Best After Effects Course To Take In 2022: Become a Pro

Video editing is an intriguing art form in which you may use your ideas to enhance your recordings. There is a variety of software available for video editing. However, learning Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X is insufficient. You should learn more to make better videos. When you add effects and composition to your videos, they become more effective. There are after-effects courses online to help sharpen your skills. With that said, here is a list of the best adobe after effects courses online to take in 2022.

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Adobe After Effects

Advantages of Learning Adobe After Effects

The Best Adobe After Effects Courses to Take in 2022


How do I become an After Effects expert?

How long does it take to become proficient with After Effects?

Is After Effects simple to use?

What is after effect used for?

Why should I learn After Effects?



Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effect, motion graphics, and compositing application created by Adobe Systems that is used in the post-production of movies, video games, and television production. After Effects can be used for a variety of tasks such as keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. It may also be used as a simple non-linear editor, audio editor, and media transcoder. The program received an Academy Award for scientific and technological accomplishment in 2019.

After Effects was invented by David Herbstman, David Simons, Daniel Wilk, David M. Cotter, and Russell Belfer at the Business of Science and Art in Providence, Rhode Island, where the company produced the first two versions of the software, 1.0 (January 1993) and 1.1. CoSA, whose CEO was William J. O’Farrell, was later acquired by Aldus Corporation in July 1993, which was eventually acquired by Adobe in 1994, along with After Effects. After Effects 3.0 was Adobe’s first new release.

Advantages of Learning After Effects

There are numerous advantages to learning Adobe After Effects for video editors because it offers numerous additional functions.

Cutting with chroma key

When you’re editing a video and the background isn’t right for the scene, you can use the Chroma Key Cutting function to modify it. I make it simple to add a personalized background to your movies.

Animated text

You may animate the text with this functionality. You can use this to draw attention to text or to improve the aesthetic of your video.

Optical effects

You can add visual effects to the video using After Effects. Visual effects are those that are visually appealing to the viewer but are not real, i.e. virtual.

Tracking of motion

Using Motion Tracking, you can simply track and edit the motion in your video. It produces some quite fascinating results in your video.

Color gradation

In this, you can modify the colors of all of the objects in your film, such as clear or fair skin.

Animation with motion graphics

You can capture various pictures and add motion to them, as well as apply animation to them. This feature combines motion graphics with animation.


You can use this to add titles to your videos or to apply a logo to your video as a title. It is critical while working with videos.

The Best Adobe After Effects Courses to Take in 2022

1.  Top After Effects Courses (Udemy)

This After Effects class teaches students how to design and animate motion graphics. Learn how to use After Effects to complete video production from start to finish. Learn how to make animated pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs. Understand how to select the proper video settings. Discover useful hints and hands-on design strategies. Learn how to use transitions in video editing software. This is one of the best adobe after effects courses online. And for students who are dissatisfied with the course content, the modules have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key differentiators

  • The programs can be viewed on both a mobile phone and a television screen.
  • Students will have unlimited access to the course materials for the rest of their lives.
  • The programs are classified as beginning, intermediate, or expert.
  • Upon completion of the courses, students will be awarded a certificate.
  • Before enrolling in the programs, students can view sample videos.
  • Duration is determined by the program (Self-Paced)

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2.  After Effects CC Course: from Novice to Expert (Udemy)

The program’s trainer, Louay Zambarakji, has taught over 100,000 students worldwide in the disciplines of Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Video Editing. His classes are in high demand, and he has carved out a niche for himself in this field. This after-effects class has been attended by over 40,000 professionals worldwide and will teach you how to build professional motion graphics and visual effects. You will study all of Adobe After Effects in a step-by-step manner during this 22-hour program, and you will be able to start producing animation and applying visual effects practically immediately after finishing it. It is one of the best adobe after effects courses online.

Key differentiators

  • No prior understanding of After Effects, Text Animation, or Motion Graphics is required.
  • You will receive over 283 lectures in over 22 hours of video content.
  • Addresses issues such as complex and compound shapes, time games with motion graphics, and time games with movies.
  • You will also learn 3D Camera Tracking and how to create visual effects with video mattes.
  • An entire section is devoted to providing you with advice on how to work better and faster.

