Facebook Accelerator Program 2022 for Young Entrepreneurs

The Facebook Accelerator Program in London is one of the ways Facebook connectivity reaches out to young and Creative Ideas in the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

This post is brief information on how you can join the Facebook Accelerator Program in the UK at the LDN_LAB. We promise you that at the end of the program any prospective applicant will be able to fully registered for the 2022 Facebook Accelerator London.

The Accelerator Program by Facebook is a 12-week program to support talented and creative startups whose aims and objectives are to build 21st-century innovation in Tech to create impact at scale.

This year’s program will be hosted in the UK at the LDN_LAB. This lab is at the heart of London (Rathbone Office) dedicated to startups to support impactful Technology.

With the leverage from Facebook, the LDN_LAB is aimed at sponsoring Startups from UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East with offers on Mentoring, Trainings Office space, Community and connection, Facebook Products and Techniques

The program looking for companies that harness the power of technology to change the world.

The application will be welcome from startups with an idea that can create impact at a large, especially those working to improve barriers to digital connectivity. For non-UK based connectivity startups, special provisions apply.

Why Facebook?

It’s our priority to keep building our business by supporting the millions of businesses that rely on our services to grow. By supporting impactful startups, we make more impact on our own mission, deepen our understanding of local challenges startups are working tirelessly to solve and grow our network of future partners.  We provide equity-free support in return for helping us achieve these goals. 

Our greatest strength is our people. We can offer you unrivaled access to Facebook’s technical and business gurus. Our mentors include previous CEOs, successful startup founders, and technology experts with 20+ years of experience. Here are a few examples of our mentors: 

About Facebook Accelerator

At Facebook, we’re driven by building new experiences that meaningfully improve people’s lives today and set the stage for even bigger improvements in the future. We can’t do this alone. We’re looking for startups building technology to create a positive impact at scale. 

For this program, we’re issuing a special call to those working to improve internet connectivity. To help bring people online to faster internet, Facebook Connectivity is dedicating resources to help startups who are building solutions to longstanding connectivity barriers, such as;

Availability: a significant percentage of the world lack the infrastructure available to access the internet and get online

Affordability: Even with internet coverage, a large part of the population is unable to afford data and/or devices

Relevance: we know there’s a significant struggle for many to find or become aware of the content on the internet that is relevant. 

Readiness: There’s a lack of sufficient digital literacy to engage online, and we’re eager to solve this.

Please note: we still welcome applications from startups creating impact outside of the connectivity theme.

Facebook Accelerator Benefits

Mentorship: Our pool of employees acts as specialized mentors. They include product managers, data scientists, marketers, recruitment specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. 

Training & Workshops: We will run 3 boot camps in London, which include practical workshops in product, engineering, growth, and impact. Startups working to improve digital connectivity will receive travel sponsorship. 

Office Space: Free office space at LDN_LAB, based in the heart of our Facebook office.

Facebook Products and Technologies: We have a family of products and technologies geared to help your business grow, and we have deep expertise in connectivity technology.

Community and Connections: Become a part of a vibrant startup and developer community. Access our rich network of global operators, industry and government partners. 

Partners: We’ve partnered with world-class organizations to bring you the best network and advice. This includes Facebook Connectivity, our division for improving internet connectivity, and Founders Intelligence, a global network of leading tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Application Timeline:

Wednesday 18 September – Friday 18th October at midnight.

We will review and select startups for interviews on a rolling basis, and strongly encourage early applications.

Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November 

Program Dates:
Part 1: Monday 18th November – Friday 13th December
Part 2: Monday 6th January – Friday 28th February  

You will need to be available for our boot camps at LDN_LAB on the following dates;

Bootcamp 1: 18th – 22nd November
Bootcamp 2:  6th – 10th January
Bootcamp 3: 24th – 28th February

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Who is Eligible for the Facebook Accelerator

  • Use pioneering technology to create a positive impact on the world
  • Have a skilled and focused team in place
  • Demonstrate progress in product, growth, and revenue
  • are interested in learning how to scale their business through Facebook
  • We welcome applications across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. We can accommodate remote participation; however, we require all startups in the program to attend 2 – 3 boot camps in London.

How to Apply

Having passed through the application eligibility, the online thing left is to hit the application button. All application is done online, follow the link and apply as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my Idea is selected what next?

The Organizers of the Facebook Accelerator will take the wheel from there to place you on every benefit you deserve which include mentorship, Training, Partnership, and exposure to community

Who is hosting the Facebook Accelerator Program in London?

The Accelerator program is hosted by the LDN_LAB with Facebook connectivity. The Idea is to seek ideas that can help connect people in life

How much is Facebook going to pay the successful ideas?

The idea will be weighed by the organizers to ascertain the funding due for each successful Idea

When is the Application Ending?

The Application deadline is scheduled to end by October. Applications are currently ongoing


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