Getting Ph In Business ADdministration In 2022: Schools, Criteria, Cost

The success of every business lies in the managerial unit. No matter how hardworking every other worker is, if those at the top positions are not performing well, such business is bound to fail in a matter of time.

For this reason, top companies and business lookout for skilled, motivated, organized personalities who will make their business thrive.

If you have a desire for leadership and have completed a master’s degree in your current field, then, you can consider a doctorate in business administration. It will benefit you a lot.

To make it easy for you, we will link you with the top PhD programs in the mentioned discipline. You can select the option that best fits your demand. The table below will help you navigate the options.

What Is Business Administration?

Business Administration is a branch of Business & Management that involves all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.

A career Business administration deals with leading a company or business venture, keeping track of performance, and making crucial decisions that will result in developing a better and profitable business.

Why PhD In Business Administration?

Acquiring a doctoral degree in Business administration comes with a lot of benefits. whether you choose to pursue a DBA degree online or on campus, PhD in business administration focuses on providing students with real-world, business-oriented critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Enrolling in a doctor of business administration programs will equip you with working knowledge based on the latest business research, theories, and trends. This will thereby improve your professional’s job performance, expand your network, and qualify you for executive positions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management occupations garnered a median annual salary of $104,240 as of 2018 and their job prospects are expected to grow 7% from 2018-2028.

Earning a doctorate in business administration This education not only identifies you as an expert in your field, but prepares you for bigger management skills, which assist in data and market analysis, budgeting, and hiring, doctoral programs in business management foster general, “soft” business skills such as leadership, communication, and decision-making.

Additionally, a Doctor of Business Administration sets you apart from those that concluded their graduate-level business education with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

How Long Does It Take to Get a Doctorate in Business Administration?

DBA programs typically consist of approximately 60 credits which usually take 3-4 years of full-time study to complete. However, a DBA program that requires a thesis can take significantly longer, depending on students’ abilities and schedule and program structure and guidance.

Part-time students may require five or more years, though schools sometimes place a limit on the total amount of time a student can take to graduate.

A typical doctor of business administration programs may take anywhere from four to seven years to complete a degree, as these programs often require students to write and defend a research-based dissertation. Some schools offer students the option to complete their Ph.D. program online or on a part-time basis.

In addition, students generally must pay the same tuition even if they choose an accelerated course of study.

How Much Is a Doctorate in Business Administration?

The cost of a doctorate in business administration varies from program to program. Ivy league universities often provide generous fellowships and financial aid to new students as a way to attract exceptional candidates. Whereas acquiring a PhD in Business administration at a public university may prove more expensive.

Other factors that determine cost include the state residency; students who live in the same state as their school will often pay lower tuition than out-of-state students.

Meanwhile, some schools charge flat tuition for all students regardless of their residency status. Overall, schools will charge the same tuition fees for on-campus and online students since students will access the same course materials and professional training.

A typical PhD in business administration In-state programs will cost between $15,000-$40,000 per year, whereas an out-of-state degree can cost double or higher.

That being said, earning your degree online can help you avoid certain costs, such as paying for room and board or fees associated with on-campus activities.

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How Do I Get A doctor of Business Administration Degree?

There are certain criteria you have to meet before you can take up an advanced degree in a business administration program.

Before you consider a PhD in this discipline, you must possess prerequisite degrees which are a bachelor’s and master’s in business administration and management or a related field.

In addition to the prerequisite degrees, the school will examine your academic qualifications. They require GMAT scores and transcripts from your undergraduate program and, if applicable, graduate studies.

They may also ask for references from your former professors and ask you to write an overview of your planned research area.

Many schools require you to have at least three years of relevant experience and standardized test scores. Most online schools award a no GRE degree but you must meet the required GPA and other criteria.

In addition, you should expect an interview with an admissions officer after the submission of your application. The interview will determine whether the school will accept or deny your application.

What Are The Best PhD Programs In Business Administration?

The following is a list of the top universities that offer the best PhD Programs in Business Administration. Our selection criteria are based on the quality and range of courses provided, as well as school awards, rankings, and reputation.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools. Below is the list of the schools, you will have to read further to get information on the various degree programs offered, tuition info, and program options for these schools.

#1 Harvard University

Harvard is is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1636. The school awards a doctor of business administration with a management concentration. The PhD program features a core curriculum in research, and writing components, which learners can complete in five years.

During the program’s first two years of this program, students take 13 required foundation, research methods, business administration, and social science courses.

Learners work closely with a faculty member as they research an aspect of the field in the fourth and fifth year.

In addition to the coursework, students are required to teach or assist with teaching while they enroll. Also, they should complete a written and oral examination on a declared special field during the program.

Admission requirements include a GRE or GMAT scores with a resume, statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, and transcripts for consideration.

Tuition: $48,008

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#2 University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is the prime option for people interested in seeking a Business Administration and Management program.

The school started in 1740, Penn offers a PhD in business administration through the Wharton School. Students can earn a doctorate degree in roughly five years.

The program consist of sixteen classes includes seven management seminars, two research methods courses, a two-course social science sequence, and three electives.

Students are required to write a mid-program research paper, complete first- and second-year examinations, and participate in department colloquia.

Additionally, the last two years of the program features student’s research, writing, and a dissertation.

To apply for DBA at Penn, you must submit three letters of recommendation, transcripts, GMAT or GRE scores, and a personal essay.

Tuition: $38,630

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#3 Yale University 

Yale University is another great option for students seeking a Business Administration degree at any level. The school started in 1701 and is located in New Haven.

Yale offers a doctorate in business administration that focuses on organizations and management. Course curriculum features interactions among individuals, groups, consumers, and institutions.

