We have researched 15 Makeup Schools in Toronto in 2022. Are you passionate about beauty tips and makeup? Here is the opportunity you need to make your dream come alive.

International Students are eligible to Study in these Schools When someone hears makeup, what is most likely to come to their consciousness is the beauty makeup.

However, there are other makeups known as the special effects makeups, like age changing- making a young person look old and making a middle-aged person young, injuries (bruises and burns), replications of zombies and vampires.

There are makeups that even replicate people. These makeups are also used for creating imagined fictional characters. However, these are mostly used in movies and special photoshoots.

There are schools that specialize in teaching students with hands-on practicals, these makeups. The beauty makeup is not left out either, some of the schools include daytime makeups and evening makeups, bridal makeups, and so on. Let us look at some of these makeup schools in Toronto.

Makeup Schools in Toronto, Canada

Canadian Beauty College

The Canadian Beauty College has extra value of small class sizes, practical application, and flexible schedules. The School is located at the Heart of Toronto where students can get the best of Services

The makeup course has a vast outline that covers the introduction and history of cosmetics, characteristics of the face, sanitization and sterilization, color theory, beauty and bridal applications, corrective techniques for photography, and starting a freelance business and portfolio.

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College of Makeup Art and Design, Toronto

It was founded in 1987, the College of Makeup Art and Design, Toronto is the world’s top makeup artistry and character design.

The school prides itself on excellence in its training of professionals who are pursuing careers in film, fashion, television, digital and practical effects, and the performing arts. The school offers courses in ZBrush, Photoshop, and Creature Design in only 17 weeks.

The size of each class is small with 10 students at most in each class. This enables students to get one-on-one learning opportunities with their instructors.

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The School of Professional Makeup, Toronto

It was founded in 1998, the school of professional makeup, Toronto is registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities and located in Toronto, Danforth’s East End.

The school offers courses taught by professionals in the makeup industry. The courses available include makeup art and airbrush, Special FX Makeup, Hairworks, and Prosthetics.

The programs create careers for fifteen years for their students.

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Pro makeup Art College

The college was established in 1998, the Pro makeup art college is a private beauty makeup college in Toronto.

They provide courses in professional makeup artist training. They pride their studies in the small size of their classes, faculty recognized in the industry and fieldwork opportunities for students.

The courses are available at a relatively cheap cost and their graduates have the opportunity of getting a one-day student fashion photoshoot with David Hou, the international photographer.

They also stand the chance of working with professional models from ICON, Model work, and other modeling agencies that lead in modeling agencies.

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Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc., Toronto

This school trains makeup artists from scratch. People who are complete rookies in the makeup field are welcome to come and get trained in different makeup courses. They offer relatively cheap makeup boot camps and classes.

Their graduates are able to apply for the M.A.C Pro discount card. The school also gets to publish edited photos of their students’ works online.

The school offers one-on-one training with at most ten people in a class, which enables for better understanding and more effective learning.

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JCI’s award-winning Makeup Artistry Diploma Program

This school is noted for producing graduates who become established professionals in the makeup industry.

The course is a ten-month duration program with an intensive and comprehensive study course in an understanding of different forms of makeup ranging from the regular beauty makeups to special effects makeups.

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School of Makeup Art (SOMA)

The school of makeup artists, Toronto is one of the best makeup schools in Canada. They offer a six–month diploma program in makeup. They focus on learning transformational makeup in courses ranging from regular beauty makeup to special effect makeup.

Including age look transformations. The courses are taught by established professionals in the makeup industry. The courses involve practical work on actual clients.

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Glow Academy, Toronto

This makeup school is special for brand-loyal traditional makeup artistry. The school offers different levels of makeup courses in diploma programs ranging from total beginners’ makeup to advanced level makeup, bridal makeups, fantasy, application of airbrush, and other special effects makeup.

The courses are taught by professionals in the makeup industry. The school has three locations in Bloor West, Mississauga, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

The school has the special features of a photography studio, invites to high-end industry events, and a lot of zebra print chairs.

They also offer services in manicure, brow clean up to facials, and makeup applications to clients.

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The School of Makeup and Esthetics; George Brown College, Toronto

This school is designed for providing students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to build a career in the makeup field. They offer certificates and courses that take a hands-on approach.

They work with a curriculum that always has a significant reflectance in the makeup industry. The classes are taken by established makeup professionals. The study pattern includes working with real clients.

The school has special features which make for realistic and practical learning. These features include the spa and specialized studios. The school also emphasizes a smooth transition to the working labor market from the school.

George Brown College also offers courses in hair styling and nail work courses and other beauty courses. The courses available at George Brown College are handled by professionals in the established industry.

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Eventbrite Spring 2022 Professional Masterclass

This offers makeup and fashion courses. It is a spring course. With studies spread out, the courses cover several makeups, hair styling, and fashion fields.

The program offers courses taught by established makeup professionals in the industry these courses include training in day makeup application, evening makeup application, bridal makeup, hair styling, practical makeup application, practical makeup application, and photoshoot for portfolios.

They offer these courses at a considerably affordable rate with a discount for early registrations. At the end of the programs, they give a certification after the courses.

Official school website: https://www.eventbrite.ca/

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