Best Free Java Courses to Take in 2022

Java is one of the most used programming languages in development. It is a good programming language to add to your existing knowledge as a developer.

Interestingly, numerous free Java courses are available online to aid you to achieve this feat. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a high-level programming language that runs on a variety of platforms.

Since its release in 1995, it has become one of the most popular programming languages for many years. And, you can learn this high level, class-based, object oriented programming language from scratch if you enrol for free Java courses in 2022.

There are quite a number of free Java courses with certificates too. These certificates stand as a proof that you learned and completed the course outline for Java programming language.

This article lists out free Java courses on Udemy alongside other learning platforms. The table of content below highlights the order in which they are discussed in this piece.

What are the basics of Java?

If you just came across the word Java, then it is best you gain insight into this programming language. Java is a powerful-general purpose programming language used to develop desktop and mobile applications.

It is also great for big data processing, and embedded systems. Its source code is first compiled into a binary byte-code. Hence, Java can be considered a compiled and interpreted language. Java which is extremely portablle, runs identically on any computer regardless of features or operating system.

Java basics include methods, class objects, and instance variables. In fact, free Java courses for beginners will cover the beginner level syntax and coding knowledge.

Where can I learn Java for free?

Java just like anyother course can be learned on most popular online schools or learning platforms. Quite a number of them offer free Java courses for beginners. These courses usually cover the basics of Java programming language.

You can have access to free Java courses with certificates on Coursera, Codeacademy, Udemy, Oracle Java Tutorials and Sololearn. For instance, Udemy offer free Java tutorial for complete beginners will teach this programming language from scratch. You need to start coding in no time with this course.

Also, offers a free Java course with certificate. This Java free course ideal for individuals who are drawn towards programming and software design. Most times, these free courses on Java usher you into the basics and requires you pay some money for the masterclass.

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Can I learn Java on my own?

Yes, you can learn Java on your own if you show strong commitments and determination. You can benefit from the array of plenty resources available online for independent study and practice.

Irrespective of your age or level of experience, most free Java courses will teach you how to program using Java. While learning, you’re bound to get hands-on experience that will make your learning journey easier.

Is it possible to learn Java in a month?

While is is possible to learn Java in a month, it is definitely not an easy path. You need to continuosly practice all the basics and advanced concepts to become a successful Java developer.

However, posits that if you follow the learning path below, you can learn Java in one month.

  • Days 1-2: Learn Fundamentals
  • 3-5: Variables, data type, and conditional statements
  • 6-8: Arrays, Array list, and string manipulation concepts
  • 9-12: Objects, classes and Methods
  • 13-16: Advance OOPs concepts
  • 17-20: Interfaces and packages
  • 21-25: Exceptions Handling, thread, Multithreading and I/O streams and concepts
  • 26-30 Collection Framework, AWT and Swings

Should I learn Python or Java first?

The answer to this question depends on your long term goals. For instance, Python is best if you want to dip your feet in without starting from the scratch.

Individuals who intend to pursue a career in computer science or engineering, should first learn Java. Although it’s easier to learn because of its syntax, learning Java give you deep undertsanding of the inner workings of programming as well.

Other reasons why you should consider learning Java first include its static-type language which is more explicit than dynamic-type ones.

In fact, everything is declared explicitly in Java. This includes its variables, functions, and classes.

What is the salary of a Java programmer?

Currently, the IT world records more than 8 million Java developers. Java developers are paid well with an average salary of $70, 866 annually for an entry-level position.

This makes it a wise and lucrative career choice, Java career opportunities offer good pay, strong community, enterprise support and is set to become first choice for most businessess.

According to, top earners of Java programmers earn $9, 833 monthly while average earners receive $6, 393 monthly. 75 percentile of these professionals earn $8, 250 monthly while 25 percentile earn $4, 166.

What are the Best Free Java Courses to Take in 2022

As earlier stated, there are numerous resources online that can teach you Java from the scratch. Most of these free Java courses offer certificates to individuals who complete their course outline.

