Free Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses with Certificates

Every doctor and every clinic needs a competent and trustworthy personality that can submit the correct claims to insurance companies for payment. If you will like to be that person then, you’re can choose a Billing and coding Career.

Choosing a career as a medical biller and coder is a great way to help the health community. You don’t have to worry about how to get started. We will link you with free medical billing and coding online courses with certificates as well as other important tips that will guide you throughout your career journey.

There are accelerated online courses that allow you to earn a certificate in medical billing as well as medical coding in as little as four weeks. However, there are also many medical billing and coding courses available that allow you to earn the same certificate in a longer time frame. You can select the ones the meets your career goals.

Why Choose Free Medical Billing and Coding Courses with Certificates Online?

Online education has clearly become one of the most popular higher learning alternatives in recent times. You don’t necessarily need on-campus classes to earn a degree; online courses are an excellent option for you to achieve your educational goals.

Whether you want to study as a hobby, improve your knowledge in certain areas or pick up a new skill, it’s often possible to find an online program that is right for you.

Study shows that over 6 million students in the United States are doing at least one online program. Over 2 million students are studying for a fully online degree. There are similar statistics in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Choosing free medical billing and coding courses online gives you the flexibility of studying at the classroom of your choice without attending a campus-based institution.

During your classes, you communicate with your faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, social media chat rooms, and other forms of computer-based interaction. The programs often include an online training system and tools to produce a virtual classroom.

Who is a Medical Biller and Coder?

Medical billers and coders are professionals that specialize in managing the healthcare facility, patient data, invoices, and payments processing, and related insurance information.

They often work in a physician’s office, hospital, rehab center office or a nursing home. Their job function at each office may vary a bit, depending on the specifics of where they work, for the most part, it is the same.  Here is a list of essential duties you can expect to do as a medical coder:

Review patient files for doctor’s notes on condition, procedures, and office visits to accurately assign codes for billing.

  • Work with doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and patients to ensure the accuracy of data.
  • Bill insurance companies for services performed.
  • Study claims information for accuracy, proper signatures, and needed prior authorizations.
  • Audit denied claims for accuracy and reasoning of denial.
  • Resending claim to insurance companies once missing information has been received.
  • Understand and maintain the patient’s privacy during the billing process.

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing and Coding Certification or Degree

When choosing the best option to get your medical billing and coding education, the first thing that you should consider is the type of certificate or degree you are looking to earn.

Most employers ask that you have an associate’s degree, but many are happy if you have a certificate in medical billing. However, you can also choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in medical coding and billing.

Here are a few things you should consider before enrolling in a medical billing and coding training

Previous Education

If you already earned some college credits, taken extra courses, attended a vocational college, or have participated in any post-secondary school, the accelerated medical billing and coding program you choose may allow you to transfer some of your previously received credits.

Medical Program Accreditation

Employers often lookout for applicants with a reputable educational background, which requires training from an accredited school.

If you plan on furthering your education, ensure that the certification or program you choose is either accredited itself or that the college, trade school, or institution from which you attain your certification is accredited even if you’re not paying for your training.

Credits earned through an unaccredited institution will have a high chance of not transferring to a two to four-year college or university.

Time Frame for a Medical Coding and Billing Certification

Another important factor to consider is the duration of medical coding training. If you are in need of a job as soon as possible, then choosing an online medical coding and billing program is going to be your fastest route to your new career. However, if you have the time and the money to spend in college, you may want to consider earning your associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree.

How do I apply for a Medical Coding and Billing Certification?

Actually, applying for free online certification courses is just like applying for on-campus learning-there is no much different. You will follow the same steps and provide similar documents. Check out the enrollment steps and considerations outlined below.

Select the school and programs you want to apply to

The first step you need to take is to make a choice of school and program, thereafter you obtain a form and complete the registration process.

Complete the online application

During the registration process, you’ll be required to set up an account that includes some personal information. This will also involve uploading the electronic versions of your Passport photograph, Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement, and any other relevant documents.

Next will be to remit payment of all tuition and fees. However, if it is tuition-free, it will be indicated.


Most online courses may require an interview, which can be conducted over the phone or online, on Skype.

An interview on Skype is just like a traditional interview. In this case, ensure your computer camera works well and you have a good internet connection. Also, ensure you dress formally just like you would for an offline interview.

Start Lectures

Once you’ve completed the online registration and interview, you will be granted access to select your degree level and course of study then you can start enrolling in any classes.

What Is the Duration for a Free Medical Coding and Billing Certification Online Courses?

