Cheapest Student Accommodation In Melbourne 2022

Thinking of how to get quality student accommodation for yourself and avoiding excessive spending is hard.

Most times, finding what fits into your budget can be quite stressful and as such, the process can make you dash your hopes as fast as possible.

Melbourne sure has an array of high-quality accommodation that is safe for students. So, read down to see how you can get cheap student accommodation in Melbourne very fast.

Kindly go through the table of contents to have an overview of this article.

Why Do I Need to Get A Cheap Student Accomodation In Melbourne?

According to QS World Rankings, Melbourne is the second most comfortable city in the world with great colleges and a not-so-uptight lifestyle.

It is home to seven colleges and that attracts both international and domestic students in their numbers every academic year.

Due to the increased number of students, it has posed a strain for the school to house them all in the student hall.

Therefore, you need to get a cheap student accommodation to help you eliminate costs in both time and money on transportation.

What Are The Types of Student Accommodation in Melbourne?

Generally, there are two types of accommodation that international students would rather go for. They are:

  • University Accommodations
  • Private Student Housing

University Accommodations

This is the kind of student accommodation schools in Melbourne provide where you can book a spot for yourself almost immediately but there is limited space.

Again, you don’t have the liberty to choose what you want as much as you will have more people to share your space with.

One of the biggest advantages of university accommodations is that they connect you to students of like-minds.

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Private Student Housing

This type of student accommodation is better known as Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSA). They occupy the properties you might need to make you comfortable during the course of your stay.

Also, you have the opportunity to choose whether to live all by yourself or share the apartment with someone else.

The availability of the kitchen, bathroom, and study area makes you all comfy and early for lectures.

The major reason why students opts for this kind of student accommodation in Melbourne is to make the most of their freedom and privacy per se.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Before you can choose a student accommodation that is cheap, you have a lot of things to put into consideration.

They are as follows:

  • Proximity
  • Safety
  • Accommodation facility
  • Internet availability

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Student Accomodation In Melbourne?

If you want to move to Melbourne for study purposes, it is expedient that you know how much getting any of the accommodation types will cost you.

Below is an analysis of how much you may need to offset the accommodation bill while it helps you set up your budget.

University Accommodation Cost

Considering the kind of benefits this type of student accommodation provides the students with, it is obviously the most exorbitant choice to make.

On average, the cost of living in a university’s accommodation in Melbourne ranges between $665 – $825 weekly.

This is so because you will have your meals prepared for you daily and as such, the cost of utility facilities is inclusive.

Weekly cost: $665 – $825
Annual cost:
$34,580 – $42,900

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Private Student Housing Cost

How much you pay for this type of student accommodation is solely dependent on your choice of room.

This price takes care of just the rent and utilities but you must consider the cost of food, phone calls, and health.

Therefore, the analysis for both the annual and weekly durations are as follows:

Weekly cost: $270 – $325
Annual cost:
$14,040 – $16,900

For the other types of accommodation which you may want to consider, there are a few questions you have to clarify before moving in. The questions are:

  • What number of inhabitants would you say you are moving in with?
  • How old is the house?
  • Where is it found?

Upon clarification of the above questions, you can expect to pay between $175 – $400 weekly which does not include the cost of utilities.

Is It Easy To Get A Cheap Student Accommodation In Melbourne?

Getting a cheap student accommodation in Melbourne isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you must get a cheap one, you should be ready to reach a compromise like having to share your bathroom with people who are not as hygienic as you are.

Where Can I Find a Cheap Student Accommodation in Melbourne?

One of the overwhelming times you experience as a new student is when you have to find a rooftop over your head.

The places with cheap student accommodation will make you consider a lot of things ranging from the location, budget and then, down to the convenience that best suit your requirements.

Therefore, you can find cheap student accommodation in places like:


If you are not the type who wishes to have a serene lifestyle, then, Caulfield is the right choice for you.

Interestingly, you can find student accommodation for as low as $350 weekly.

This makes your dream of living classy in a yet cheap student accommodation possible.


International students who enjoy freebies would wish to make the most out of the free wifi Collingwood offers.

Its nearness to Melbourne University and RMIT and the cheap rate of student accommodation is why you should consider living in this area.


Located on the south-east of Melbourne’s central business district, Berwick is a great option for Monash university students.

The number of places you can go out on a picnic or study with your friends is a plus to why you should consider living here.


The aura of nature Abbotsford gives its residents is topnotch. Situated about 5 kilometers from the city, it has easy access to all transport links.

You can get cheap student accommodation for as low as $300 per week.

Each of these areas offers excellent choices and are close to any of the schools in Melbourne.

How to Get the Cheapest Student Accommodation in Melbourne Fast

Why students lookout for cheap student accommodation is because they want to cut costs and save more.

Although there are lots of reasons why you might not get lucky with cheap student accommodation, you can still get one!

Therefore, let me show you the steps you need to take in securing a student accommodation in Melbourne.

Apply Early

The basic reason why students end in houses they do not like is because they did not make frantic efforts in searching for student accommodations early enough.

Go ahead, make contacts, and ask questions bordering how you can sustain a room from graduating students.

That way, you get a cheaper rate while you wait for your admission to go through.

Go Through Renting Sites

There are platforms that make themselves available for you to aid you in your search for accommodation.

So, through these agencies, you get tangible information regarding your choice and have it.

Carryout Investigations

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It is not right that you have to take up a student accommodation because it is cheap and fits into your specifications without having prior knowledge of the things you should know.

Obtain clarifications on things you need to and get you what you desire.

Consider What You Can Pay

Generally, the cost of accommodation is not the only expense you will make.

You are advised not to rent a student accommodation that is way higher than what you can afford.

It won’t be necessary.

Cheap Student Accommodation in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to get cheap student accommodation in Melbourne?

The average cost for the two types of accommodation mentioned in this article ranges from $665 – $825 on a weekly basis and $14,040 – $42,900 on an annual basis.

What are the factors to consider when choosing student accommodation in Melbourne?

The following are what you should consider when choosing an accommodation :
Accommodation facility
Internet availability

Where can I find the cheapest student accommodation in Melbourne?

In the locations listed above, you can find cheap student accommodation in these places:
Yarra house
Scape Swanston
College square
RMIT village
Journal uni place


Hunting for students accommodation can be exceptionally annoying especially when you have others in the same search as you.
Therefore, don’t be hasty in making choices so you don’t regret later. Also, be conscious of rental tricks.
Good luck!



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