Best Universities in Indonesia 2022

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country. In essence, they have over 17,000 islands and this makes them a great tourist attraction. In the same vein, Indonesia has a lot of universities. These universities include both private and public ones. However, we’ll precisely look at the Best Universities in Indonesia 2022 by Ranking.

According to Research Gate, Indonesian schools have the highest enrolment rate in the world while also ranking poorly among other nations in certain subject areas.

For this reason, the Indonesian government and other corporations have worked to provide a solution. A solution that will eventually cause a rise in the results of Indonesian students in these subject areas.

In the meantime, let’s look at the Best Universities in Indonesia by Ranking in addition to the Best Undergraduate schools too.

Why Study in Indonesia?

Over 6,000 international students are currently studying in Indonesia while over 100,000 are studying in Asia as well.

Indonesian universities offer a whole lot of programs ranging from undergraduate to graduate programs.

Tuition in Indonesia is incredibly low as the price ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 for normal programs.

In the same vein, living costs are also not very expensive, however, this will depend on how big you want to live.

Similar to other institutions, you need to pass the TOEFL test in order to pursue a program in Indonesia.

Furthermore, you need to fulfill other basic admission requirements which are not the same for all the universities.

Another necessary thing you need to attend one of the best schools in Indonesia is your student visa.

Your visa guarantees that you can study and live in Indonesia as a student without getting harassed.

How many Universities are in Indonesia?

Indonesia has a lot of institutions where students can come to study.

Essentially, they can pursue a lot of programs from undergraduate to graduate programs.

However, the number of universities in Indonesia is currently 3,126 as more schools continue to unfold.

What are the Best Undergraduate Universities in Indonesia?

A lot of universities in Indonesia have exceptional undergraduate programs in which students can pursue.

The course areas range from social sciences to humanities and even down to arts just to mention a few.

Hence, the Best Undergraduate Universities in Indonesia include; the University of Indonesia, Binus University, and Diponegoro University.

What are the Best Universities in Indonesia for Masters degree students?

Getting a master’s degree requires that you perform exceptional research in which you wish to pursue.

Moreso, you need to also have exceptional tutors who will teach and instruct you.

So, the Best Universities in Indonesia for Master’s degree students include; Brawijaya University, Gadjah Mada University, and the University of Indonesia.

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Best Universities in Indonesia 2022 | Ranking

Our rankings for the Best Universities in Indonesia in 2022 stem from their acceptance rate, admission rate, tuition fee, and quality of research. We, however, combined them all into a rating in which we placed 50% as the benchmark.

Hence, the Best Universities in Indonesia 2022 include;

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  • University of Indonesia
  • Bandung Institute of Technology
  • Gadjah Mada University
  • Bogor Agric University
  • Airlangga University
  • Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Diponegoro University
  • Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember
  • BINUS University
  • University of Brawijaya
  • Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
  • Petra Christian University
  • Satya Wacana Christian University
  • Universitas Medan Area
  • Yogyakarta State University

1. University of Indonesia (UI)

Overall Rating: 49.5%

Founded in 1849, the University of Indonesia is a multi-cultural, open-minded institute covering a great number of academic disciplines.

Furthermore, they continuously add to their programs as they seek to be a world-acclaimed academic center.

UI continues to play an important role locally and internationally to see the majority of Indonesians get a proper education.

Hence, they have continued building a high-quality education system while also building a global research center.

Their response to research has shown that they are competing for the top among other research universities.

A very unique thing about the University of Indonesia(UI) is its active contribution to immediately expanding its international network. Indeed, they have made vital steps by playing active roles in higher education associations.

Some of these education associations include; APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities), AUN (ASEAN University Network), and ASAIHL (Association of South East Asia Institution of Higher Learning).

UI has two campuses located in two different areas. One of their campuses sits on over 320 hectares of land. Yes, 320!

However, the beautiful thing is 75% of the land area is for forestation. This is due to the university’s cause to promote ecology.

As a university committed to bringing world-class education, UI’s structure is a little bit different from the normal.

Essentially, they have three clusters in the school that house all the faculties and departments. The three clusters include; science and technology, social sciences and humanities, and health sciences.

Additionally, there are undergraduate, graduate, international, and vocational programs for students. So, students can choose a program depending on their plan.

UI uses SIMAK which is an integrated selection process when admitting students. They are usually tests conducted under every program.

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2. Bandung Institute of Technology(ITB)

Overall Rating: 48.2%

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is an institution of learning in areas of science, technology, and fine arts.

The mission of the school remains to serve the community through quality education, research, and service.

Government Decree No. 155/2000 opened up a path for the school to become an autonomous institution.

Indeed, this gave the school the leverage it needed to run its programs in an efficient and effective way.

Ever since that decree, the institute has planned its programs in a way that totally benefits every student.

Also, they have introduced a system to measure the quality control for the attainment of their objectives.

