20 Best Legal Certifications in the World

Earning legal certifications is becoming a more enticing choice for persons who want to increase their legal knowledge.

It’s also appealing to those looking to narrow their concentration in a certain field.

In comparison to other law degree options, these programs require less time, commitment and are also more economical.

A legal certification program could be useful for people who want to work as paralegals, or legal administrative assistants. It’s also relevant for court reporters.

These certification programs may also appeal to those who are already practicing law and are looking for quick access to advanced legal courses and specialized training.

In this article, we’ve put down the best 20 best legal certification programs for you. Programs that will definitely help you advance in your career choice.

What Certifications Do You Need To Be a Lawyer?

Prospective lawyers must meet a number of requirements in order to be accepted into law school. A four-year undergraduate degree is required, albeit no specific major or degree is required.

In addition, the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, must be taken by the applicant. During the admissions process, the LSAT scores, undergraduate grade point average, and the applicant’s experience are taken into account.

To practice law, you must receive a Juris Doctor, or J.D., a degree in order to do so. This three-year program comprises torts, contracts, constitutional law, and legal writing courses.

Toward the end of the degree, students take additional courses in a specialty field. The fields include but are not limited to immigration law or international law.

Students can also apply to be licensed to practice law after completing their Juris Doctor degree. This entails passing the bar exam in the state in which they intend to practice. Each state has its own criteria, however, the Multistate Bar Examination is used in 48 states.

This will be a six-hour test. Other exams, such as the Multistate Essay Examination, a three-hour exam, and a state-specific exam, may be required.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, continuing education is needed for lawyers to keep their licenses in 46 states. Continuing legal education keeps lawyers up to date on new laws, case judgments, and concerns in their field.

Other standards differ from state to state. For example, in Ohio, lawyers must satisfy a professional conduct requirement that includes substance addiction and ethics training.

Lawyers perform a number of tasks, including testifying in civil and criminal trials, advising clients on legal issues, and drafting contracts.

Additionally, they operate in a range of specialties, including family law, criminal law, and constitutional law. They can also work for federal agencies, corporations, and private practice.

Certified legal professional shows a higher and advanced level of legal qualifications and abilities. ALP is a test for legal professionals that assesses their ability to do business, communicate, as well as keep track of office records and calendars.

It also assesses the knowledge of legal secretaries on office equipment, computer technology, and related procedures. Furthermore, Accredited Legal Professional evaluates knowledge of legal office etiquette as set out by ethical rules.

Should I get Certified as a Paralegal?

Yes, it’s important you get certified as a paralegal especially if you don’t have any degree.

That means you need this certification if you have only an associate degree or don’t have a higher education. You can also decide to get certified if you have a bachelor’s degree in another field but want to become a paralegal.

Now, in getting certified, you must follow the state standards of where you want to practice. Although each state has its own rules for who is qualified to practice as a certified paralegal, the process of obtaining a paralegal certificate is essentially the same throughout the United States.

As a result, you must first evaluate these requirements in order to verify that you are complying with the regulations.  

It is important to note that getting certified as a paralegal offers you a wider range of opportunities and advanced skills. You can work criminal law, Immigration, Litigation, corporate, or bankruptcy paralegal specialist. And aside from the opportunities, you tend to earn higher.

For instance, if you get a job in the USA, you can be sure of earning an average median salary of over $50,410 annually.

A legal nurse certification is a certification that allows you to offer consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical issues as a registered nurse. This certification offers you endless opportunities for professional growth and development

Nurses with legal nurse certifications can perform specialized duties such as examining and interpreting medical records. They can interview potential clients, review medical literature, and identify medical professional practice norms.

You can also translate legal jargon for attorneys and other legal personnel, provide medical education to attorneys, as well as give testimony in court.

In regards to the work environment, you can get jobs in business and industry, legal departments, and forensic environments. They can also work with governmental agencies, healthcare facilities, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), insurance companies, law firms, and LNC consulting firms, patient safety organizations.

In order to be certified for the exam, you need to fulfill ONE of the following:

  • Completion of an accredited business/legal course.
  • Completion of a NALS Legal Training Course.
  • One year of general office experience.

Here are the best legal certifications in the world:

  • Law and Technology certification
  • Environment, energy, and natural resources Certification
  • Media Legal certification
  • Advanced Certificate in International trade
  • Human resources Legal Certification
  • Tribal law Legal certificate
  • Certified Paralegal Certification
  • Legal Studies Certification
  • Court Reports Certification
  • Legal Administrative Assistant Certification
  • Constitutional law Legal Certification
  • Accredited Legal Professional certification (ALP)
  • Legal Assistant Certification (LDA)
  • American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP).
  • Professional Paralegal Certification
  • Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) Certification
  • Certificate in Business and Commercial Law

Law and Technology Certification

This is one of the best legal certification programs in the world and getting it will be a good investment in your legal career. This certification is for J.D students that have completed their course of study program in technology law.

