15 Upholstering Classes Online in 2022

Do you want to learn how to upholster your home and office furniture? This article discusses what upholstering is, its importance as well as a carefully researched list of the 15 best upholstering classes online.

Whether you are new to upholstering or you already have prior knowledge and are looking to improve some upholstering skills, you are share to find these classes quite helpful.

Continue to read to learn all you need to know about upholstering as well as learn which of the upholstering classes are right for you to enroll in.

What is Upholstery?

According to Wikipedia, upholstery refers to the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers.

Simply, upholstery refers to the act of stuffing or covering seats or chairs and furniture using fabric to make them more comfortable to sit on.

It is the padded covering for a piece of furniture using fabric to achieve a soft covering. This material addition not only makes the piece of furniture soft and comfortable to sit on, but it also helps to make a significant difference to the visual identity of the furniture.

Why Do You Need Upholstery?

There are so many reasons why upholstery is important. It is not just for when you’re moving to a new home or office. Home furniture gets worn and expired, and you will be required to change them. 

Even more, you might decide that you want a new style or for your home or office to have a new look. This is where the need to learn upholstery comes in.

Below are some reasons to learn upholstery:

To change styles

There is always the need to change styles, especially when you’re remodeling the interior of your house or office. If you already know upholstery, you won’t have to bother buying a new set of furniture to suit your new desired style.

To restore or redesign quality pieces.

When your quality furniture wears out, you won’t need to bother about getting new ones and going through the stress of wondering if they are quality pieces like your former.

You will only need to restore the new fine furniture or reupholster it to have your quality furniture once again.

For sentimental reasons

Have you ever had a piece of item passed down from an important person from the past or someone you hold in high esteem?

We always have a hard time letting go of items like this because sometimes, they might be the only piece of memories we have of them.

This happens with home furniture too. You may have inherited pieces of furniture from your grandparents, and you just can’t let them go even when they are worn out and gives your home a look that keeps you worried.

Upholstery could help you give it a new look while maintaining those pieces.

You get more value for your money.

Oftentimes, upholstering tends to be cheaper than buying a new set of furniture after your old ones are worn out. However, buying new sets can be cheaper at other times, but usually, the former helps you gain more benefits when this is the case.

First, you get to design to your taste or restore it back to its former glory. Also, you will be certain of its durability.

Now that we know some of why upholstering is essential let’s move right into the best upholstering classes you should check out online.

Upholstering Classes Online in 2022

There are tons of upholstering classes online, but how do you find the best of them? How do you ensure you don’t spend long minutes on a class that would not yield any results at the end of the day?

That’s the reason we have taken the time to carefully research and select the 15 best upholstering classes online that we are certain you will find helpful.

Some of these classes are paid while the rest of them are free. However, they are quite helpful resources for you to get started and master your upholstery skills.

1.  The Ultimate Upholstery Guide: Recovering Dining Room Chairs

This course offers a step-by-step guide to upholstery. It is designed for both beginners and individuals who already have prior knowledge of upholstery but are looking to enhance their skills.

Basically, this upholstery class aims to equip you with the skills you need to become an upholstery professional for your personal projects and re-upholster for other people.

Whether you’re a beginner learner and want to learn all the basics or an advanced upholster, there’s some value in this upholstery class.

Also, if you’re looking to add to your list of DIY skills, then jump right in and enroll in this course.

Course provider: Udemy

Duration:  4 hours and 51 minutes

Cost: $47.58

Certificate: Yes

Enroll here

2. Upholstery Fundamentals

This upholstery class aims at equipping you with the basic skills of the upholstery of dining room chairs, cushions, tubular machines, tools, machines, and vintage cocktail chairs.

Basically, this upholstery class is designed for learners of all upholster skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn from scratch or an advanced upholster looking to improve on more skills, this course will bring you some added value.

By the end of the course, you’re sure to have learned:

  • Master basic upholstery skills with high-quality finishings
  • Re-upholster various types of dining room chairs
  • Recover a vintage cocktail chair
  • Reupholster various types of tubular chairs
  • Sew cushion covers with welt/piping and zip
  • Use Upholstery tools
  • Replace webbing
  • Replace foam
  • Apply upholstery fabric
  • Fold the corners of the fabric
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Hand tools
  • Electric tools
  • sewing machines of different types
  • Overlocker/serger
  • Little helpers
  • Various fixings
  • Solving some common problems
  • Sewing a seat cover with a raised edge/boxing
  • Sewing a seat cover with a raised edge/boxing and piping.
  • Create an edge roll

Course provider: Udemy

Duration: 7 hours and 38 minutes

Cost: $10.76

Certificate: Yes

Enroll here

3. Upholstery Skills Online

This is a website dedicated to teaching learners at all upholstery levels everything they need to know about upholstery as well as equip them with the skills they need. It provides a series of classes on upholstering.

It is said that when you want to learn a thing, beginning from the very root of it is usually essential. This website is specifically designed to teach upholstery from scratch.

In addition, you will get to learn traditional upholstery as well as modern upholstery tips and techniques.

Course provider:  Upholsteryskillsonline.com

Duration: Varies

Cost: Varies

Certificate: Varies

Enroll here

4. Eisenberg Upholstery

This class provides written lessons on Upholstery in step-by-step guidelines and instructions designed or different upholstering furniture techniques.

This class covers the different tools used in upholstery and the different types of fabrics to use. In addition, the class provides learners with tips on how to cut and sew the fabrics for the upholstery.

Course provider: Eisenberg Upholstery

Duration: Self-paced

Cost: Free 

Enroll here

5. Broadway Upholstery School

This class is hosted on a channel dedicated to providing classes on upholstery. This includes a series of videos exhaustingly giving upholstery tips and projects as well as the right upholstery tips to use. 

