50 Best Gifts for Medical Students

If anyone deserves a substantial gift, it’s medical students who are working very hard in medical school so they can make a positive impact in the world as to future doctors. 

They need to be deeply appreciated as the world really needs more of them, especially in these times.

When it’s time to shop for gifts for medical students, it’s very easy to think we should get them generic gifts like a coffee shop gift card, possibly tucked inside a run-of-the-mill coffee tumbler. 

Generally, while no gift is a bad one, you definitely would like to get them a gift that is more on-point, sophisticated, or even helps them solve a problem they face while at school.

Whether you want to get a medical student gifts like a holiday, graduation, birthday, or just for support and appreciation in their hard work, this article will be your guide for the best gifts for medical students that will delight any recipient.

Why do Medical Students Deserve Gifts?

Medical students have an astoundingly tight schedule, full of school, clinical rotations, study sessions, work, and even more studying. Most times, they have to sacrifice sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet to make sure they meet the demands of medical school. 

Most medical students even go-ahead to adopt an extremely frugal approach to life because of the debt they accumulated to get them through their education. 

This means that the gifts that will mean a lot to them are the ones that will save them time and money, help them sleep well, or equip them with quality apparel, tools, accessories for the distinguished career ahead of them.

Having a sound understanding of the things that pain points medical students will make you specifically shop for deals that will be of significant benefit to them. Also, applying your unique knowledge of their personality and lifestyle will go a long way to make the gift more unique to them.

What Does every Student need?

Every medical student needs basic supplies, which include a stethoscope, computer, scrubs, backpack, pens, and a lot of other things that will be mentioned in this article. This basic supply contains items that are necessities for medical school.

50 Best Gifts for Medical Students

Below is a list of 50 best gifts for medical students in no particular order:

1. Suture practice kit:

This makes a substantial gift mostly for medical students entering surgical rotations. This 27-piece kit comes with surgical tools like sutures, needles, a high-quality suture pad that is lifelike that will practice suturing efficiently and effectively while at school. 

It is definitely one of the best gifts for medical students, as they will use it a lot while at school.

2. The proper doctor will see you shortly (a physician’s first-year book):

This unique memoir of a first year as a physician written by Matt McCarthy helps to give medical students a genuine glimpse of what it means to be a medical doctor. 

It provides experiences that a medical student or a new doctor can relate to. This is a wonderful gift for medical students who enjoy reading.

3. Rx flask:

This is a wonderful gift for medical students who enjoy getting out sometimes. It is quite a large flask and can hold up to 8 ounces, but it’s still able to fit in the pocket. 

This flask may not be durable enough to make it out of medical school, but it’s a fun gift and will bring plenty of joy while it lasts.

4. Comfy slippers:

Comfy slippers made of wool most times seem to be a splurge, but they are worth it. While they provide comfort to the feet, they also ensure safety, as you don’t have to worry about sliding around too much.

5. Doctor wars hospital game:

This fun board game provides a lot of fun. It comes packed with plenty of inside jokes for those who are in the medical field but it doesn’t require you to have the medical knowledge to play and enjoy the game.

6. Cystosis (A cell biology game):

This is an educational board game packed with a lot of fun. It helps students learn cell biology. Technically, it is called a “meducational” board game. 

It is a perfect game for medical students who are eager to learn to interest things about enzymes, hormones, receptors, and more. 

It is definitely a great game for future doctors who want to relax with their classmates or friends.

7. Bath bombs:

Though it may seem to be more on the feminine side, it is a gracious gift for medical students who enjoy treating themselves once in a while. 

A set of bath bombs is just one perfect gift for medical students who love a good bath and a glass of wine so, get it.

8. Scented candle set:

A set of this gift comes with four candles, each with a burning time of up to 30 hours, which means almost 120 hours of use from this single gift. Though the pleasant smell is inherently a feminine quality, it will make a perfect gift for female medical students. 

9. Funny doctor mug:

These funny mugs with “please do not confuse your google search with my medical degree” on them are another set of outstanding gifts you can give to a medical student. 

Both doctors and patients seem to enjoy the message on these mugs and it also makes a funny gift for doctors who have already spent some time dealing with patient interactions.

10. Liquid timer:

The repetitive drips of the squishy, colored liquid help to relieve stress and calm down. The liquid timer also provides anxiety relief to calm patients who may suffer autism, ADHD, even OCD. 

This is a great medical gift for anyone who may spend time with children or need a little time for themselves.