To be eligible to apply for this legal certificate, you must have completed at least two courses from core courses such as copyright, computer crime law, cybersecurity law & policy, patent law, or trademark law.

Moreso, you must have completed at least 8 additional units of coursework in law and technology. Further, with these legal certificates online you can be equipped with the skill necessary in handling various legal software programs including Microsoft Office, NetDocuments, iManage, Concordance, Worldox, and more.

Environment, energy, and natural resources Certification

This online legal certification is a demonstration that you understand the advanced, professional study of the law, policies, and regulations governing the energy industry, environmental protection, natural resources, and land use, and related topics.

While undergoing the program, you will be presented with cutting-edge legal research in order to: Facilitate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future; Address the disruptive consequences of climate change; and. Environmental degradation poses a threat to public health and wellbeing.

Upon completion, you will be able to explain and apply key legal principles and policy issues in energy and environmental law practice. You will also be able to interpret and investigate the laws and regulations governing energy and environmental law practice at the federal, state, public utility, and municipal levels.

Additionally, you will perform important lawyering abilities in energy and environmental legal situations, such as document drafting, teamwork, negotiation, and client advice.

And in the same vein, analyze and resolve complicated legal challenges involving cutting-edge topics like climate change, renewable energy, international environmental law, and environmental torts. All you need to complete to gain this legal certification is a Twelve (12) credit.

Culture, entertainment, advertising, broadcasting, telecommunications, and anything else pertaining to digital and analog media are all covered under media law. Books, video, audio, photos, graphics, software, databases, online publications, and other content fall under this category.

Media Legal Certification is one of the greatest legal certification programs available, allowing you to spend a significant amount of time legally counseling clients on how to follow the law. You can also use it to negotiate contracts and act as an advocate for your clients as they seek new laws or changes to existing ones.

Moreso, it broadens your knowledge and skills in a variety of legal topics relevant to media law practice. Censorship, libel, freedom of information, and prejudicial pretrial publicity are among the topics covered, as are intellectual property licensing, digital privacy rights, media liability insurance, electronic data collecting, storage, and transfer, and wireless and internet communication security.

However, with this certification, you can work as both transaction lawyers and litigation specialists.

Advanced Certificate in International trade

The world economy and its expanding globalization are propelled by international trade and investment. International trade law refers to the set of laws and regulations that govern how nations regulate their domestic markets in the context of international trade.

The law governs international trade in commodities and services. This Certificate program in International Trade Law verifies your knowledge of international trade and investment.

And upon completion of the program, you will get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers.

Human resource law is a branch of law that governs how employees are employed, assessed, promoted, and terminated. To avoid lawsuits, these laws and regulations allow the corporation and employer to treat all of its employees fairly and equally. Human resource law also includes laws that apply to non-unionized workplaces.

With this legal certification program, you can specialize in employment law and compliance, as well as a greater grasp of human resource laws, regulations, and legal concerns. 

Also, you will be able to take specific human resources law and compliance-focused online classes that are beneficial to those who work for large organizations and deal with employment issues, HR managers who handle negotiations, compliance managers who deal with employee risk management, and others in the human resources field. 

So, if you want to learn more about compliance and how it affects certain areas, this certification is among the legal certifications you should consider getting.

This is one of the best legal certification programs that allow you to work as a professional Tribal attorney. With this certification, you can be permitted to provide advice to elected officials on federal issues such as gaming, natural resources, self-determination and self-governance compacting, and criminal and civil jurisdiction over members, nonmember Indians, and non-Indians.

It will also benefit you if you want to make a profession out of representing Indian countries. This is due to the fact that you will obtain the skills essential to respect and reinforce the distinctive nature of indigenous tribal legal systems once again. Take courses like Sovereignty and Self-Determination, Federal Indian Law, Native American Natural Resources, and the Tribal Judicial Support Clinic, as well as law courses in economic development, taxation, federal courts, and natural resources, to earn this certification.

Certified Paralegal Certification

Paralegals perform many of the same functions as lawyers. The difference is that they are not allowed to engage in legal work, such as providing legal advice to clients. They help lawyers prepare for hearings, conduct thorough investigations, verify facts, and write reports based on their legal assessment of the case.

This is one of the best legal program certifications that allows you to learn legal terminology, theory, research, and writing. Although you can obtain an associate legal assistant degree or bachelor’s degree, a certificate program can provide you with enough knowledge to get an entry-level position.

The certificate program is especially helpful for students who already have degrees in other fields and want to change jobs. However, if you don’t have a degree, don’t worry, you can still find a job after graduation, and then continue to study for a degree while you are employed.

Legal Studies Certificate can be used in various professions. Those who are interested in becoming paralegals can benefit from this certificate because the course materials are similar to the paralegal certificate courses. However, students considering law school can also benefit from demonstrating what it needs.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain a certificate of legal studies at the same time as a degree in another field. Professionals who have earned a degree can continue to receive education to review laws and regulations. Or you can work in a related field, such as economics, political science, criminal justice, or public policy, and knowing the applicable law is important to your career.

