Best Universities in Peru for International Students 2021

Choosing one of the best universities in Peru as an international student to study for a degree program is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. This is because there are top Universities In Peru that offer top-notch educational programs at different levels.

Apparently, Universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools in Peru are reputable and well-known in the education and academic communities.

These schools are officially accredited and recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education and offer courses and programs leading to officially recognized prestigious Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs for smart and intelligent people like you.

In this article, you will discover some interesting facts about the study in Peru and the benefits that await you if you enroll in any of the schools there. The table of contents will give you an overview of what to expect.

Why Should I Study in Peru?

Peru officially the Republic of Peru is a country in western South America, it’s a capital city is Lima. Peru is one of the most exciting places to consider spending your years of study and there are opportunities there in Peru.

It has a common boundary (via North) with Ecuador and Colombia, towards the east by Brazil, towards the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and towards the west by the Pacific Ocean.

There are more than Eighty (80) colleges in Peru offering an extensive range of subjects with private institutions outnumbering public. The major cities that are preferred for international students are Lima and Cusco.

Colleges in Peru comprises of technical colleges, both public and private. They offer courses lasting three years, graduating with a title as Technical Professionals.

Several courses may be four (4) years in length, and a student would graduate with the title of Professional. The tuition fees of the colleges vary, but in general international students can anticipate paying low to middling fees, with lots of universities charging per credit rather than per semester or year.

How Is The Academic calendar in Peru?

The academic year in Peru is divided into two semesters – a summer semester and a winter semester.

Most courses begin in the summer semester which depending on the university can start as early as January, but usually in March or latest April and end in June or July. The winter semester usually begins in August or September and ends in December.

Registration, payments, entrance exams, and enrollment can be as early as 2 or 3 months before the semester starts. So, it’s advisable to check the dates with each university individually.

What Are The Admission Policies of Peruvian Universities?

The admission policies are determined by each university. So, procedures and requirements vary.

However, most universities in Peru have a selective admission policy based on the entrance examinations. For instance, if you attended a “preferred” school in Peru or took a special preparation course.

Nevertheless, you may have to register usually on the website of the university, pay a fee, submit the necessary documents including the document listed below.

Admission Process and Requirements

The following are the admission requirements into Most Peruvian Universities.

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  • A completed enrollment form from the Student Services Department
  • Tuition fee payment
  • Original Certificate of Studies endorsed and legalized by the Ministry of 4. Education and Culture (MEC)
  • 3×3 color photos
  • Proven language proficiency in Spanish (B2)
  • Letter of recommendation from your undergraduate university 
  • Copy of your undergraduate transcript
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Passport photo

What Languages Are Spoken at Peruvian Universities?

Generally speaking the language of instruction and conversation at Peruvian universities is Spanish.

While most universities don’t request an official Spanish language certificate, students must have an intermediate or advanced proficiency level to understand classes and assignments.

Certain courses and a few courses specially designed for international students are in English or other languages.

International students in Peru

If you’re an International student that want to study a semester or two in Peru, you can apply for enrollment either as an exchange student from universities abroad having a student exchange agreement with the university in Peru.

The second option is to apply as an international visiting student. Ensure to arrange admission, courses, payments, etc. directly with the Peruvian university.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Peruvian Universities?

The cost of enrollment in any Peruvian University is dependent on the program and course of study.

However, there is a significant difference in the cost of attending a Private institution to that of a public school.

Basically, the factors that usually influence the costs of tuition include selected careers or courses, the number of semester credits, and the socio-economic situation of the student.

Additionally, fees and costs for registration, materials, books, and photocopies must be covered.

Notable Alumni From Peruvian Universities

Below are some of the recognized celebrities of the Peruvian Universities.

