20 Best Online carpentry classes in 2022

Have you always wanted to pursue a career in carpentry? Do you want to learn how to build a house? This article contains all you need to guide you through. Also, it is mainly focused on the best online carpentry classes in 2022.

If you’re looking for a new job and career opportunities; or have already decided to pursue a career in carpentry, whether you desire to learn while you practice or need to improve your carpentry skills, this article has a lot to offer you.

Without further ado, we will move straight to our list of the 20 best online carpentry classes. 

What are the Best Online Carpentry Classes?

Basically, carpentry entails making cabinets, constructing homes, making decorative woodworking, and many other things.

Imagine learning all of these from the comfort of your home at almost no cost. 

That’s right! Our list comprises free and paid online carpentry classes you can study wherever and whenever you like. 

We have carefully researched and selected these classes, all of which focus on helping you understand carpentry techniques.

Also, in these classes, you will acquire practical skills that you can apply in other careers outside carpentry.

These skills could range from home DIY, furniture making, building construction, property management, and many other skills.

The following are the best online carpentry classes in 2022. Let’s jump right in!

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What are the Best Online Carpentry Classes?

1. Udemy: Basic Carpentry

This is one of the best online carpentry classes. Offered by Udemy, the course focuses on teaching you the basics of carpentry as well as the different tools you need to master. These tools include but are not limited to chisels, saws, hammers, and the right kind of nails for certain woods furniture or constructions.

Basically, the course offers you all the fundamentals of carpentry. You do not require any previous experience to be able to take this class.

The only requirements you will need to meet will include the basic online class material requirements such as a computer, stable power supply and internet speed, time, and the determination to learn.

This course costs $29.99

Apply here.

2. Alison: Introduction To Carpentry

Another one of the best online carpentry classes, this course is a free online class hosted on and by Alison.

Alison is an online educational platform that primarily offers free classes to students across all the skill spectrums and around the globe.

Whether you aim to make a piece of simple furniture, construct a home or build cabinets, this course is the complete guide.

The course focuses on exploring the introduction to carpentry: the fundamentals of carpentry, the various construction methods, and an introduction to formwork and joinery.

Apply here.

3. Penn Foster: Construction Trades Program

This class offers an in-depth introduction and guide to construction and carpentry skills and businesses.

The course is offered by Penn Foster and aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to prepare you for an entry-level work position in the carpentry and construction job market.

Also, the class comprises a considerable number of courses and exercises to help you analyze what you learn as you go.

Basically, the course offers a complete guide you need to learn basic skills in the carpentry business: from measurement methods to how to interpret blueprints, determine working materials and tools, as well as installation methods.

If you need a course to help you pursue an apprenticeship in carpentry or to work in residential construction, this is the right course for you.

The course costs $599

Apply here.


This online carpentry class is hosted by Preston College. It is a diploma in carpentry specifically designed for individuals who desire to learn the fundamentals of carpentry to begin a career in the field.

 The course focuses on teaching health and safety in construction as well as the specific skills for carpentry. Also, in this course, you will get to learn construction principles as well as the construction industry, the various carpentry and joinery tools, and how to erect and dismantle. 

Apply here.

5. SkillShare: Beginner Woodworking

This online carpentry class is offered and hosted by and on Skillshare, an online educational platform.

It is a beginner woodworking class primarily designed for individuals new in the field and without experience who wish to start a carpentry career by learning to build simple items.

These items could include bookcases, tables, shoe racks as well as other simple items.

There is no designated price for this course. Instead, the platform offers interested users unlimited access to the platform to access as many courses as possible at $8.25 per month.

This looks like an opportunity you’d like to grab without giving it a second thought.

However, even if you have to give it some thought and decide later:

Apply here

6. Woodwork Courses (Woodworking for Mere Mortals)

This is an online carpentry course specifically designed for beginners who want to learn the skill from scratch to a professional level.

It is a course that comprises a series of classes and lessons that aims at equipping you with the skills you need to build or construct any item.

In this course, you could learn how to construct simple joints with a dado blade.

Also, you could learn about gluing and the techniques to use glues for your projects.

Even more, the course explorer a comprehensive class on how SketchUp works.

Apply here.