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3.  After Effects CC Tutorial: The Complete Motion Graphics Course (Udemy)

This is one of the best adobe after effects courses online. In this course, Louay Zambarakji will teach you how to produce motion graphics with Adobe After Effects, as well as the best strategies and procedures for becoming a top-notch motion graphics artist. You will learn how to produce full-motion graphics videos and how to use all of the software’s tools, attributes, and approaches.

Key differentiators

  • There is no need for prior knowledge of the software. Even if you are a beginner, you can enroll.
  • You get 11.5 hours of on-demand video plus 19 articles and 20 additional resources.
  • Training is updated regularly and is highly regarded by participants.
  • English, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles are available.
  • Excellent for anyone looking to get started or advance in the field of motion graphics.

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4.  After Effects CC Masterclass: Complete After Effects Course (Udemy) 

This online course was developed by Phil Ebiner and Video School Online, who have collectively taught over 1,000,000 students online. They will teach you all of the necessary abilities to progress from complete beginner to advanced skill mastery. Learn how to make motion graphics, employ special effects, and use graphics to increase the quality of your videos. Any PC will be enough to get you started with this program, and you may utilize After Effects’ free trial to test and try what you learn. It is one of the best adobe after effects courses online.

Key differentiators

  • The tutorial is periodically updated to reflect the most recent updates.
  • Subtitles are available in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • This program has attracted almost 80,000 pupils.
  • You will learn about After Effects software layout, motion shapes, mask animations, 3D animations and layers, and camera animations.
  • The course also goes through video effects, transitions, exporting with transparency, and green screen editing.

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5. After Effects CC Masterclass: Complete After Effects Course (Udemy)

This is one of the best adobe after effects courses online. In this course, you how to improve your films with professional motion graphics and visual effects in this workshop. It has been updated to work with After Effects CC 2018. You will learn how to develop a video project from beginning to end, how to apply innovative visual effects to your video projects, and how to export high-quality films. You will also be shown how to use such a video effectively in Premiere Pro. The course lasts 11 hours and includes 5 articles and 6 extra materials. It also includes homework and an Udemy certificate of accomplishment.

Key differentiators

  • The trainer has successfully educated over 600,000 professionals from all over the world via the internet.
  • The training will help you become an After Effects CC expert.
  • The lesson is updated regularly, has been attended by over 22,000 students, and is highly rated.
  • You can participate in this program even if you have no prior knowledge of the software.

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6. Data Visualization & Motion Graphics -Adobe After Effects CC (Udemy)

Daniel Walter Scott is an Adobe Certified Instructor and UI/UX professional who enjoys sharing and teaching. He’s worked as a media designer and content developer in the past, and he’s been teaching for over 14 years. If there is an instructor that understands your journey and struggles, whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur. In this lesson, he will show you how to use Adobe After Effects, as well as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Excel, to create amazing data visualizations. It is one of the best adobe after effects courses online.

Key differentiators

  • You will learn how to use After Effects to create Excel spreadsheets animated.
  • Understand how to make percentage counters, animate icons, build infographics, and even ‘voice over’ infographics.
  • Learn several animation techniques for bringing data to life.
  • You will also have access to printable workout files as well as a cheat sheet.
  • Includes 5.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 Supplemental Resources, and unlimited lifetime access through mobile and TV.

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7. After Effects – Motion Graphics & Data Visualization (Udemy)

This is one of the best adobe after effects courses online. Even if you are a total beginner, this Udemy course will assist you in learning After Effects from the ground up. You only need basic computer abilities to complete this course, and you will be able to translate bits of data into graphics for presentations. The course includes a lot of practice questions and exercises to help students put what they’ve learned into practice. You will also learn how to make your VFX more interesting by using lighting and audio. Daniel Walter Scott, the course instructor, has over 14 years of expertise in this profession and is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert. You will also receive a bonus cheat sheet to aid in your learning journey.