Students complete 14 required courses. Coursework covers key concepts in economics and policy modeling alongside research methods, social science, theory, and elective classes.

In addition to coursework, students participate in seminars and workshops, completing research papers and qualifying exams in anticipation of dissertation candidacy.

During the forth year, students must enter the program’s dissertation stage by their fourth year.

To gain admission, you must provide GRE or GMAT scores, transcripts, a statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, and a writing sample for consideration.

Tuition: $42,100

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#4 Cornell University

Cornell University is an institution for business students. It is located in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 1868.

Cornell awards a PhD in Business Administration and Management through the Samuel Curtis Johnson College of Business. The 5 years program typically consists of six major concentrations including accounting, strategy and business economics, finance, and marketing.

Students participate in research seminars and competency examinations in anticipation of an in-depth research and dissertation project.

To enroll in Cornell PhD program, you must provide a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and GRE or GMAT scores for consideration.

Tuition: $29,584

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 #5 Rice University

Rice University(RU) opened in 1912. The school awards a doctor of business administration. It is a 4-5 year program that features four specialization options, including one in strategic management.

Students spent their first two years studying management theory, methodology, and research methods in anticipation of a comprehensive exam.

They are required to produce one research paper before moving to the dissertation stage of the program.

Requirements for admission include a personal statement, a resume, transcripts, and three confidential evaluations. Applicants must also submit GRE or GMAT scores for consideration.

Tuition: $48,330

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#6 University of California – Los Angeles

The University of California(UCLA) started in 1919. UCLA is accredited and awards a doctor of business administration(DBA) through the Anderson School of Management.

The program comprises eight subsets of the discipline and students are to specialize in one. The curriculum covers eighteen classes in research methods, a concentration area, and electives precede a paper and field exam.

Furthermore, the doctoral programs feature key concept in accounting, behavioral decision-making, finance, or global economics management.

Additional coursework includes management and organizations; decisions, operations, and technology management; marketing; and strategy.

During the third year, students continue on to a dissertation. In addition to the coursework, students must participate in faculty and student-run seminars.

The requirements for application doctor of business administration programs at UCLA are a statement of purpose, transcripts, GMAT or GRE scores, and three letters of recommendation.

Tuition: $18,993

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#7 George Washington University

The George Washington University(GW) is a private research university in Washington, D.C. GW is accredited and awards a Ph.D. in business with a management and strategy focus.

The 5 years program features 14 required courses, such as foundations of strategy and management, microeconomic theory, and research methods.

During the second year of this program, students are required to produce a research paper and complete comprehensive examinations during the third year. The final two years of the program emphasize research and dissertation writing.

The criteria for admission include a minimum 3.5 GPA from previous degree programs for consideration. Other requirements include 90th percentile GMAT or GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, and a demonstrable fit with faculty research interests.

Tuition: $30,834

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#8 Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology started as far back as 1885. This school is fully approved and award a doctorate in business administration and management through the Scheller College of Business.

The 5 years program focuses on developing the necessary skills for the design and execution of original, and innovative research through teaching and writing.

To thrive in the doctor of business administration programs at Georgia Tech, you need knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, and statistics. To apply, individuals must submit transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and GRE or GMAT scores.

Tuition: $21,178

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#9 University of Washington

The University of Washington offers a doctor of business administration through the Foster School of Business. The program features key concepts in strategic management and organizational behavior and human resource management.

During the first of this program, students focus on research methods, theoretical, and conceptual coursework as they prepare research papers.

The last three years of the program covers research. Students prepare dissertations and journal submissions for the Academy of Management.

A GRE or GMAT scores, a personal statement, transcripts, and three letters of recommendation are required for admission into this program.

Tuition: $21,655

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#10 Purdue University

 Purdue University is among your best odds if you’re considering an advanced degree in Business Administration.

The school offers a five-year doctor of business administration program with complete six credit hours of managerial skill courses and 15 credit hours of research method coursework. The curriculum for this program features specializations in accounting, data science, finance, and marketing.

However, students can also choose from concentrations in management information systems, strategic management, supply chain and operations management, quantitative methods, or organizational behavior, and human resource management.

The program also comprises comprehensive examinations precede dissertation research, writing, and defense.

Application requirements include GRE or GMAT scores, a resume, a statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation.

Tuition: $18,609

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What Can I Do With A PhD Business Administration?

A doctor of business administration graduate finds jobs in a variety of sectors, including Private & nonprofit sectors, finance, and education.

A doctor of business administration degree qualifies you to take on almost any leadership role in any sector you find yourself in. You can occupy top positions as president, director, or chief information officer.

How Much Can I Earn With A PhD Business Administration?

In Business administration professions, individuals with a higher degree level usually earn more starting out than those with a lower-level degree.

The BLS estimates that chief executives earn significantly more, with a median salary of roughly $183,000 in 2017 also the median annual wage for administrative services managers was $96,940 in May 2019.

What Is The Job Prospect For Individual With A PhD In Business Administration?

The Bureau of Labour statistics speculates that the Employment of administrative services managers will grow 7 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. Tasks such as managing facilities and preparing for emergencies will remain in demand.


Acquiring an advanced degree in business administration may not be easy but it’s highly rewarding. If you’ve made up your mind on taking up a PhD in Business administration, you can take advantage of the program options we’ve highlighted in this article, they will help you pursue a wide range of job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions On PhD In Business Administration

How long does it take to get a PhD in Business Administration?

4 to 5 years for full-time students While part-time students may take more than 5 years to complete.

Can I enroll in A PhD program in Business Administration without a masters degree?

An MBA or a masters in related discipline is are prerequisite for admission into a DBA program.

What can I do With PhD in Business administration?

You can assume the managerial position in any job setting you find yourself.


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