7. Heritage Foundational: Woodworking Course

This class is designed for individuals who have prior knowledge or experience in the carpentry field but want to improve on them.

They are a selection of courses offered by Heritage Schol of Woodworking and consist of various classes simplified into multiple topics.

The cost for these classes ranges from $350 to $1,375. 

Apply here.

8. The Wood Whisperer Guild: Intro To Sketchup

This is another one of the best online carpentry classes to go for. It is offered by the Wood Whisperer Guild and is specifically designed for individuals with basic skills and prior experience in the field who are looking to gain more in-depth training.

Although individuals with no prior experience can take this course, however, this course does not necessarily explore the basics of carpentry.

Instead, it is focused on some skills in the field, which include reading blueprints and schematics and more specific skills.

This course comprises a number of classes, some of which contain a single or a considerable number of lessons.

The cost for the classes varies from $40 to $120.

Apply here.

9. Common Woodworking: Woodworking For Beginners

This course offered by Common Woodworking comprises a series of free online carpentry classes mainly designed for beginners or individuals who are new in the field and are looking to master some basic carpentry skills.

Basically, the classes primarily focus on joint making regardless of which item you are building.

It’s a free course, and if you’re a beginner in the field, we urge you to give it a shot.

Apply here!

10. Wood Skills: Woodworking Course

This course by Wood Skills is designed for individuals interested in learning the fundamentals of woodworking and joinery as well as how to use specific carpentry tools.

Basically, the course comprises a series of classes, all simplified into different topics such as cabinet making, furniture making, and lots more.

You could choose which specific skill you want to learn and enroll in.

However, the classes cost $40 each.

Apply here.

11. YouTube

Generally, YouTube has been known as one of the most popular online educational platforms where one can learn anything instantly at no cost.

Whether or not you have taken either of the paid courses, you can still find a lot on Youtube.

All you need to do is to search the keyword and evaluate the numerous search results and listen to the ones with more knowledge and value to offer.

Find them here.

12. Woodworkers Guild Of America: Woodworking Classes

Yet another one of the best online carpentry classes, the Woodworkers Guild of America offers several online classes correlated to woodworking elements.

Basically, the classes are primarily focused on exploring the fundamentals of cabinet making. Also, the topics in the lessons comprise the various hand tools needed, how to use them, how to make spindles, and a lot of others.

The prices of these classes in this product vary from $39.99 to $49.99.

Apply here.

13. SketchUp for Woodworkers: Bring Your Designs to Life in 3D 

This course is offered on Udemy and focuses on exploring the use of modeling in the SketchUp software as well as how to use it to bring your designs to life in 3D.

Also, the course teaches how to edit your models quickly, cut drawing times in half, model complex shapes as well as how to reuse the models you have already drawn.

Apply here. 

14. Woodworking: Fundamentals of Furniture Making 

This course basically focuses on teaching you the specific skills needed for mortise and tenon joinery.

Also, from this course, you can get to learn about project design, tapering legs, edge-to-edge glue-ups, as well as the decorative accents that beautify a simple furniture item.

Apply here.

15. CAD for Woodworkers: Makes it Easy to Draw Woodworking Plans 

This course offered on Udemy focuses on helping you master electronic drawing. It does this by teaching the simple ways to turn the CAD screen.

Also, the course teaches:

  • How to advance your drawings by perfecting specific basic tools and techniques
  • How to reuse existing drawings, thereby cutting down time on creating new ones.
  • Also, how to dimension your finished drawings using powerful CAD tools.
  • How to output your drawings

Apply here. 

16. Woodworking: All About Wood

Also offered on Udemy, this is one of the best online carpentry classes.

Basically, in an extensively detailed series of lessons, this course teaches the different materials to use for various projects.

It covers lessons on making lumber from trees and the difference between plywood, particleboard, and MDF.

Also, this course explores the best places to buy quality materials for your projects.

It also teaches how to be proficient at board foot calculations, learn milling lumber, grasp deep knowledge of hard and softwoods, and then learn how to pay for machining.

Some other classes in the course are simplified into topical such as hardwood grading, exotic woods, entering as well as wood defects.

Apply here.

17. Online Woodworking Classes (SkillShare)

This course on Skillshare will help you get started on woodworking regardless of your prior knowledge or experience in the field.