Key differentiators

  • Use After Effects to animate and generate data graphics by importing Excel sheets.
  • Understand data representation in the form of various charts and graphs.
  • Use animation to make corporate presentations using infographics.
  • Learn how to use motion graphics to animate and depict complex data.
  • A cheat sheet and practice questions will be provided to test your knowledge.
  • 5 hours in length

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8. Adobe After Effects CC – Motion Graphics Design & VFX (Udemy)

This After Effects tutorial is designed just for beginners. Those who wish to advance their profession as a Motion Graphics Designer but aren’t sure where to start can enroll in this course to learn. Students will investigate the options available in After Effects for creating appealing motion graphics and data representations. You will learn how to improve poor-quality film by color correcting it, stabilizing it, and adding music. You will also practice alongside the instructor so that you may put your knowledge to use. These practice tasks might help you build your portfolio as a Motion Graphics Artist. It is one of the best adobe after effects courses online.

Key differentiators

  • Learn how to use animated infographics to represent facts.
  • Video rendering methods for uploading to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Discover how to include sound into your motion graphics.
  • Color adjustments can be used to repair damaged video files.
  • Execute character animation
  • 5 hours in length

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9. Learning Adobe After Effects CC Tutorial Videos (Udemy)

This course is available on Udemy from Infinite Skills for novices who wish to get started with Adobe After Effects CC. Students that enroll will begin by learning the program interface and the many settings available to them. As the instructor progresses through the course, you will learn by creating and editing video projects. The course covers several aspects of video editing such as layering, masking, adding effects and transitions, and so on. You will learn how to apply appealing typefaces to your video texts and how to animate them for added effect. This is one of the best adobe after effects courses online. After finishing this course, you can include the video projects you made during the course in your professional portfolio.

Key differentiators

  • In your movies, experiment with layers and text.
  • Acquaint yourself with the tools offered in the After Effects CC software.
  • Create and collaborate on a practice project with the instructor.
  • Discover how to use masking and effects in your videos.
  • To deal with 3D spaces, stabilize your videos and apply transitions.
  • 5 hours in length

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10. After Effects Motion Graphics Beast – (Udemy)

You will learn about all types of keyframes in this excellent After Effects training module. You will learn about Graph Editors in Adobe After Effects as well as how to animate easily and rapidly using some of the best animation techniques available today.

With modern data visualization and excellent motion tracking, you will completely learn word and form animations, morphing animation, and letter animation. In this online After Effects tutorial, you will be working on four real-world projects and will be able to learn how to create each one step by step, with full access to the project files.

At the conclusion, you’ll have a slew of projects under your belt, which you can then add to your CV and begin to make a real difference with. It is one of the best adobe after effects courses online.

Key differentiators

  • On-demand video is 9 hours long.
  • There is no need for a prior understanding of After Effects.
  • Offers 30 days refund policy
  • Your certification is provided at the end of your course
  • Course materials are provided.
  • It is necessary to have a computer with Adobe After Effects program.


  • How do I become an After Effects expert?

Remember them. You’ll be using them daily for your motion design tasks. Learn Photoshop and Illustrator First: Prioritize your design talents by first learning Photoshop and Illustrator. In a perfect world, you’d study After Effects AFTER you’ve mastered the other design applications.

  • How long does it take to become proficient with After Effects?

Those who have learned After Effects without any official classes claim it takes about eight weeks of rigorous study to master. It may take longer if you go at a slower speed, but if you approach it full-time, you may be able to learn it in just a few months.

  • Is After Effects simple to use?

It’s a “hard to learn, easy to master” program, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s indispensable for generating motion graphics or visual effects for your projects.

  • What is after effect used for?

After Effects is used by artists and post-production professionals to create aesthetically spectacular work for film, television, video, and online.

  • Why should I learn After Effects?

After Effects provides you with the ability to create some incredible videos. You will lose a significant advantage if you do not master the software. It’s fulfilling to be able to bring your vision to reality in its entire form.

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Those are the top ten best adobe after effects courses online. You can weigh these classes based on their learning outcomes and make an informed decision.

Many people have already built their lives on this remarkable expertise, which is becoming increasingly in demand. After learning this ability, you can work as a full-time designer or as a freelancer for any firm.


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