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  • Mercedes Aráoz – Former Peruvian minister of finance. Elected 2nd Vice President of Peru. Martín Pérez Monteverde – Peruvian politician.
  • Hernán Garrido Lecca – Peruvian economist and politician.
  • Renzo Rossini – General manager of the BCRP.
  • Raúl Diez Canseco Terry – Peruvian politician and economist.
  • Julio Velarde Flores – President of the BCRP.
  • Susana de la Puente Wiese – Ambassador from the Republic of Peru to the Court of St. James’s.
  • Walter Bayly – COO of Credicorp Ltd. and CEO of Banco de Crédito del Perú.
  • Jorge González Izquierdo – Peruvian minister of Foreign Relations.
  • Carlos Boloña Behr – Politician and president of the Free Trade Institute (IELM).
  • Fernando Olivera Vega – Politician, ex-ambassador to Spain, and former congressman.
  • Eduardo Ferreyros Küppers – Politician, ex-minister of external commerce and tourism.
  • Adrian Armas – Central manager of economic studies of the BCRP.

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What Are The Top Uuniversities in Peru for international students?

We have compiled a list of best Universities in Peru. Our list basically consists of the Private and public Universities.

Our selection criteria of these schools are the tuition and fees, acceptance rates, graduation rates, number of programs and many other ranking factors.

Others factors we took into consideration are;

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  • Proper accreditation or approval by the appropriate Peruvian higher education-related organization.
  • Offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor’s degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master’s or doctoral degrees).
  • Delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format.

Below are Government schools that make the list of Best Universities in Peru.

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  • Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)
  • Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia 
  • Peruvian University of Applied Sciences
  • Universidad de Lima(University of Lima)
  • National Agrarian University La Molina
  • Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
  • Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
  • ESAN University
  • Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina
  • Universidad Continental

The Private institutions that make our list of best universities in Peru are;

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  • Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)
  • Universidad César Vallejo
  • Norbert Wiener University
  • Alas Peruanas University
  • Universidad Ricardo Palma

#1 Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) is one of the best schools in Peru that started in 1917.

It is a private institution and currently has a total enrollment range of 15,000-19,999 students.

The school is committed to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the highest standard for the service of the students, the community, the nation, and of all mankind.

School Program

PUCP features 48 undergraduate degrees and other academic and pre-professional programs. The academic areas are divided into Arts & Humanities, School of Business, Mathematics, Science & Technology.

In the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Foreign exchange students do not pay academic fees but must register at the Special Studies School where they’ll be assigned G9 scale.

However, their fees will depend on the number of credits you take. The current value for each credit is PEN 930 (US$290).

Also, if you are a foreign student with Peruvian residency permits who intend to stay for the course of a degree are charged PEN 250-930 per credit after being evaluated on their ability to pay (US$77-290).

Additionally, this institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations. Also, International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

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#2 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos(National Major San Marcos University) is a public institution that was established in 1551.

The school has a total enrollment of about 44,999 students and is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Peru.

School Program

UNMSM features 21 programs that are grouped under 5 academic faculties. The school has significantly contributed to the scientific development of Peru.

Currently, the National University of San Marcos is among the 10 out of over 80 Peruvian universities that conduct research.

UNMSM is also recognized for the quality of its curricular contents, a competitive admissions process, as well as for being a center of scientific research.

 In addition, the school has a prominent alumni base that comprises several Peruvian and Latin American influential thinkers, researchers, scientists, politicians, and writers.

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#3  Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia 

The Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia(Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia) is a leading higher education institution in the training of professionals in the health, life, and education sciences. It is listed as one of the best Universities in Peru.

UPCH is a private school that started in 1961 and currently has a total enrollment of about 6,551 students and 996 academic staff.

School Program

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia offers several careers and research programs including medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, and Nursing. Recently, they included Public Health and Global Health in their curriculum.

The school is currently one of the Peruvian institutions that present the best indicators in research and international networks.

In addition, the institution also creates a comprehensive basic training unit, as an academic unit that organizes and conducts an initial program for new students.

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#4 Universidad de Lima(University of Lima)

The University of Lima is a private university in Lima, Peru. It was founded in 1962 and it is considered one of the best universities in Peru.

School Program

Basically, the University of Lima features twelve professional careers including Administration, Architecture, Communication, Accounting, Law.

They also offer degrees in Economics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Marketing, International Business, and Psychology.

