diploma in Translation Proficiency in English is offered for the period of one year and it is Day College.

They’re also providing a certificate course of translation in proficiency in English. The candidate who wants to pursue a diploma must have a 12th class completed by a recognized board or institute.

4. The University of Rajasthan

The University of Rajasthan from Jaipur costs approximately Rupees 25400.

It provides courses of diploma in translation programs in India and they include Diploma Programme in the Spanish Language, German Language, and French Language.

The university allows admission of up to 25 seats. This admission to these diploma and certificate courses is according to merit.

5. Assam University

Silchar of Assam state offers a diploma in translation and proficiency courses.

They are Certificate of Proficiency in French for the duration of 1 year and the intake of students is not more than 18.

They also provide a diploma of proficiency in French and an advanced diploma in French for the duration of 1 year and the intake of students is not more than 18 students.

The teaching and learning in the diploma department are by a modern syllabus as per UGC and stare of art audio-visual teaching aids. Students who have pursued a diploma in these courses are serving as professors, researchers in different academic institutions in India and other countries.

6. Delhi College of Arts and Commerce College

This college from New Delhi offers a diploma in translation courses are Diploma in French. The duration is 1 year and the academic fees are 12,000 rupees.

The Diploma in German is for the duration of 1 year and the fee is 12 thousand rupees. Diploma in Spanish is for the duration of two semesters.

Learning these languages will allow you to understand them in-depth and provide an opportunity to work in their respective countries for all these students.

7. The English and Foreign Languages University

This is a central university that offers a number of part-time courses in Indian and foreign languages. The timing is said to be 7 to 9 am in the morning and 6 to 8 pm in the evening.

EFLU Hyderabad offers a certificate of proficiency in Arabic, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish and along with a diploma in translation course in Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, Persian, and Spanish with the duration, of course, is said to be one year.  

This is a Diploma In Translation In India.

8. Chaudhary Charan Singh University

From Meerut city, this prestigious university offers diploma courses. There are diplomas in the proficiency of French, German and Urdu Specializations.

The college timing is part-time and the course duration is 1 year and there is no allowing more than 10 students for admission. It also provides certificates in Proficiency in French and German languages.

The college makes sincere efforts to get placement for each and every student who gets placed in different companies.

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9. GGS Khalsa College for Women

GGSKCW is a private college in Rupnagar. The college offers a diploma in translation course in India for the duration of one year and study mode is said to be regular mode.

10. Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya Group of College Bengaluru

This college from Karnataka is offering Advanced Diploma in Translation Proficiency and a certificate in Translation Proficiency.

The minimum eligibility criteria are that the candidate must have passed up to 12Th class from a recognized board.


By referring to the above case study we got to understand that a diploma in the translational course in India is having a lot of scope in the present and upcoming future days.

One can complete the degree in a year and start to work for different companies and build their career.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, there is a lot of scope on this degree and many are switching towards this course. Many people are working from home due to lockdowns throughout the country. There are many people earning good money from a diploma in translation in India.

I am suggesting you go through the courses online now or offline once everything is fine and you can also become an expert in different languages and also improve your communication skills.



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