20 Best Selling Online Teacher Training Courses

No one knows it all, not even teachers. This is why it’s important that you continue to develop yourself using the paid or free best-selling online teacher training courses, especially as teaching methods continue to improve.

We’ve handpicked these courses to solve particular needs that you might have as an educator. The courses are taught by renowned instructors and offered by reputable universities and will help you stay relevant.

Before we get into the listing, you need to know why these courses are important.

Why Take Online Teacher Training Courses?

With technological advancements and the emergence of new problems in the education sector, it has become pertinent that teachers continue to learn.

This is why you need some of the best selling online teacher training courses listed below.

Taking any of these courses will keep you sharp and ready to adopt new techniques to solve these new problems.

Below are some these courses:

#1. Teacher Training Course – Tomorrow’s Teacher

The seven hours course will be handling some of the things teachers and prospective teachers need to know.

The course will have segments like teacher training, teacher motivation, technology in education, and so much more.

Teachers in the sector below will benefit more from the course;

  • STEM
  • Education Technologies
  • Classroom Management
  • Online Education Process
  • Teacher’s Competencies

To enroll in the paid class click the button below.

#2. Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance Certificate)

Learn how to guide students interested in yin yoga from this course. It’s also the world’s first Yin Yoga Course to discuss the true history of the practice!

This is why it makes it to our list of best-selling online teacher training courses. You will learn 30 plus yoga poses and lots more.

Click the button below to find out more and to enroll.

#3. Pilates Teacher Training & CPD Certification

This course will take you through the background, essentials, and Principles of Pilates, neutral position & thoracic breathing.

You will also learn classical Mat Pilates procedures from beginner to advanced level.

This best-selling online teacher training course on Pilates and CPD certification will last for 12 hours.

To get started click on the button below.

#4. Teach Anybody Anything: Reach Any Learner Anywhere

With this course, you’d learn to use tools to engage every time you teach or train and save your company thousands of dollars.

You will also be taken through a simple 5-step approach that explains how adults learn and how you can use it to your advantage.

While this is a paid course, you’d get value for your money, this is why the course is on our list of best-selling online teacher training courses.

#5. Outcome-Based Education (OBE) & Academic Quality Assurance

Interested in teaching in an educational system? Then you should consider taking this course. The course is also suitable for those already in the system.

You will be taught how to employ student-centered learning modules. You will also learn how to develop your teaching and learning potential.

To get more information about this course and to enroll, click the button below.

#6 TEFL Essentials: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This course will put you on track to master past and current TEFL teaching methodologies.

You will also understand how to teach different types of students and lessons.

Taking this course will help you understand how to organize the English language lessons, and teach them

You can enroll in this best-selling online teacher training course by clicking on the link below.

#7. The Complete Train the Trainer Bootcamp (Part 2): All Levels

How to build trust with each student before class even begins… (If you do it correctly, people will be clamoring for your class and only want you as their trainer!)

There’s so much more to learn and lots of value to get. Get started by clicking the button below.

#8. Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master/Teacher Training

You will be a certified Reiki Master Teacher- able to attune others to Reiki energy and teach them how to teach others.

You will also be able to heal communities and make a difference in the world.

Get started by clicking on the button below.

#9. Moodle: From Novice Teacher to Expert Online Educator

The course will teach you how to work with blocks to include useful learning tools. You’d also be able to create engaging, effective learning content.

This best-selling online teacher training course is an up-to-date Moodle 2.7 course, that will help you learn how to navigate the Moodle system.

The Paid online teacher training costs only $45 and will guide you from a total beginner level to being a professional Moodle teacher. 

You can enroll in this paid online teacher training course by clicking the button below.

#10. Meditation Teacher Training Certificate Course

No prior experience is necessary for this course to provide you with all of the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence you’ll need to begin guiding people through the ancient technique of meditation.

To enroll in this course, click on the button below.

#11. Caregiver Support Services Training – Preventing the Spread of Infection

This session will teach you how to provide safe care. It examines the four basic guidelines you can use to provide safe care for your loved ones and clients, including your personal health, keeping your client’s or loved one’s environs clean, and preventing the transfer of infections from one person to another.

To enroll in this course, click on the button below.

#12. Improve Your Teaching Practice With Teach2030

This training is for anyone interested in improving their teaching skills. In this course, you’ll learn about the term “growth mindset” and how it can help you study for the rest of your life. Think about how you teach and how you utilize feedback.

Practice giving effective and meaningful feedback. Plan for teaching and learning in ways that assist your students to develop a growth mindset. Create an action plan to promote growth mindset planning. Collaborate with a colleague to learn together.

You can enroll in this best-selling online teacher training course by clicking the button below.

#13. Special Needs School Shadow Support

This free online course explains how to manage children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental issues in the classroom. Children with developmental problems receive one-on-one attention to help them develop social, behavioral, and academic skills.

This course will teach you the tools and techniques you’ll need to provide shadow support as well as the importance of inclusive education systems.

You can enroll in this paid best-selling online teacher training course by clicking the button below.

#14. Physical Education – Coaching Styles and Techniques

This free online Physical Education course will teach you about various coaching methods and techniques. Coaching assists people in achieving their personal best and achieving the desired outcomes.

You will discover how to increase team performance, the job of a coach, and the aspects that make up a professional coaching practice in this online course.

You can enroll in this best-selling online teacher training course by clicking the button below.

#15. Dog Training Careers – Become a Professional Dog Trainer

During this dog trainer course, you will learn how to answer ten of the most frequently asked dog and puppy training questions, as well as what to include before, during, and after a dog training consultation with a client.

This course teaches you how to run a professional dog training business with templates and handouts for you to use. Also included are step-by-step video demonstrations of how to resolve many unwanted dog behaviors.

#16. Online education: The foundations of online teaching

The free online teacher training will be taught by Professor. Lain Hay and two other instructors. The course is powered by Macquarie University and will teach educators how to reimagine and redesign and maximize face-to-face offerings.

Being able to do this will make learners feel connected in the online environment. It will also keep them involved and inspired to learn.

To enroll in this free online teacher training, click the button below.

#17. Learning to Teach Online

Associate Professor Simon Mcintyre will lead another instructor in this course. The course is powered by UNSW Sydney and is totally free with over 150,000 enrolled.

The MOOC Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) will assist you in developing a solid grasp of effective online teaching practices that you can use in your own classroom.

The Free online teacher training course is based on Dr. Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson’s multi-award-winning open educational resource.

To get started click the button below.

#18. Create a Virtual Classroom using Google Slides

The course is offered by Coursera Project Network and is free. The course will teach you how to create a virtual classroom template using Google Slides.

You’d also be able to customize the classroom by adding decorations and films to it.

Click the button below to access the free online teacher training.

#19. Inclusive Online Teaching Teach-Out

Higher education instructors will investigate students’ learning impediments, such as unconscious bias, physical disabilities, and a lack of motivation, in this course.

Participants will investigate and debate how inclusive pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) might help to overcome these obstacles and improve student learning results.

The course is offered by John Hopkins University and will have Paul Hucket as the lead instructor.

To enroll in the free online teacher training click the button below.

#20. Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling introduces educators to digital storytelling and looks at how to utilize it to improve students’ learning. The course is intended to be both comprehensive and fundamental in nature.

The course is offered by the University of Houston and has over fifty thousand people enrolled. It will be taught by Bernard R. Robin and one other instructor.

You get started with the course by clicking the button below.


This article highlights some of the best selling online teacher training courses, while some are paid and others are free.

They serve different needs and purposes, therefore identify the ones that fit into your plan and budget and get started.

Good luck.



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