The most amazing fact is that this institution reserves 5% of vacancies for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, the University of Lima runs an educational benefit program with the aim of supporting students whose payment officer dies in the period during which they are studying at the university. 

The University of Lima indeed has more than just academic programs. The school features an amazing sport workshop that comprises both indoor and outdoor games such as chess, athletics, basketball, football, futsal, judo, karate, swimming, taekwondo, table tennis, volleyball, and many others.

Additionally, the students of this school also take part in Peruvian dances, contemporary dance, painting, poetry, theater, narrative, and choir.

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#5 Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

One of the most prestigious universities in Peru is the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences(PUAS).

The school started in 1994 as an educational institution based on creativity and innovation, aimed at training future professionals who will transform the country.

Today, it is the first global university in Peru, occupying the first place in Internationality for five consecutive years.

School Program

PUAS features about 45 undergraduate careers framed in 14 academic faculties listed below.

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In addition to the undergraduate program, the school has more than 20 current graduate programs.

UPC is recognized by SINEACE, an organization that ensures the quality of private and public higher education in Peru.

Following its path of academic excellence, UPC became the only Peruvian university that has a 4-star global score in the prestigious international university rating QS Stars.

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#6 National Agrarian University La Molina

The origin of the National Agrarian University dates back to 1901. It is a public university located in Lima, Peru.

The school is the country’s best university in the fields of agricultural, biological, and forestry sciences and the only university in Peru offering degrees in meteorology.

School Program

National Agrarian University comprises eight faculties that contain twelve academic departments. These departments offer competent professional courses in agroforestry, fishing, food and economic sectors.

In addition to the degree programs, the school offers technical and professional specialization semester courses, refresher courses and technical laboratory in biology, gardening workshops, hydroponics, raising small animals, bakery, dairy, meats, etc.

UNALM has a riding school, a language center and offers agro products to the community through its sales center.

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#7 Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería

The Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería(National University of Engineering) is an educational institution that was founded in 1876. It is a non-profit institution located in Lima. The school is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Peru.

School Program

National University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

Additionally, the school’s core values feature innovation in areas that creatively apply teaching, research, and debate to develop knowledge, technology, products or services with added value that contribute to the development of society and the country.

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#8 ESAN University

ESAN university is one of the best universities in Peru you should consider if you are seeking a degree in management, Business, and engineering discipline. It is a private higher education institution located in the metropolis of Lima. The school started in 1963 as the first Graduate School of Business in Latin America.

School Program

Currently, ESAN offers nine bachelor’s degrees. Courses include Consumer psychology, Organizational psychology, Corporate law, Environmental management engineering, Industrial and commercial engineering, Information technology & systems engineering, Economics & international business, Management & Finance, and marketing

The University also offers exchange programs for international students seeking to spend a semester or a full year in Lima.

In addition to the undergraduate degree, ESAN also offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as master and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

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#9 Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

If you want to pursue a career in medicine, you have to consider Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia your preferred choice.

This institution is one of the best universities in Peru that is primarily renowned for its focus on health sciences. It has about 2,000 student enrollment.

School Program

UPCH’s medical school is considered the best in the country. The programs offered by the university include medicine, psychology, and veterinary medicine, among others.

In addition to the baccalaureate degrees, the school also grants masters and doctoral degrees in biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, biology, and a Master of Health Administration.

The Tropical Medicine Institute of UPCH is among the top research institutions in tropical medicine in Latin America, with ongoing investigations in tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, malaria, and HIV, both at its site in Lima.

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#10 Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina

Seeking for colleges in Peru that offer the best agriculture program? The National Agrarian University(Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina) is the country’s best university in the fields of agricultural, biological, and forestry sciences and the only university in Peru offering degrees in meteorology.

UNAM is a public university located in Lima. It is considered one of the most important higher education institutions in Peru.

School Program

UNAM comprises eight faculties which contain twelve academic departments. The school offers varied courses in agronomy, economics, and forest sciences among others.

The campus consists of the national agricultural library (Biblioteca Agrícola Nacional), which is considered the leading agricultural library in the country.