11. Giant microbe plush toy:

The toy is an adorable and fun way to celebrate being a medical doctor. The toy comes with a card of printed facts that are helpful for instruction. They are a fun gift for any medical student and can serve as decoration in the home.

12. Brain ice cube mold:

This is a magnificent gift, especially for medical students who appreciate DIY crafts. It can be used for ice cubes, chocolate, and even soap. It is a super fun medical school gift.

13. Heart-shaped EKG badge reels:

These EKG badge reels are one great gift for anyone in the medical field. They are great attention to detail that patients and even co-workers can appreciate. Any medical student will love to have one of these.

14. Brain specimen coasters:

Each coaster here is on its own a slice of the brain and you must stack all coasters on top of each other to get a full view of the brain. Generally, it puts a unique spin on your general run-of-the-mill coasters. It is a perfect gift for most medical students.

15. First aid sticky notes:

anyone would smile when using these first aid sticky notes. It’s hard to resist adding this one to the list of best gifts for medical students because they just love it.

16. Peptide (a protein building game):

This is a fun card game that helps build your science knowledge on the science of cells converting genes into proteins. It is ideal for medical students who crave a fun way to study biology.

17. Chemist’s spice rack:

This 14-piece chemistry rack is one outstanding gift that is both fun and practical. It is ideal for the mad scientists in the kitchen or medical students who geek out over science.

18. Laboratory shot glasses:

Actually, this is one perfect gift for nerdy medical students that want to do their own way. These funny shot glasses will be the talk of the party, as they will get a few laughs. It comes with faux-eye droppers that can be used for mixing.

19. Luxury pen:

Although, it is not medical-school related this pen with its luxurious feel is a great gift for any medical student who plans to spend their time writing.  

20. Band-aid sticky notes:

These special sticky notes make it fun to label and bookmark everything and are one perfect gift for medical students since they love studying. They will make any medical student smile every time they open a textbook.

21. Stethoscope heart art:

Some medical students love to add a fun and artistic touch to their computers or furniture. It is originally made for MacBook but it could easily apply to any other smooth surface. It also comes off with no resistance and sticky residue.

22. The year they tried to kill me:

This relevant and insightful book highlights the trials and tribulations of internships with a fresh and humorous perspective. 

Medical students and new doctors can benefit a lot from knowing their struggles are relatable.

23. Serotonin molecule necklace:

This is a general gift for science lovers. The serotonin molecule necklace is believed to promote happiness and well-being. It makes a magnificent gift, especially for female medical students, and may serve as a reminder to be happy. They come in different colors in case you want to give it a personal feel.

24. Anatomical posters:

This is ideal for medical who want to decorate their walls with the human anatomy. They come laminated and measure out to be 18×27 inches. 

They have incredible detail and may serve as something a medical student will have to look at every day and think of you.

25. Kill as few patients as possible:

this special book, written by dr. Oscar London contains 56 essays on how to be a world-class doctor and also is an all-time favorite in the medical community. It was written in a witty and hilarious style. It is definitely a splendid gift for medical students who enjoy reading.

26. Almost-a-doctor (coffee mug):

This is a humorous gift for medical students as some of them would not want to drink from any other mug after they get this one. After they get this mug, most of them will love to keep using it until they get an actual-doctor mug. Medical school graduation comes up real quick so, get them one of these.

27. Bone pens:

These are just ballpoint pens shaped like human bones. You don’t even need to think twice to know that any medical student will love to have one of these, as they are practical and very easy to write with.

28. Eye chart tie:

This black polyester tie is a fun gift for doctors and healthcare professionals. This fun tie will kick off some ease among co-workers.

29. Microbiology coloring book:

This special book helps students learn about viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and a bunch of other multicellular parasites through text and coloring illustrations combo. This one is perfect for both premed and medical students.

30. Anatomy coloring book:

This provides medical students with a fun and practical way to learn anatomy. It is ideal for both premeds, medical students, and any other student whose studies involve human anatomy.

31. Physiology coloring book:

Similar to the anatomy and microbiology coloring books, this book helps students learn and focus on the specific physiology topic under study. It is a very useful gift for medical students and premed students, too.

32. Pandemic board game:

This is a fun family board game for 2-4 players. This game really came close to home especially now that we have dealt with covid-19. It is an ideal gift for medical students who are social, as a minimum of 2-4 players are needed to play.