In this course, you could learn how to design, model, and construct some simple items. 

Basically, the course explores the creative world of carpentry. It further teaches how to make spoons carved in different shapes as well as how to carve letters or words in wood.

Apply here.

18. Woodworking: Table Saw Essentials 

Another one of the best online carpenter classes, this course explores ways to set up and safely use the table saw.

This includes choosing a cutting approach that works well to ensure using the right tool blade. 

Apply here.

19. Ashworth College: Carpentry Training

In this one of the best online carpentry classes online, the Ashworth College offers you a diploma in carpentry. This means that you can earn a diploma degree in carpentry upon course completion and proceed to begin work in the field afterward.

The course comprises 20 different and knowledge-equipped lessons primarily focused on teaching you the basics of the carpentry trade. 

These different lessons are simplified into various aspects of the trade, including identifying and determining materials and tools of the trade, framing, and how best to approach the interiors and exteriors projects in carpentry.

This course costs $899; however, the host offers you a payment plan to make payment easier should you not be able to afford the cost all at once.

Also, they offer career guidance to prepare you for your career upon program completion.

Apply here.

20. Carpentry Courses (Alison)

This online carpentry course on Alison consists of a series of classes and lessons that explores the different carpenter tools, materials, and building methods.

Apply here.

Now that you know the best online carpentry classes to choose from if you decide to learn, we will discuss the benefits of why a carpentry career is a great trade and why you should go for it.

Is Carpentry a Good Career?

Carpentry is one of the most popular as well as the most sought-after courses in the career market.

If you’re looking it considering pursuing this career, here are the seven benefits of carpentry you should know.

1. The career is full of endless possibilities

Basically, there are a considerable number of specializations in the carpentry field. Taking as many courses and acquiring as many skills in the field as possible will help you determine what area you would want to specialize in in the construction industry.

These specializations include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Joinery
  • Woodworking

2. It’s hands-on

You do not have to sit behind a computer in this career, punching the keypads all day. 

This career allows you to work with your hands. It keeps you physically active. This could be either in a workshop or an outdoor setting.

3. It’s a lucrative career

A carpentry career is quite a lucrative one. You could work diligently and earn a good income which grows as you gain more skills, experience, and expertise.

According to JobOutlook, the average salary for a carpenter is $1,358 per week and about $70,000 per year.

4. There’s market growth

Homes are constructed every day, and businesses, as well as other constructions, are carried out every day.

Also, homes, businesses, and other construction mostly require furniture and carpenter items after the building construction is complete.

Basically, this means that the job outlook for the career keeps growing.

As far as the world is concerned, carpenters will always be in jobs even during uncertainty in other careers.

5. It’s easy to get into

Compared to other careers, carpentry is relatively easy to get into. This is because it demands only a little or no requirements to acquire the skills you need. 

All you need to do is take some course online, practice offline, or begin your apprenticeship in the field, and you’re good to go. 

6. You can earn while you learn

Another unique thing about this field is that even while you learn, you can easily use the skills you acquire as the classes go to earn by making simple items for people.

7. You can advance your career

Having mentioned earlier about the several specializations in this field, there are many more opportunities to advance your career as a carpenter. 

You could move on to grander things such as running a business or, even better, becoming a builder.

FAQs Best Online Carpentry Classes

What is carpentry?

Carpentry is simply an occupation or an activity focused on making, constructing, or repairing things with wood.

Is carpentry a good career?

Carpentry is a skilled work with a good income that could grow as you gain more skills and expertise. A qualified carpenter can earn up to $70k per year.

How long does it take to become a carpenter?

To become a qualified carpenter, you need to complete a four-year apprenticeship program.

How much does a carpenter make?

A carpenter makes about $70,000 per year.

Are carpenters in demand?

Yes. As far as the world is concerned, carpenters will always be in jobs even during uncertainty in other careers.

Do I need a certification to become a carpenter?

Basically, the carpentry career does not require certifications. However, you may need to complete a four-year apprenticeship program to become a qualified carpenter. You could work and earn while you practice by taking some online classes.


Whether you are picking up carpentry as a hobby or a career, this list of the best online carpentry classes can help you take on carpentry as a full-time job.


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