Court Reports Certification

Court reporters are not news anchors assigned to cover court cases. They transcribe oral letters in courts, law firms, or government agencies.

 In the court report certification program, you will receive training in the latest transcription techniques, legal terminology, and professional writing. Your state may require court reporters to obtain permission. If so, please make sure that your course prepares you with the necessary knowledge to pass the required exams.

The organization is the key to running a successful law firm. Usually, depending on the size of the company, each department is assigned an administrative assistant or a lawyer. Paralegals assist lawyers with legal work, while administrative assistants perform general office tasks such as transcription, filing, billing, and phone calls. 

 Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate course teaches basic office skills that students can learn in any administrative assistant course, such as filing, typing, accounting, and programming. In addition, students also learn legal terminology and procedures so that they can work in accordance with them.

Are you an unconventional student such as a political actor who is involved in a constitutional reform process in another nation? If yes, then this legal certification is for you!

This is actually one of the best legal certification programs in the world worth going for. The Certificate program will teach you the fundamental skills you’ll need to take part in constitutional design initiatives.

Specialized training will educate you to foresee the outcomes of various constitutional decisions, grasp the options available to constitutional designers on a variety of topics, and customize constitutional provisions to a specific country’s needs using constitutional history and traditions.

Further, you will gain a basic introduction to constitutional design to students who are unable to commit a full year to their study. This chance will be especially beneficial to unusual students, such as political actors who are currently involved in unconstitutional matters.

The Accredited Legal Professional certification (ALP) program attempts to demonstrate your legal knowledge and abilities. ALP is a test for legal secretaries that assesses their ability to do business communication activities as well as keep track of office records and calendars. It also assesses the knowledge of legal secretaries on office equipment, computer technology, and related procedures.

Furthermore, Accredited Legal Professional evaluates knowledge of legal office etiquette as set out by ethical rules. You must have completed an authorized business/legal course and completed the NALS Legal Training Course with a year gene before applying for this certification.

Legal Assistant Certification is among the best legal certification program that allows you to work as a legal assistant. With this certification, you can work directly with consumers without the supervision of attorneys. Unlike LDA, paralegals do not need to be registered or linked.

Additionally, you can provide general legal information (not advice). Note, this legal certification is valid for two years only.

American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP).

American Alliance Certified Paralegal (AACP) is one of the best legal certifications for people who have worked as a paralegal and have completed a degree or paralegal certificated program. This is because it demonstrates that you’re highly qualified both in experience and education.

And just like other certifications, this legal certificate presents you will a better advantage in your workplace in terms of position and salary.

Professional Paralegal Certification

Prerequisites for the PP certification are the most extensive. A student must have at least five years of paralegal experience to be certified as a Professional Paralegal. They must also have a paralegal studies undergraduate degree and have completed a paralegal program from a recognized school.

This certification confirms a paralegal’s superior legal understanding, as well as all of the ALP’s regular office criteria. The test is divided into four sections. Any portions that fail may be taken again, just like the other two categories.

The qualifications for the PLS are more strict. PLS-certified paralegals have demonstrated mastery of all office operations, legal vocabulary, working with legal papers and research, and other related abilities. To earn the certification, the paralegal must have worked in a law firm for at least three years. If the student holds an undergraduate degree or other paralegal credentials, up to one year of this requirement may be avoided.

The exam is divided into four parts, each of which must be completed in one sitting. Any elements that were failed may be retaken after paying the exam price. Every five years, recertification is required.

Certificate in Business and Commercial Law

One of the legal certification programs worth pursuing is the Business & Commercial Law Certificate. This qualification was created in response to a long-standing need for lawyers with experience in the sector. After you’ve completed the certificate requirements, you’ll have the information and abilities you need to start a successful career as a business lawyer.

This certification will also provide you with a good foundation in the fundamental concepts of business and commercial law, as well as familiarity with many of the transactions that business and commercial lawyers deal with on a daily basis.

Further, you will get a thorough understanding of both international and GCC commercial law, as well as the opportunity to learn about and analyze major issues that they are likely to face in their workplace.


Here are the best legal certifications in the world:

  • Law and technology certification
  • Environment, energy, and natural resources certification
  • Media certification
  • International trade certification
  • Human resources certification
  • Tribal law Certification
  • Intellectual property Certification
  • Constitutional law Certification
  • Entrepreneurship Certification
  • Estate planning Certification
  • State and local taxation Certification

A legal nurse certification is a certification that allows you to offer consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical issues as a registered nurse. This certification offers you endless opportunities for professional growth and development.

Certified legal professional shows a higher and advanced level of legal qualifications and abilities. ALP is a test for legal secretaries that assesses their ability to do business communication activities as well as keep track of office records and calendars.


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