This leverage has helped promote ideation and helped them calculate their risk-taking on every move.

The ITB campus in addition to its members covers a total of 770,000 square meters of land area.

In this school, there are schools and faculties responsible for handling the different subject areas.

Moreso, they have centers for different subject areas in addition to research centers and the center of excellence in science and technology.

Interested students can gain admission into any of the undergraduate, postgraduate, and student exchange programs.

Consequently, they are one of the best universities in Indonesia in 2022.

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3. Gadjah Mada University

Overall Rating: 47.4%

Universitas Gadjah Mada started from the revolutionary struggle for the independence of the Indonesian nation. Founded at the beginning of independence, the UGM has declared a scientific and cultural center of higher education.

Created under the name of “Universitas Gadjah Mada”, this university is the combination of several higher education establishments that had been created before.

Although as stated in government regulations the institutions started on December 16, 1949, the anniversary date of the UGM was marked on December 19 due to the historical events in Indonesia that took place on the current day.

Furthermore, the name of Gadjah Mada possesses a special meaning, which comprises of the spirit and good example of Prime Minister Gadjah Mada of the Majapahit Empire who was able to unify the Nusantara archipelago.

Essentially, this has been interpreted in the formulation of the identity of the UGM as a national university, spirit of existence of the Republic of Indonesia, the University of Pancasila, the Popular University and the University Center of Culture.

During the initial creation period, the UGM had 6 faculties, which include; the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, the Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty. of veterinary medicine.

Hence, the first conferences took place in the Sitihinggil and Pagelaran complexes, in the rooms and facilities of the Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta.

Today, the UGM has 18 faculties, a doctoral school, a vocational school, and dozens of study programs.

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4. Bogor Agric University(IPB)

Overall Rating: 45.1%

IPB University is an institution with international recognition for quality education. To be precise, they have taken the award as the most innovative institution in Indonesia.

This is due to their vision which is to become a research-based university and lead in innovation for national independence towards a techno-social entrepreneurial university that excels at the global level in agriculture, marine, tropical biosciences.

With an amazing organizational structure and competent staff, they keep moving closer to their goal.

As a student of IPB, you have access to the best materials in every subject area offered in the university.

This is due to the massive library which offers students the best materials. Of course, a good library can easily make you one of the best universities in Indonesia.

Other very important aspects of the school include their sports facilities and amazing restaurants and diners.

Hence, it is the dream of almost every Indonesian student to be associated with this wonderful institute.

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5. Airlangga University

Overall Rating: 42.4%

Over time, Airlangga University has been changing names and structures consistently. In fact, they truly became an entity in 2017.

This university remains committed to becoming an independent, innovative, and leading university at the national and international level as well as the pioneer of the development in science, technology, and humanities-based on religious morality.

Hence, since they became independent, they have tirelessly worked hard to fulfill their vision.

This has been clearly expressed in the management system they have adopted as an institution devoted to all-around excellence.

Today, the University has developed a strategic plan which will eventually enable them to achieve their goal.

A good number of programs in this University are currently accredited while others are still yet to be accredited.

So, why not make a good choice by enrolling in this amazing institute. You can visit the school immediately by visiting the school through the button below.

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6. Universitas Padjadjaran

Overall Rating: 40.3%

Founded in 1957, Unpad is a legal entity state University. Essentially, they are also the state university with the highest interest in Indonesia.

One unique thing about Unpad is its approach to a goal. They strategically use data to run analysis and track progress.

All amenities in this school ranging from the lecture halls to the accommodation and campus setting speak excellence.

Every student has access to all these facilities and is given the best training available in his program.

This institution runs both graduate and undergraduate programs for interested students in addition to other special programs.

Conclusively, their master plan to innovate and build makes one of the top schools in Indonesia.

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7. Diponegoro University

Overall Rating: 38.7%

Diponegoro University is among the top national education bodies with exceptional publications and research.

Furthermore, they have recorded a good number of innovations and pushes due to their alumni body.

This school generally seeks to produce graduates with a COMPLETE (Communicator, Professional, Leader, Educator, and Thinker) profile.

From arts to sciences down to technology and education, they offer a wide range of exceptional programs.

Diponegoro University seeks to instill the core values of honesty, fairness, and care in its students.

Additionally, they want to promote professionalism and healthy work culture among every member of the institution.

In summary, attending Diponegoro ultimately means you’re in one of the best universities in Indonesia.

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8. Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember

Overall Rating: 38.5%

Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember(ITS) is one of the best science and technology universities in the world.

The general idea of establishing this institute is to serve as a memorial to the independence fighters.

In the meantime, this school has strategic plans to become a leading university for updating science and science and contributing to development.

The last ranking put them up as the 5th best university in Indonesia according to the 2017 rankings.

All three campuses in this institution support the work of academicians at ITS. Hence, they work collaboratively.