It consists of two museums, The Museum of Anthropology and Pre-Columbian Agriculture and The Museum of Entomology Klaus Raven Büller.

In addition, the university also has a language center that offers courses on several languages like Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, among others.

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#11 Universidad Continental

Universidad Continental (Continental University) is a private institution located in Huancayo, Junin. The school officially accredited the Ministry of Education, Peru.

However, according to the ranking of América Economía magazine, UC is among the 7 best private universities in Peru.

School Program

Universidad Continental (UC) features 28 undergraduate programs and 12 graduate programs and has over 24,500 students enrollment.

Also, the school has two-second specialties and 10 graduate programs with an academic offer developed under international standards in four major cities of the country.

Additionally, UC’s core values lie with promoting innovation, resilience, leadership, among other skills.

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#12 Universidad César Vallejo

Universidad César Vallejo (César Vallejo University) is a private institution located in Victor Larco district in Trujillo city, on the coast of La Libertad Region. .

School Program

Universidad César Vallejo(UCV) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study.

Actually, the most popular among foreign students are programs in medicine, marketing, business management, tourism, and hospitality.

The university conducts regular research in various fields, has its own laboratories. Classes are equipped with everything necessary for an effective educational process, a library, a computer class, and sports facilities are available.

Studying at university is very interesting. The environment provides an important communication experience that will come in handy in a future career.

Students constantly conduct various creative, sports and entertainment events: competitions, parties, concerts, competitions, performances where they enjoy and benefit, develop themselves as a person.

Additionally, the admission requirements include a document on previous education, passing entrance exams. With proper preparation, the chance of a successful entry is maximum.

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#13 Norbert Wiener University

If you are seeking a school that provides a certified and accredited quality education, in line with the interests and aspirations of the society’s development, enroll in Norbert Wiener University.

The school is one of the top universities in Peru that provides a comfortable learning environment for international students.

School Program

Basically, Wiener University is an academic institution that assumes the mission of empowering people, training them professionally and humanistically to achieve their self-realization.

The school features 14 undergraduate and 4 master’s programs in varieties of disciplines.

The Vision of this institution is to be the ”leading university in the formation of people at the service of society”. Wiener’s core value involves Integration, Innovation, and Service.

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#14 Alas Peruanas University

Due to its high projection to form excellent professionals, Alas Peruanas University ranks in the top 15 best colleges in Peru.

The school is currently leading a program of agreement’s subscription of cooperation that will provide us the exchange of teachers and students.

School Program

Alas offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s degrees in several areas of study. It features 26 Bachelor, 15 Masters, and 4 Ph.D. programs in various disciplines.

The program categories include Accounting, Communication, Architecture, Business, Chemistry, and many others. In addition, Alas is listed among the top 100 universities in the world.

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#15 Universidad Ricardo Palma

Universidad Ricardo Palma (Ricardo Palma University) is a private university in the city of Lima. Founded on July 1, 1969. The university has 9 faculties and 15,000 student enrollment.

The campus covers an area of ​​6.6 hectares and houses the buildings of each of the nine faculties of the university, as well as laboratories, specialized libraries, auditoriums, and auditoriums.

School Program

Ricardo Palma features 13 Bachelor and 4 Masters programs. Coursework covers topics in various disciplines including Administration, Economics, Medicine, Marketing, Tourism, Psychology, and many others. This school is among the top colleges in Peru that offers the best programs.

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FAQs On Best Universities In Peru For International Students

How many universities and colleges are in Peru?

There are about 100 universities in Peru and this comprises both private and government-owned schools.

Are Universities in Peru Free?

Most Public university education is free. However, these schools offer financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships to students.

Where is the capital of Peru?

The capital of Peru is Lima.

Is Peru an English speaking country?

Peru’s official language is Spanish.

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Peru has so many top-ranked Universities that are fully accredited and offer varieties of programs such as Medicine, Nursing and Agriculture, Chemistry and many other courses.

Most of these top institutions feature programs that offer students typical hands-on experience and research. The tuition costs in Peru vary according to schools but in general international students can expect to pay low to middling fees, with many universities charging per credit rather than per semester or year.

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