With an array of resources to pick from, the bigger question becomes which is the best freeJava course in 2022. In our selection of the best courses for Java free, we put into consideration the course outline, instructor, and time.

The more robust the course outline, with a renowned instructor, the better the course for you. Time of completion of each Java free course was also considered. Below are the best free Java courses to take in 2022:

#10: Simpli Learn Java Training

Skillup by simpilearn offers a free Java course that provides a solid foundation and work-ready skills in Java development.

It is one of the best free Java courses to take in 2022 because students are bound to gain hands-on experiences in JDBC and JUnit frameworks. Also, this free Java course will teach Core Java 8 operators, arrays, loops, methods, and constructors.

Individuals who are interested in learning the basics of Java and kicstarting their careers will surely benefit from this free course. It is a beginner level course with over 103, 532 students already.

Participants of this free Java course with certificates can complete the salf-paced video lessons in 9 hours and learn the follwoing skills:

  • Core Java 8 concepts
  • Java EE
  • Java Servlet
  • Hibernate and Spring frameworks
  • SOA and web services
  • Multithreading string handling exception handling techniques
  • J2EE HTTP protocol and HTML

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#9: Java Programming Basics on Udacity

Particpants of this course are bound to learn Java syntax and functions. This free Java course on Udacity is a beginner level course that can be completed in approximately 6 weeks.

Students will gain insight into the first step towards becoming a successful Java developer. The course explores how computers make decisions and how Java keeps track of infrmation through variables and data types.

Participants will learn how to create conditional statements, functions and loops to process information and solve problems. In fact, this free Java course prepares you for Object oriented programming in Java.

Enrol for this free course now to enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning.

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#8: Java Programming Fundamentals offers series of Java courses that can help you launch a career in programming. This course is one of its best as it equips you with entry-level programming skills in Java language.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to handle any task that as regards your programming job.

The course is a self-paced Free Java course that is open to an optional upgrade. It has enrolled over 20, 810 students and can be completed in 5 weeks. Although you have to study for 8-10 hours per week to achieve this feat.

Both developers and newbies can learn this free course on Java for free. It is taught in English language and participants will learn the following:

  • Understand the basic mechanisms of the OOP paradigm: classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.
  • Develop programs with conditionals and loops
  • Design and implement recursive algorithms
  • Write, compile and run basic Java applications.
  • Use networking interfaces to communicate different programs

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#7. Introduction to Java Programming: Writing Good Code

Once you have learned the fundamentals of Java, the next big step is to start writing good code. And, Edx has a great free Java course that takes you through this stage.

You can complete this self-paced course in approximately five weeks. However, you need to study for 5-7 hours every week to complete in 5 weeks.

The course is an introductory course. And, participants will learn how to code correct and efficient programs in Java. The course outline will cover the following:

  • Basic principles of software engineering
  • Ethical issues and intellectual property of Java programs
  • Detect and correct common programming errors at compile time
  • Detect and correct common programming errors at run time using debugging tools
  • Check that the program does what it has to using unit testing processes
  • Compare the efficiency of two programs in terms of the resources used
  • Model simple programs using basic software engineering techniques
  • Determine if a program has been developed respecting ethical considerations

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#6. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Foundations and Syntax Basics

Taught by Georgia Tech, this free Java course on EDX gives students a foundational overview and history of Java. Participants of this course will become conversant with Java’s basic syntax.