Basically, this upholstery class aims at equipping you with all the skills you need to kick-start your professional upholstery journey.

Course provider:  Broadway Upholstery School

Duration:  Varies

Cost:  Free

Enroll here

6. Kims Upholstery.Com

This is one of the best upholstering classes online aimed at helping you begin your upholstering journey.

Kim offers upholstering classes via videos online. Thes videos offer some comprehensive step-by-step guides on how to upholster seats.

In addition to this, this class provides learners with tutorials on the various designs for different types of furniture.

As much as they are designed for beginners, individuals who have prior knowledge in the field or are advanced upholsters are also sure to gain some value from these classes. 

Course provider:  Kims Upholstery.Com

Duration:  Varies

Cost:  Free

Enroll here

7. ALO Upholstery

This is another one of the best channels for upholstering classes online. It is dedicated to offering classes on upholstering by providing DIY upholstery video tutorials.

In addition, you will get to learn how to upholster a modern piece of furniture such as a sofa or couch. Even better, these classes are given in simple, clear, concise but detailed, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Course provider:  ALO Upholstery

Duration:  Varies

Cost:   Free

Enroll here

8. DIY Upholstery

This class comprises a series of video tutorials on upholstery aimed at helping you get started in your professional upholstery journey.

In this class, you will get to learn how to upholster different kinds of furniture as well as the various tools and machines used in upholstering. 

Also, this class offers a step-by-step guide on how to upholster certain furniture, designs, and choosing fabrics as well as how to use the different upholstering tools.

Course provider:  DIY Upholstering

Duration:  Varies

Cost:  Free

Enroll here

9. Upholstery Tutorials

This class is also another one of the best upholstery classes online to go for if you want to learn upholstery from scratch.

The class offers a series of upholstering video tutorials with detailed step-by-step guides on getting it right in this craft.

In this class, you will get to learn about the different types of materials used in upholstery, how to cut fabrics as well as how to use and sew them.

In addition to this, this upholstery class provides you with tips and techniques for repairing old furniture.

Course provider:  Upholstery Tutorials – YouTube

Duration: Varies

Cost: Free

Enroll here

10. Paint, Refinish and Reupholster Furniture: Table and Chairs

This class is designed for crafters, DIY lovers, and students looking to broaden their knowledge and out furniture refinishing and furniture flippers. This is regardless of their upholstery skill level.

That is, this class is designed for learners of all upholstery skill levels. In this class, you will learn how to refinish a dining set or even complete a more extensive project either for yourself or other people.

Furthermore, the class covers other aspects of upholstering, such as painting, stripping, sanding, and all other options for designing and refinishing furniture.

Course provider:  Udemy

Duration:  31 minutes

Cost:  $30.84

Enroll here

11. How To Renovate Furniture Like An Expert: for beginners

This class is designed to help you get started as well as professional master upholstering skills in a short period of time. 

Whether you are a beginner or are already advanced in the field, you are sure to get some value from this class.

Basically, the class is designed to teach you how to renovate an old wooden piece of furniture. In addition, you will learn the steps and techniques to sand, stain, and varnish, as well as change the top of chairs.

If you’re passionate about crafts and house flipping, as well as a DIY and construction enthusiast, then this course may be the right one for you.

Course provider:  Udemy

Duration:  1 hour and 31 minutes

Cost:  $59.53

Enroll here

12. Give A Second Life To Old Furniture With Restoration Tips

This class aims at teaching you how to restore old furniture and give them economic value. If you own a piece of new or old furniture or antique that you’re looking to increase its value, provide a new look and design as well as a new life, then you should jump right in and enroll for this course.

This class is geared toward teaching learners the various concepts essential to identifying a furniture and its varnish as well as the various techniques to implement to remove the varnish. 

In addition, you will get to learn how to remove varnish from all furniture types.

Course provider:  Udemy

Duration:  37 minutes

Cost:  $10.76

Enroll here

13. The Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design

This class aims at exploring the essential principles of interior designs and upholstering for your home as well as for clients.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn about the wonders of Interior Design
  • Come to terms with the terminology of Interior Design
  • Learn about upholstery, furniture, fabrics, color, and elevations.
  • Impress employers with knowledge of the Interior Design sector
  • Grow an understanding of individual styles
  • Learn about the different styles and how rooms can be designed

Course provider:  Udemy

Duration:  1 hour and 28 minutes

Cost:  $10.76

Enroll here

14. How to French Shabby Chic Furniture for a Living

If you are passionate about recycling, refurbishing, or experimenting, this class is the right one.

Basically, the course is geared toward teaching you how to recycle, refurbish and experiment with old furniture into new breaths of fresh air either for your personal use or to sell.

In addition, this class comes with comprehensive video tutorials, documents, and images that will be valuable for your journey.

Course provider:  Udemy

Duration:  1 hour and 51 minutes

Cost:  $20.32

Enroll here

15. Alison Scott Upholstery

This class aims at teaching learners the techniques of traditional upholstering. In addition, it comprises a series of detailed video tutorials with techniques and skills on how to upholster furniture.

Furthermore, the class covers the tools used in upholstering as well as how to use them.

Course provider:  Alison Scott Upholstery

Duration: Varies

Cost: Free

Enroll here


What is upholstery?

Simply, upholstery refers to the act of stuffing or covering seats or chairs and furniture using fabric to make them more comfortable to sit on.

Can I learn upholstery online?

Can I learn upholster by myself? Yes, you can learn upholster online and by yourself. 

What is a master upholsterer?

A master upholsterer is a professional upholster who offers bespoke upholstering services by making new and reupholstering existing pieces of furniture.


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