33. Heart art decal:

This cool, high-quality heart art decal fits all mac books or any laptop. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors on any smooth surface.

34. Prescription bottle coffee mug:

This 12 oz ceramic coffee cup that is shaped like a pill bottle is one funny gift you can give a medical student. It can even make the most serious among them smile.

35. Prescription can coolie:

This is one funny gag gift that looks like a pill bottle. Most medical students find it both useful and funny, so it’s just hard not to add it to this list.

36. Comfortable pair of sneakers:

A comfortable pair of sneakers is just ideal for healthcare professionals and medical students who are on their feet all day. These sneakers are light and very comfortable that they can’t be ignored from this list.

37. Comfy socks:

Comfy socks complement the comfortable pair of sneakers and help to keep the feet comfortable while working for long hours. It comes in different colors so you may choose to personalize it.

38. Syringe highlighter pens:

These highlighters that are shaped like syringes are a sure way for medical students to have fun while reading through the boring text. A set contains six highlighter pens with different colors. It is both a useful and fun gift for medical students.

39. Left and right brain-computer sleeve:

This waterproof and shock-resistant protective bag can help medical students to protect their computers and keep them in good condition. It comes with brilliant colors and fun but informative design about the complexity of the brain.

40. Left and right brain wireless keyboard:

Someone can purchase independently this colorful keyboard or along with the left and right brain-computer sleeve. It can be an element of fun for a medical student during his or her long sessions of typing away on the computer. 

41. Cozy sweats:

if you are looking to buy a medical student comfortable cloth that he or she can wear while studying or lounging around the house and also when they want to go outside the house, then cozy sweaters are a good option.

42. Anatomy models bundle:

The anatomy models bundle is ideal for every medical student as they enjoy learning with mini models. This is a very useful gift because it will help any premed or medical student gain a deeper understanding of how organs or systems interact.

43. Leather journal gift set:

A soft vintage leather journal notebook set is a perfect gift for medical students who intend to write or just put down their thoughts. It can even be taken on trips since it is lightweight and easy to pack.

44. Mcsquares sticky to-do lists:

These special wet sticky notes cling to any stainless steel or glass surface. Medical students can use them to keep track of their to-do lists. With these, there is no excuse to forget to do something for the week again, as they can easily be slapped on the fridge where they can be seen.

45. Portage propounds medical notebook:

This pocket-size notebook is most useful to those in clinical rotations. This notebook is crafted with the medical student in mind as it has all the information per page for medical students to stay organized as they go from patient to patient.

46. Human anatomy apron:

This is a fun gift most medical students will love to have. This unisex apron is a durable and comfy one.

47. Dr scrubs bear:

This one is a super cute and fun gift for medical students. The little bear comes wearing a matching set of teal scrubs and looks just like a proper doctor.

48. Herschel backpack:

This is one of the favorite gifts that every medical would love to have. It comes in different sizes but will still fit a medical student’s books and laptop. You can choose from a variety of colors too to add some personal feel.

49. Classic Keurig coffee maker:

A simple coffee maker is ideal, especially for medical students who may find themselves always on the go to catch up with their packed schedule. With this coffee maker, they should be able to make coffee with little mental exertion.

50. Classic stethoscope:

Medical students use stethoscopes even before they become doctors. Getting a stethoscope as a gift for a medical student is a wonderful way to show him or her that you support their journey. It is a perfect gift for medical students who like to be prepared ahead of time and want nothing but the best equipment.


There are actually a lot of gifts that you can give a medical student to show and the ones mentioned in this article are actually just a fraction of the long list.

Medical students need a lot of things to help them cope with the stress of medical, help them reach and maintain their top performance while in school. 

You will go a long way to show them your support and appreciation by getting them any of the gifts mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can you give a new medical school student?

For first-year medical students, a great gift includes a new notebook, backpack, pens, coffee mug, or even a watch.

What is a good gift for a medical student?

A wonderful gift will be a gift that a medical student finds useful while at school.

Do first-year medical students wear scrubs?

Yes, first-year medical students do wear scrubs though it is unnecessary for them to do so.

Do you need to get an expensive gift for a medical student?

You don’t really need to break the bank to get a gift for a medical student as so many of the gifts mentioned in this article will require a low to medium budget.

Why should you get a gift for a medical student?

Medical students are on their path to becoming doctors who are considered to be the heroes of the world. Getting them a gracious gift is a way to show them you support and appreciate their journey.


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