The length of online classes varies. Some can be completed in as little as five weeks, while others don’t have to be finished within a year’s time.

A typical Medical Coding and Billing Certification online program last 8 weeks, some may take up to 10 weeks depending on the program provider. Free training, however, may take a lesser time to complete.

Additionally, you have to understand that the duration of your online courses lies in your power. For instance, most instructors post assignments at the beginning of the program, so, if a course is said to last eight to nine weeks, you can complete the work and submit it as you choose.

List of Free Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses with Certificates

Below are free Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses with Certificates.

  • PPMC Academy Inc. on Udemy
  • Southern Careers Institute
  • Quizlet
  • New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD)

#1. PPMC Academy Inc. on Udemy

PPMC Academy Inc. is committed to creating quality medical practice management training at an affordable price. They partner with physician practices, hospitals, and other organizations by providing training in Medical Billing and Coding, Front Desk Administration, and Practice Management.

PPMC Academy also provides exam reviews for individuals planning to take an AHIMA, AAPC or similar coding certification exam.

You can have access to free live webinars on various medical billing and coding topics throughout the year. Whether you prefer an instructor-led or self-paced course, we have several options designed to fit your schedule and your budget. About 4,246 Students are currently enrolled in this training.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Medical Coder tasks
  • Medical Biller tasks
  • Diagnostic coding
  • Procedural coding
  • Education options
  • How to gain work experience

#2. Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute provides employer-tailored programs to students to help them prepare for long-term success. Their medical billing training program covers the first certification cost. Keep in mind that you have to hold additional certification for receiving the proper preparation through this free medical training or courses.

#3. provides some free mini-courses online that are organized by general documents of medical billing and coding. In this program, you’ll gain access to a 1-hour total video online course material that includes medical billing and coding topics.

Coursework covers the basic concept of medical billing and coding efficiently and in a practical way. You will also access a long and a short video presentation with course material.

#4. Quizlet

One of the great platforms to access free medical billing and coding online courses is at Quizlet. Quizlet is the world’s largest online teacher and student community committed to helping students to prepare as highly-skilled masters based on the subject they are learning.

There are varieties of free medical billing and coding lessons, study guides, and tests from a different variety of teachers and students. You can also have access to medical billing and coding study sets.


Another great site you can gain some free resources page that can help you to learn medical billing and coding is

You will have access to a variety of medical billing courses and resources like:

  • The medical billing terms: Designed for understanding the terminology of medical billing
  • Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide: Provide 15 pages of medical billing and coding overview to those who consider the career as a medical biller and coder.
  • Medical Billing Insurance Claim Flowchart: A free medical tool explained how the healthcare claim process performs and how to work insurance claims billing by their flowchart.


This site provides video lectures for each form of medical billing and coding. It will be very beneficial to you if you want to start your own billing and coding practice.

#7. New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD)

NYICD unlike other medical billing and coding schools provides a higher level of support to the students. Here, you will enroll and start the courses at any time. Just log in and immediately take the first set of online course material. The school will be covered by the price of the study materials and the exam.

What Can I do with a Medical Billing and Coding Online Certification?

Earning a Medical Billing and Coding certification can lead to lucrative career opportunities. Professionals in this field are qualified for clinical analyst positions, regulating and improving clinical practices, optimizing workflows, interpreting data, and developing solutions.

Their role is to construct, manage, and improve an organization’s information technology framework. Below are the various positions you can occupy with a Medical Billing and Coding certification.

  • Medical Records and Health Information Technician
  • Billing Specialist
  • Insurance Claims Specialist
  • Medical Biller
  • Collections Specialist
  • Coding Professional

How Much Can I Earn with a Medical Billing and Coding Online Certification?

According to, the salary for health information technicians with two credentials rises to an average of $64,890. Billing and coding specialists with three or more credentials earn approximately $70,608 per year.

What Is the Job Prospect of Medical Billing and Coding Online Certification?

Before you consider any certification program, it is advisable you check the employment outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical coding and billing has an 8% projected job outlook, which is much faster than average.


The idea of free medical billing training may instantly be appealing, especially to students on a budget who want to enter a lucrative and interesting career in health care but, this does not necessarily make free courses a good idea. If you decide to take the free route, you will face a number of disadvantages that can severely hurt your chances of securing a job.

However, you should not trivialize a free certification in Medical Billing and Coding opportunity because it could help you to build foundational skills and gain the experience necessary to participate in any healthcare setting you find yourself. Take advantage of the programs we’ve highlighted in this article, they will help you pursue a wide range of occupations.


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