Additionally, their campuses possess world-class research and learning centers for all students.

The Institution of Research and Community Service accommodates this university.

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9. BINUS University

Overall Rating: 35.6%

Binus University is a place of learning and excellence. Indeed, this is totally reflected in its strategic development plan.

The school which is a Christian school has a belief in God which strengthens their passion to impact lives.

Therefore, they persistently chase after core values such as respect, integrity, teamwork, and perseverance.

Students in this institution get enriched with a degree of understanding which helps them perform well all around.

Moreso, they improve social competence through community empowerment programs which build the individuals and the nation.

As they continuously deepen their intellectual property and diversity, they similarly rise in the charts as one of the best universities in Indonesia.

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10. University of Brawijaya

Overall Rating: 31.4%

The University of Brawijaya is an institution that became a state university following a presidential decree.

The campus is located in Malang, East Java in a location easily accessible by public transportation.

The school encourages vegetation through the planting of trees and proper grooming of vegetation.

Currently, UB is one of the best universities in Indonesia with over 60,000 students in different programs.

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11. Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Overall Rating: 29.6%

Among other Muhammadiyah universities, this one remains the best. Why? Their amazing culture and core values.

In their learning, they apply the ” Scientific and Islamic Discourse ” which teaches the mastery of skills based on Islamic values.

In essence, they imbibe attitudes of sincerity, patience, positive thinking, rationality, and hard work.

Up till today, UMS maintains a high quality of education which makes them produce highly astounding graduates.

So, now you can see why it’s currently among the best universities in Indonesia.

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12. Petra Christian University

Overall Rating: 28.7%

Petra Christian University is one of the oldest private universities in the whole of Indonesia.

Hence, they have continually grown stronger in academics, character, and structure.

There are currently over 10,000 students in Petra under the different houses pursuing diverse programs.

On the school’s campus, they make use of an augmented reality board platform that has the support of the House of Arts and Communications.

The library is filled with both Christian and academic materials so as to help the students grow their faith and mind.

In summary, Petra through its student exchange programs positively influences students all over the world.

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13. Satya Wacana Christian University

Overall Rating: 26.6%

Founded in 1956 by Oeripan Notohamidjojo, Satya Wacana Christian University is a private university in Indonesia.

During its inception, the idea was for the school to become basically a college for Christian Teachers.

Today, they have grown into a full-fledged university offering a lot of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Currently, they have over 39 undergraduate courses, 10 graduate courses and 3 postgraduate courses.

Furthermore, they have three diploma programs and all these programs can be pursued under 14 faculties.

Amazing campus setting, great academic structures and other perks make them one of the best universities in Indonesia.

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14. Universitas Medan Area

Overall Rating: 24.4%

This university only became accredited in 2015. Indeed, it took a lot of effort and dedication to pull it through.

Similar to other universities, they have tirelessly worked on building a strong academic structure.

Today, they have over 12 faculties scattered around the whole campus which is built in a standard setting.

Academic materials are accessible at the library while students get to use the sports facilities too.

The campus sits in Medan town which is located North of the Sumatra province.

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15. Yogyakarta State University

Overall Rating: 22.7%

The development of the main values ​​that serve as the core reference for Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta is settled on a philosophy of diversified education.

Hence, this is educational efforts to develop the potential of students, form a rational thought towards the achievement of the objective, based on noble values and education to develop student’s skills in the face of change.

UNY applies an eclectic-incorporative approach in the construction of its philosophy. In addition, the implementation of education, research and community services at UNY is based on the philosophy of Pancasila.

The three UNY principles of higher education (tridharma), namely education, research and community service, aim at the integral development of Indonesian human resources, as well as the improvement of the lives of Indonesians.

Hence, these three elements are adapted to the development of society to ensure that the university builds a strong collaboration with various groups or communities. In addition, to broaden the scope of the university’s impact on society, Indonesia’s character, morals, capabilities, truth and identity constitute the essence of the fundamental principles that the university defends in developing the institution as UKKD.

In conclusion, so that the main values ​​are transformed into character and reflected in the YSU university community, the motto of the university “leader in character education” is an important motivation.

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Best Universities in Indonesia FAQ

How do I get a Visa for Indonesia?

To get an Indonesian visa, you need to possess a passport that is at least six months old with proof of return ticket.

Are Indonesian Universities good?

Yes, Indonesian universities offer high-quality education programs at all levels.

Is English taught in Indonesia?

Yes, English is taught in Indonesia.

How much does it cost to study in Indonesia?

It costs between $3,000 to $10,000 to study in Indonesia.


As an Asian country, Indonesia still follows in the march to ensure students get a quality education.

In fact, their greatest commitment is to become a place where students from all over the world can study.

Today and in the coming years, this nation shows promise to become a core research center for individuals.

So, you might want to take a good decision to study in Indonesia now.


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