CHSPE Practice Test | 2022 Test Guide, Tips, Uses, Dates, fees

Going back to high school to get a diploma is not easy. You’ll have to hassle for accommodation and a lot of other stuff.

Well, what if you could avoid all that trouble and get a high school diploma straight up?

It’s practical through the CHSPE exam.

As much as this possibility exists, you can totally flop it when you don’t prepare for the examination well.

A key preparation technique would be to use the CHSPE practice test. This test would put you in a strong position ahead of your examination.

But before we tell you about the test (including the tips & tricks), let’s talk about the exam in question.

What is the CHSPE Exam?

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is an opportunity for you to earn a high school diploma when you pass the exam.

When you scale through both sections of the CHSPE, you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency which is equal to a high school diploma.

As much as the CHSPE can help you get a diploma, you shouldn’t skip high school as a minor. You would need a strong parent/guardian permission to take this exam as a minor.

In fact, if you’re less than eighteen, it’s unlawful to take this exam.

Why Do I Need the CHSPE Practice Test?

The CHSPE exam is not an easy exam. In fact, the individuals who set the questions for this exam are professionals at the highest level of education. Hence, the benchmark is high.

A lot of people fail this exam because they didn’t follow the best procedure. While a good number of them ran out of time, others didn’t know how to answer objectively.

The CHSPE practice test offers you an opportunity to get into the exam mode. Furthermore, you get a strong understanding of the quality of questions and the best style of reading.

You would be preparing to fail the CHSPE exam when you don’t go through the CHSPE practice test.

What is the Format of the CHSPE Practice Test/Exam?

The CHSPE consists of two test sections: English Language Arts and Mathematics. You must pass both sections to receive a Certificate of Proficiency. The questions are usually multiple-choice questions.

English Language Arts

The English Language section of this test has two subsets: Language and Reading. You must scale through them successfully to pass this exam.

In the language test, you have about 48 multiple-choice questions and a writing task. You must complete these two asks under the same administration.

The writing task expects you to write an expository essay. Your basis for writing proficiency and your ability to address the subject will determine your score.

The Reading subset has about 54 reading comprehension questions and 30 vocabulary questions. These comprehension questions rotate around interpretation, critical analysis, and initial understanding.


The Mathematics section of this test has 50 multiple-choice questions that test your understanding in the following areas: number sense and operations; patterns, relationships, and algebra; data, statistics, and probability; and geometry and measurement.

Furthermore, these questions assess the mathematical processes of communication and representation, estimation, mathematical connections, and reasoning, and problem-solving. For each category in the exam, you get a reference sheet containing necessary formulas.

What is the Date & Time of the CHSPE Exam?

The CHSPE Test Date for the current school year is on March 21, 2022. There are other dates in June and July as well.

Tips & Tricks To Pass the CHSPE Exam

The whole idea behind the CHSPE practice test is to help you easily pass the CHSPE test. As much as you can do key things, there are certain tips I would share which can make you scale in the exam.

These tips include:

1. Utilize the CHSPE Practice Test

Your strongest tool when you enter the exam hall is your knowledge and level of practice. If you have strongly utilized the CHSPE practice test, then you really have nothing to worry about.

2. Study

As important as the practice is, it can stereotype your knowledge. So, instead of just utilizing the test, you should study English and Mathematics very well. The more you learn, the better you perform at the final examination.

3. Memorize

A good number of these questions are multiple-choice questions. Hence, you necessarily don’t need to prove how you arrived at your answers. So, you can easily memorize some of the questions as they can be easily repeated.

4. Use Past Questions

It’s imperative you make effort to capture past questions on English and Mathematics. While they will give you perspective, they also help deepen your knowledge as well as answer questions faster.

FAQ on CHSPE Practice Test

What is the time duration for the CHSPE exam?

You have about 3.5 hours for the CHSPE exam. No particular portion of the exam is timed so you spend as much time on any area you want to spend time on.

What is the Date & Time of the CHSPE Exam?

The CHSPE Test Date for the current school year is on March 21, 2022. There are other dates in June and July as well.

What is the cost of the CHSPE exam?

The standard test fee for the CHSPE is $162.


The CHSPE exam has helped a lot of students gain a high school diploma despite being above 18. Ever since its establishment, it has been highly beneficial.

So, you no longer have to wallow in regret of missing a high school education when you can get a diploma easily.


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