Does Planet Fitness Offer a Student Discount?

Keeping fit is a good thing to strive for every week. But nowadays, gym membership costs may be expensive when you put it on a scale of preference against food, clothing, and accommodation. This has made many college students wonder if Planet Fitness offers any student discounts.

Typically, college students are always on alert to seize any opportunity to save money via special deals and discounts.

In this article, you will get to know whether Planet Fitness has a college student discount or not.

Does Planet Fitness Have A College Discount?

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness franchises in America owing to its vast number of members and locations. It is based in New Hampshire with over 2,000 club branches across the USA.

But the question in people’s minds is: “does planet Fitness offer student discounts?” the simple and direct answer to that is No.

Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a student promo discount but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a local branch that does.

Since the local branch owner or franchisee owns and operates the gym independently, they might give a lighter hand to students. 

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The business model of Planet Fitness is aimed at middle-aged individuals. However, if the fitness center is located close to a higher institution or university, the local manager may attract more students via student discounts.

In such cases, it will be the wise thing for the franchisee to create various student-friendly deals or discounts to increase their member count. The only way you may get to find out is by calling that particular Planet Fitness branch and inquiring from them directly.

This is important because as aforementioned different branches operate a little bit differently even though they’re all under the Planet Fitness franchise.

Though the probability of finding one that offers discounts in your locality is low, it is still possible for you to save on Planet Fitness Membership.

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How Can Students Save On Planet Fitness Membership?

We’ve established that Planet Fitness doesn’t offer college discounts but how can students save on Planet Fitness Membership. We have two suggestions:

  • If you plan to use just the gym equipment without a trainer (of which many of you are inclined to), you can choose the lowest membership fee of $10. This price may vary minutely from one fitness center to another depending on location. Compared to other gym service options, that membership fee is already one of the lowest in the country. The only disadvantage is that you strictly get what you pay for – which is access to your local gym and gym equipment like rowing machines, squat racks, ellipticals, and so on. 
  • If you really want to utilize all the fitness amenities at Planet Fitness, you can think of sharing the cost of the Black Card membership with a friend. The monthly price for this premium membership is $29 for most Planet Fitness centers. The biggest advantage with this is that with a black card membership, you can take anyone with you as a guest to work out. After splitting the fees between you and your buddy, you can ask a few friends to excuse you so they can work it out with you too. 

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Other Ways To Save On Gym Membership

You can go to a gym, work out, and keep yourself physically fit without emptying your purse.

Even if you’re a student on a tight budget, exercising in the gym is still possible even without the Planet Fitness college discount.

Aside from all the suggestions above, you should know that there are numerous ways in which you can save money on your personal fitness expenses.

Here are a few ways tips on how to do that:

Make Use Of The Free Trial Before Committing To A Membership

Blindly committing to a gym membership may turn out to be a waste of your money if you later hate the gym program. A few things may make you hate the gym whose membership you’ve signed up for.

Sometimes, you might suddenly progressively dislike the atmosphere at that gym or the equipment. Those reasons could discourage you from not going to the gym at all. And the worst-case scenario which often happens to most people is – subscribing to a long-term membership plan in the hopes of saving on cost.

Although you can cancel the membership you’ve paid for, you can’t easily get your money back. Plus, it will still be on record on the app. Moreover, you shouldn’t postpone using the few days offered as Plant Fitness’ free trial period.

Typically, if you tried visiting the local fitness center or gym a couple of times (Planet Fitness free trial) and realize you didn’t like that gym at all, it won’t be too late to back out. 

Consider Engaging In Your School’s Sporting Activities

As unusual as it may seem, you can also consider other physical activities that’ll give you equivalent benefits as going to the gym. If you’re a student, you should try getting into the sports that the school offers.

If you can’t get the Planet Fitness student discount you solely desire, you can as well keep yourself fit by doing the sport you enjoy.

This is one simple way to save money on a gym membership. All you have to do is indicate interest to the sports coach or team so that you join practice sessions if they allow you to.

Alternatively, you may just jog around the sports field or go for a walk around the park.

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Find Other Gyms With College Discount

Is joining Planet Fitness your sole desire for 2022? Do you mind going to other gyms that will give you a student discount? If you answered yes to the second question, then maybe you could do some research to find other gyms that offer a college discount.

There are actually many other gyms out there and a majority offer discounts to college students. What is required of you is to carefully research and compare prices and available equipment.

Admittedly, Planet Fitness already has a low membership fee but you could get other affordable gym options with great added value for the money you’re paying.

You may stand a chance to receive additional amenities like saunas and basketball courts if you explore what other gyms on the discount are offering. 

Affordable Gym Options for Students

Anytime Fitness: 

they offer a 7-day free trial period which you can utilize before deciding on paying the membership fee. The assumed mean price for joining Anytime Fitness is $35 per month. This is the average rate because it might vary slightly depending on the location.

They offer personal training, cardio classes, tanning, yoga classes, and home service gym access. Check-in with the customer rep on their special deals for students. 

24 Hour Fitness: 

College student discounts with 24 Hour Fitness are not offered in all locations nationwide. So, you have to check whether your local 24 Hour Fitness gym offers discounts for students.

You will be charged $32 per month for a year plan. All fitness centers offer personal training, fitness and wellness consultations, and 24/7 custom-video app access.

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Gold’s Gym: 

They offer personal fitness training, bodybuilding training and nutrition counseling, resistance machines, free weights, and 24/7 access to any gym under the Gold’s Gym franchise.

They offer college discounts at certain locations and similar to 24 Hour Fitness, they will ask for a student ID before proceeding.

A monthly subscription is charged at $35/mon for Gold’s Gym membership.

World Gym: 

They offer a 7-day free trial period which you can utilize before deciding on paying the membership fee.

Snap Fitness: 

This fitness and wellness franchise grew in fame following the Undercover Billionaire reality TV show with Grant Cardone.

It has locations in select locations in a few states in the USA and worldwide. They charge $35 per month and offer an economical discount for students.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article on planet fitness student discount. Get back to us in the comment section if there are any questions.



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