20 Lap Desks For College Students

It can get boring and uncomfortable sitting at a desk for hours. A lap desk is one item that can make studying more comfortable. Lap desks for students help them focus better in the classroom due to their portability and flatness. Not just the classroom, anyway. It can be used in so many settings, so investing in a good one will give you a perfect reward for your money. A change of scenery offers a scintillating feeling, especially when you are studying for hours in school or at home. 

For infinite reasons, we have researched the best lap desks for students, with a perfect description of what you can find in the market. Let’s go.

Is A Lap Desk Worth It?

One of the most beneficial aspects of lap desks is that they allow for much better posture. If you spend a lot of time working on a laptop, your posture may suffer. You see, depending on what you’re doing, you might need to adjust your laptop. If you are watching a movie, you will most likely have it close to you, whereas if you are working, you will most likely have it at a distance, which can cause problems if done in long successions.

Why Do You Need A Lap Desk?

Here are a few reasons why you need a lap desk:

1. Allows for a Much Better Posture

You don’t have to worry about it with a lap desk because it allows you to properly position your arms and legs. It also aids in the removal of any strain that may be bothering you. Overall, a lap desk can be beneficial to your posture.

2. It Protects Your Lap From Direct Heat

Direct on your lap is never a good idea, not only from a medical standpoint but also from a comfort standpoint. With lap desks, you don’t have to worry about the heat getting into your lap and making you uncomfortable, which is especially important in the summer.

Your laptop will be balanced properly on a proper surface, and your lap will be free of any heat that could be harmful in the long run.

3. Better Typing Experience

Have you ever had the experience of experiencing finger fatigue while typing on a laptop? Because the arms are so close to the legs, it is much more common with laptop users. That is why, as soon as you place the laptop on a proper surface, the fatigue begins to fade.

With a lap desk, you get to have a better typing experience, simply because you no longer have to worry about finding the perfect position to type away. It is a blessing.

4. Reduces Screen Glare

We cannot deny that screen glare is harmful to our health. There are numerous reasons why it is bad; it can cause headaches and eyesores. You can purchase protective glasses, but they will interfere with your overall viewing experience. To deal with this, you can invest in a good lap desk.

With a lap desk, you can position the laptop and adjust the angle of the screen so that the glare is significantly reduced and no longer a problem for you. Keep in mind, however, that this is heavily dependent on the laptop you have. Some laptops have anti-glare screens, so worrying about glare with those laptops is unnecessary.

Reasons Lap Desks Are Growing In Their Popularity

When choosing a lap desk, you need to focus on three variables and they are price, transportability, and above all, size. We hope to narrow down your choice in this article. To help you further, you need to consider these three factors whenever you want to purchase a good lap desk.


Lap desks exist with different price tags, though all tend to solve the same problem. In reality, you can never go wrong with the price because when compared to the regular desk, you are getting the best bet. That notwithstanding, you know your budget. But then, having a low budget does not mean you cannot get good quality. 

You may wish to know that even though LapGear offers the best products, their prices are usually higher than others in the same category. However, you must find a way to balance price and quality.


This is a crucial factor that must come into play when selecting the best lap desk. You must consider the weight and size. The ability to be transported from one place to another can never be overemphasized. There are just lap desks and there are some with extra features like adjustable legs, spaces for laptops, books, and other bits and pieces. This also means that these extra attachments might come with their challenges. If you just need it for your classroom and bedroom activities, then, having an ordinary lap desk is enough. But if you need to move from the room to the comfort of the exterior environment, you may consider the one with legs. If you are more concerned about the weight, you may go for a simple lap desk for students. What matters the most is your ability to place your laptop and book on it and carry out your task. If you have plans to use it outside, you might consider your color and material preferences.


Size plays an important role when considering the best lap desk. Some students enjoy it when it is bigger, while others may go for a sample size. Each size comes with its advantages and challenges. A bigger lap desk will offer the room to use bigger electronics and add other items to the surface while working. But it may not fit into every environment. On the other hand, a smaller size may not contain much on the board, but you can use it virtually everywhere. 
While making your pick, always consider the above criteria. 

