AT & T Student Discount

This article explains AT&T student discount.

Everyone strives to always stay connected in today’s world. Students have even more reasons why they should communicate with classmates, teachers, and the internet via their mobile devices. They have to know of any changes in the class lecture schedule, communicate with their classmates regarding assignments, and keep in touch with their social peers.

College students need smartphones that give them coverage 24/7. For this reason, AT&T one of the most popular mobile providers is offering discount deals to students. Isn’t that great? So if you’re interested in using AT&T services, how can you get the AT&T student discount?

How to get AT & T Student Discount

The AT&T telecommunication service is 5G capable and can fulfill the need of even the most demanding users. The discount deal isn’t limited to US students only but also international students enrolled in an accredited university in the US.

You can check for your eligibility for the student discount (AT&T Signature Program) by inserting your school email and verifying your status with your student ID on the AT&T website.

Once verified, you’ll be permitted to get discounts on AT&T wireless phones and services.

The special discount program for students offers $10 off the Unlimited Elite plan per month for each beneficiary. AT&T may also offer other discounts depending on the school or university you attend.

You can research their website portal to see what other discounts you can qualify for! Teachers can likewise take advantage of a 25% discount on AT&T Unlimited Starter, Elite, and Extra plans.

This offer and that of the AT&T student discount applies to both new and existing customers. In the meantime, all you need to do to get the discount is signup with your school email, log in, and verify your status and the discount subtype you qualify for.

There is no reason to stay disconnected from AT&T!

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AT&T Special Offers

AT&T has numerous discounts and deals it offers to business employees, AARPs, Nurses & Physicians, Teachers, and AARPs.

The three main ones are highlighted above with the first two being more student-friendly.

AT&T Signature Program Svc Discount: 

This discount program is available to qualified employees, students, teachers, and individuals associated with companies or educational institutions that are affiliated with AT&T in business agreements or sponsorship.

The discount applies to the monthly charges on voice and/or data plans of all eligible beneficiary users.

The discount may vary slightly from one institution to the other and AT&T has the right to suspend it at any time. A student can join the program with the instructions given above.

And if possible, a student can also combine with another discount explained below.

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The International Student Deposit Waiver: 

This allows international students enrolled in a US college or university “to have their deposit fee waived” according to information from the AT&T website.

There is a maximum of 3 waived deposits that can be done on one account. This program is available to international students who activated postpaid service on their approved FAN.

And just like the Signature Program, they must provide a valid school email and student ID, and additionally, they will be required to provide an International Passport ID for verification online.

They will stand a chance to enjoy a cheap internet connection and extra credit for international voice-calling.

AT&T Worldwide Value CallingSM: 

This special discount offer is meant to reduce the cost of calling plans and international voice calling and text messaging.

The AT&T Worldwide Value CallingSM provides discount rates from international long-distance calls from the US to over 200 countries 24/7.

At $5.99 per month, this AT&T discount offer is one of the lowest in the telecom industry.

Other Ways to Save with AT & T

Other Ways to Save at AT&T include:

Check the various sites for AT&T coupon codes

Visit a few websites affiliated with AT&T, and you may get coupon codes on their webpage.

Some may be expired, so it is good to stick to trustworthy sites that show up-to-date deals and coupons. 

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Follow AT&T on social media.

Be one of the first to know of special offers by following AT&T on social media.

Often, social media followers often learn about AT&T releasing special deals and utilize the opportunity before everyone does.

Buy some AT&T items on Amazon at discount prices 

Amazon and a few other e-commerce stores sell AT&T products at cheaper or discounted prices.

This idea is even better if you’re a Prime Student member because you can receive free shipping for the items you brought at a discount from Amazon.

You can save money doing this, but first, you have to start by checking AT&T deals at Amazon. Then, add some AT&T items you see there to your online shopping cart.

Buy fairly used Audible items on eBay

You may find used Audible products on sale that are worth the value and money you buy them for. So it is worth checking eBay for fairly used Audible items if you can’t find a deal elsewhere. 

Other Online + Cell Phone Plan Discounts

AT&T typically has expensive wireless and phone call plans in North America, but students and teachers can save some money on their overall education cost with this discount.

However, if you’re not satisfied with this network service provider, you can jump into other alternatives offering student discounts and special deals.


$20 activation fee waived for students. Students and teachers may also get the chance to receive a $150 gift card. 


Students can get a $25 discount per month plan. This mobile service provider is one of the most highly sought for in some areas in America because it is more economical than AT&T.

Republic: the monthly plan is low at $15 for unlimited voice calls and text messaging. They are no specifics on any available student discounts.

Republic offers 4G service and not 5G yet, but it is great for students, especially Android phones.

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AT&T is a great telecommunication service provider. The services they provide enable people to communicate with loved ones and business partners all over the world.

And to top it all up the excellent internet services provide users with ample business and entertainment functions.



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