Upon completion, students will be able to develop interactive console programs with basic data processing and formalities capabilities. If you study 5-6 hours a week, you should complete this free Java course in 6 weeks. The course outline teaches:

  • Learn the history of Java
  • Learn the basic elements of a Java program
  • Understand the motivation behind object-oriented programming
  • Learn how to execute Java programs
  • Understand how whitespace, commenting, errors, variables, types, expressions, and casting manifest in Java
  • Learn how to create objects of existing classes
  • Learn how to invoke methods of existing classes
  • Create objects and invoke methods of the String class
  • Learn how to take inputs from the terminal
  • Learn how to specify formatting requirements for text printed to the terminal
  • Understand when and how to overload methods
  • Learn three kinds of decision-making statements (if, if-else, switch)
  • Learn three kinds of iteration statements (while, do-while, for)
  • Understand how to think of solutions in terms of classes and objects
  • Learn how to instantiate one- and two-dimensional arrays
  • Learn how to access, change, traverse, and search for data in arrays
  • Explore modularity and reusability in the context of methods
  • Learn how to define static methods

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#5. Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization

Duke university teaches this Java free programming course with certificate on Coursera for individuals who seek to explore a career as Software engineers.

It is one of the best free Java course to take in 2022 because it teaches core programming concepts for free. Upon completion of this course, participants are equipped to write programs to solve complex problems.

This beginner level course takes approximately 5 months to complete if you study for at least 4 hours every week. Students will run five dependent courses to complete this program on Coursera.

Below are the five courses in this specialization:

  • Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software
  • Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data
  • Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Java Programming: Principles of Software Design
  • Java Programming: Build a Recommendation System

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#4. Learn Java

Over 3, 138, 707 students have taken this course on Code academy. This beginner course exposes participants to fundamental programming concepts including object-oriented programming using Java.

Students are expected to build 7 Java projects before completing this course. This ensures a hands on desk experience while learning. It takes approximately 25 hours to complete and earn a certificate.

Participants will learn the following:

  • Java program structure
  • Planting a tree
  • What is an IDE
  • variables
  • Object-oriented Java
  • Conditionals and control flow
  • Arrays and Arraylists
  • Loops
  • String methods
  • Debugging Inheritance and Polymorphism etc.

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#3. Java Programming

My great learning offers a free Java course for beginners with certificate. It is a 2 hours video with quiz with over 233, 367 registered learners.

Individuals who are drawn towards programming and software design can benefit from this course. It teaches the basics – installation of the required software for Java programming.

This free Java certification course covers all aspect of the Java programming lanaguage. Basically, students will learnanswers to questions like what is Java?, Variables, Operators etc. They will also gain insight into fundamentals of Java, Arrays and Functions.

The course is taught by Mr. Bharani Akella, a data scientist at Great Learning.

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#2. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

John Purcell teaches this free Java course on Udemy. The course has enrolled over 1, 677, 747 students and can be completed in 16 hours, 7 mins.

This free Java course for beginners will teach particpants how to program in Java. Interestingly, no prior programming language is required. To get started in this program, you need to have the desire to learn and passion for programming.

In fact, this course is best for anyone who wants to learn Java and has basic fluency with computers.

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#1. Java Multithreading

This free Java course on udemy unveils the mysteries of Multithreading in Java. John Purcells teaches this course that can be completed in 3 hours.

Participants will be able to write effective multi-threaded code and understand Java multi-threading. This free Java course on Udemy is for both Java beginners and Java developers. Individuals who do not mind a steep learning curve will surely adore this free course on Java.

Unlike other free courses on Java, you need some knowledge of Java to get started. It is best for individuals who wish to discover how to write effective multithreaded code in Java, or learn why problems can occur with java Multithreading.

Enrol for this course to learn how to fix those problems now.

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Best Free Java Courses FAQs

What are the basics of Java?

Methods, class, objects, and instance variables are the basics of Java.

Does Free Code Camp teach Java?

Free code Camp teaches popular programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP. Yes, Free Code Camp teaches Java.

Is Java enough for placements?

Yes, Java is enough for placements. You need good knowledge in Java alongside C++ and C for placements.

Which is the best free course for Java?

Java Tutorial for complete beginners is one of the best free Java course for beginners.


With over 8 million Java developers in the IT world, there is still more opportunties for Java developers. Free Java courses gives you a stepping stone to launch your career in programming.

Read through the article and enrol for any of these free Java courses with certificates in 2022.



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