20 Top Lap Desks for Students

There are numerous lap desks in the market and navigating them can be daunting. That is one of the reasons we have helped with the top 20 lap desks for students. Though serving the same purpose, there are several kinds of lap desks for college students. Here, they are:
Honey-can-do portable lap desk with handle

This lap desk is designed to ease the stress associated with moving items from one place to another. It has a durable surface and removable cushion, and that, coupled with its portability, makes it ideal for every college student. Additionally, it was designed with a handle to make the carriage easier. It is a practical study accessory and can accommodate handwritten assignments and laptops.

1. Sophia Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

Image from amazon.com

This lap desk is designed to focus on the students who would always prefer larger screens and keyboards on their laptops. The lap desk is perfectly oversized for this purpose. It has a memory foam cushion that makes it look like you are working from the cloud. It also has a wipe-clean surface that made it a perfect one for you.

Sophia Sam also features genius-add-ons like the study lamps and wrist rest while designing it.

Check it out on Amazon

2. LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk 

With two pockets that can accommodate pens, pencils, small notebooks, and other accouterments, the LapGear MyDesk is a perfect note-taking lap desk. It has a smooth and clean surface that makes writing or drawing enjoyable. It featured a double-bolstered cushion that can help you to read a book or work on your laptop. Its cushions are made with micro-beads that adapt to your body while you work on them.

3. Creatology Lap Desk with Cushion

This is another great lap desk for students because it is so affordable. You do not have to worry about its replacement when it gets spoilt because the cost of affording one is far better than that of any other one. Creatology is large enough to hold your laptop as well as other items that attended the lectures with you. What’s more, it is so thin that it can fit in your backpack. While it is not the most comfortable, Creatology does not also have much cushion to help for the hours you have to work. 

4. LapGear Compact Lap Desk

LapGear Compact Lap Desk has a similar surface design to the Creatology lap desk. It is very simple with an upper rim to balance your writing material. It is one of the best lap desks for students, another brand made by LapGear. Just like others, the LapGear Compact lap desk is designed for affordability and to offer peace of mind to your parents who do not need to break the bank before purchasing a lap desk for you. The large surface provides enough room for you to spread out and keep every item close to you as you work. 

5. AboveTEK Non-Slip Head Shield Lap Desk

The lap desk is designed with a non-slip surface, making it impossible for your books or laptop to fall. It also keeps your lap from burning. Another feature of this amazing lap desk is the slide-out mouse section on each side. Above all, it is lightweight, meaning that you can carry it about with ease.

6. LapGear Cup Holder Lap Desk

It has a high-quality surface with a unique design solely made for your comfort. In terms of quality, you are never going to buy another lap desk soon. And that is fair enough for a student. Besides, just like the name, LapGear Cup Holder has a cup holder built into the surface. This allows you as a student to eat and drink without the fear of spilling it while on your technology, book, or assignment. There are various designs of the surface and each is quite detailed.

7. Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk

It has adjustable angles, matched with the right comfort which makes it a unique lap desk. With its modern design, it is intended for long-lasting purposes. Moreover, its surface comes in black and is very silky. The adjustable angles provide you with the comfort you may never have thought of because you can adjust it to 8 different angles. Even the desk is cushioned and adjustable. That has never been heard of!

8. HUANUO Adjustable Lap Desk

This lap desk is not just uniquely designed for your laptop and books; you can do much more with it. It has a feature for gaming as it helps you to support your device. It can do just what you bought it for though the price might be on the high side. The cushions are two and made of cotton. Besides, it is super lightweight and aids your mobility easily. While you fit in your laptop on the HUANUO Adjustable lap desk, it gives you room to keep extra items there too. It has a ridge at the bottom that supports your books and device when you place them at an angle.

9. LapGear Designer Lap Desk

It has a pocket that is large enough to hold your mobile phone and calculators. It is customized in a way that gives you comfort and relaxation. LapGear Designer lap desk is made with quality materials that can last longer than your days at school. It comes in a large variety of colors and designs. Moreover, it is attached with a strap that can make it easily carried about. The back is cushioned in a way that the length of time you stay on it does not matter because of its comfortability.

10. LapGear Schoolhouse Wood Lap Desk

This wood lap desk has a hinge that opens to reveal a roomy storage compartment. It has a good storage space with divided sections for putting pen, pencil, and other little items, which is an extra advantage to it. The desk has enough room for your writing, drawing, and fitting your laptop to a size. It is even sturdy enough, evidence that it will last long. 

11. HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk

It has a wrist pad that enhances your comfortability as you work on the lap desk.  You can sit on the chair or curl up while using this unique lap desk for students. If you attend an online school, the wrist pad is cool for you because it will help you to keep your MacBook from sliding down while taking your notes.  Moreover, it has storage pockets and a nook at the top for pens. With its lightweight and portability, this product from HUANUO is just perfect for you.

12. LapGear Bamboo Lap Desk

Another product from LapGear, this lap desk for students is very good in terms of quality and appearance. Well, what else do you expect from LapGear if not a second-to-none quality? It fits big laptops up to 17-inch screens due to the plenty of space it has. Likewise, it has more room for other stuff you would love to work with. You can also place your book on it and draw just anything without the fear that it might slide down and disrupt your work. 

13. LapGear Home-Office Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder

Just like the name, this lap desk is one-size-fits-all. It is one of the most popular among Amazon reviewers; over 19000 of them rated it five-star. This is incredible and highly recommendable too. The built-in mouse pad and the cell phone holder are exactly customized to make the work easier for you. You do not need to worry about where to keep your items while working because this lap desk for students comes with a high level of comfort. Even though it has so many features, one might be thinking it will not fit a large-sized laptop but that is not true. What is more, when you place it on your lap to work, it feels lightweight.


If you wish to travel and work while in transit, then this particular product from HUANUO for students is all you need. It is narrower and can be used even while sitting in the middle of two passengers. Just like the LapGear Designer, it has a fabric hand on top to enable you to carry it like a briefcase while rushing out of the house. It contains an inch of cushion underneath to hold your desk in perfect shape and also give your lap some comfort while you work. The worksurface has an adjustable handle to give you the freedom to enjoy any posture of your choice. In case you are traveling with a charging cable and other paraphernalia, you can keep all that in the hidden compartment underneath. 

16. Avantree Neetto

If you want a lap desk with built-in legs, then, this is the best option for you. You could call it a mini desk, and you are right about it. Your laptop or book can be taken off your lap to a more comfortable position, the reason it is the best choice for heat management and ergonomics. Aside from the legs, it is as much great as the LapGear Designer and has many of its features like a laptop rest, left and right-hand accessibility, a good-sized surface for working, and more. The desk’s angle can be adjusted as well, just customized to suit your desired position. 

17. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed

This lap desk for students is designed with so many features such as slide-out drawers, a slanting deck, foldable legs, and a bar where your laptop and your mouse can relax. It is a well-thought-out product that gives a stimulating change. Though the price is far expensive than the other lap desk, it is worth every penny invested in it. Aside from all these features, SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand is very lightweight, can be managed easily, and makes work enjoyable.

18. WorkEZ Best Laptop Stand and Lap Desk

This is an ergonometric laptop stand and it adjusts to any size and angle just to accommodate your posture. It gives you the best comfort you can think of. Besides, it has an ambidextrous mouse pad that adjusts to the right and left sides of the panel as well as tilts and is easily detachable. Another beautiful reason to get this lap desk is that it can be used everywhere, in bed, on the couch, while you are sitting or standing, whether it is at home or school. One more thing, it has a cooling stand that dispels heat while you work on the laptop.

19. AboveTEK Portable Ultimate Lap Desk

This lap desk is called ultimate for a purpose. It has every feature you can find on a lap desk and other features unique to it alone.  It is over 21 inches and can contain the biggest of laptops. Space is designated for your mouse and provides smooth movement for it. There is as well a space for your phone and another for a pen pocket which helps you keep everything handy while working or writing. Your wrist also got a great bargain with its built-in wrist pad that offers ergonometric support while you type. Also, it has non-slip pads to keep your laptop or book in place and firmly. It has a carry handle that helps to support you while you are on the go.

20. TaoTronics Lap Desk 

If your spec is a laptop that can easily adjust in height to improve your posture and keep you from straining your eyes, this product from TaoTronics is just all you need. It does not have any business with your laps because the adjustable legs can handle that. You can also adjust the top, to help you find the perfect angle for your posture. 

Furthermore, the surface space is more than enough for your laptop; other items can be accommodated too. That is not all, the surface is made of polished wood, while the leg does not slip and a mouse stopper is attached to it to prevent the mouse from skidding. Though it does not have a carrying handle, it folds underneath. Likewise, it is of various sizes and you can make your best pick.


We hope you were able to make the best choice after going through the article. You need a good lap desk. Do not hesitate to invest in one.


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