15 Best Selling Hospitality Online Certifications

The best-selling free and paid hospitality online certifications courses will help businesses keep up with the constant change in paradigm.

These courses are designed to re-engineer what you have known and help you adapt to the new practices.

Before we get into the listing of these courses, we need to understand what they are, and why you should get them.

What Are Hospitality Certifications?

These are certifications given to the industry’s most accomplished, educated, and effective leaders.

They serve as a mark of achievement and can often be used to promote the recipient’s career, whether they are earned or bestowed.

While certain certificates are more well-known than others, some certify you in a specific software while others verify your general industry skills.

Any hospitality certification is an excellent method to demonstrate your commitment to the profession.

Why You Should Get a hospitality certifications

It’s no surprise that a formal acknowledgment of excellence is so needed in the hotel industry, given the vast number of people involved.

Certifications in the hospitality sector enable those with a high level of industry knowledge and job performance to stand out from the crowd.

Those that are enthusiastic about their chosen field will almost certainly pursue one or more certificates.

However, not everyone in the hospitality industry can acquire or be nominated for one, hence, the prestige.

Who Should Get a Hospitality certification?

Anyone working in the hotel sector who wants to receive verifiable proof of their accomplishment or skill should pursue certification.

While there are credentials for individuals who have worked in the sector for a long time, there are also certifications for those who are new.

There is also certification for those in the field who want to advance in their chosen field.

So, depending on their career ambitions, all levels of hospitality professionals require certification for one reason or another.

Bests Selling Hospitality Online Certifications

#1. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue, and Demand Management

This is a three-tier course that will help you build a hospitality business. the course will also help prepare you for a professional career in the hotel industry.

It will be taught by Peter O’Connor and 8 other wonderful instructors. The course will help you get a hand on the basics of hotel demand management, distribution, and revenue management.

You will also learn how e-commerce agencies are impacting the hospitality industry. The Free hospitality online certifications course is offered by ESSEC business school and you can enroll below.

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#2. Food and Beverage Management

You will agree that food and beverage is a very huge and pertinent issue in the hospitality industry. Failure to handle them properly will eventually lead to the collapse f the enterprise.

Therefore, enroll in this course that will be taught by Gabriele Troilo. The course will equip you to manage any company in the food and beverage industry.

The Free hospitality online certifications course will also give you access to one of the best-selling hospitality online certifications.

The course is offered by Bocconi and you can enroll by clicking on the button below.

#3. International Hospitality $ Healthcare Services

This course is part of the International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth Specialization.

It’s powered by Yonsei University and will be taught by Sunmee Choi. The course is completely free and will help its students understand and identify the distinctive attribute of service businesses.

It will also help you develop a management plan to better understand the roles of customers in favorable business outcomes.

You can enroll by clicking the button below and see why this course is one of the best-selling hospitality online certifications.

#4. Sustainable Tourism – promoting environmental public health

The course is offered by the University of Copenhagen and will be taught by Professor Flemming Konradsen.

The course focuses on the issues and opportunities of tourist growth in tiny island states in tropical and sub-tropical settings. It will also as look at the impacts of such development on fragile ecosystems.

This course has made it top of our best-selling hospitality online certifications list as the hospitality business is booming in places with such ecosystems as we have mentioned above.

We’re talking Tanzania, Mauritius, and all the other islands scattered over the world.

Therefore, click the button below to know more, and to enroll.

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#5. Demand management: Breaking down today’s commercial silos

This course is offered by ESSEC Business School and will have Peter O’Connor lead other instructors. Therefore, you should expect lots of value.

It will be deciphering the issues facing the hospitality industry for half a decade, which is the absence of integration between vital commercial disciplines of sales and revenue.

The course will also look at distribution and finance and their negative effects on delivering asset value and maximum profitability.

Click the button below to get started and find out why this course makes it to our list of best-selling hospitality online certifications.

#6. The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: The Cornerstone of Revenue Strategy

Another course offered by ESSEC Business School, the course will help students learn new strategies to employ in revenue management.

This will help the candidate deal with the high fixed costs and highly disposable products of hotels.

At the end of the course, you will understand the essentials of revenue management. This will no doubt help you thrive in managing the resources of any hotel you work with.

So, to enroll in these Free hospitality online certifications click on the button below.

#7. Online Hospitality Management Certificate from Cornell University

Current and future hospitality managers who can’t travel to get certified should take this Hospitality Management Certificate course.

The certificate program will help you develop your hospitality management skills while also providing you with sensible tactics to use on both yourself and your team.

Note, this course is a paid online hospitality certifications course and you can get started by clicking the button below.

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#8. Fundamentals of Sales & Marketing Management for Hospitality

The course will help you understand the principles of sales management in hospitality. You’d also get a hang of budgeting and planning processes.

This will aid you in running a smooth operation in any hospitality management niche you find yourself in.

To learn more about this course and to enroll click on the button below. However, note that this is a Paid online hospitality certifications course.

#9. Hospitality Marketing & Pricing Secrets to Profit in 2021

Mark Simpson is a hospitality marketing expert and would be your guide in this course. You’d learn the importance of hotel revenue management in the course of this lesson.

You’d also be able to identify the most significant numbers in your own business data (KPIs – Key Performance Indicators).

The course is a paid online hospitality certifications course, however, it’s very affordable. You can get started by clicking on the button below.

#10. Leadership Skills For A Hotel Manager

This is a hotel manager’s entire leadership training course. Improve your ability to persuade and influence your staff and customers.

This course is for you if you are new to the hotel management field or if you already work as a hotel manager.

You can enroll in the paid online hospitality certifications course by clicking the button below. While the course isn’t free, you get value for your money.

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Your objectives as a restaurant/outlet manager or owner, regardless of status, would necessitate cost control, which might sometimes conflict with the expectations of other employees.

This course will teach you how to thoroughly assess operations and determine the best course of action.

The paid online hospitality certifications course will help you recognize Issues & challenges in the venue that increases operation cost.

So to enroll, click on the button below.

#12. WINE SERVICE – Professional Skills in Hospitality

The course will teach you the deductive method of tasting, detecting flaws in wines, and serving wine in restaurants.

You will also learn the differences between reading European and U.S wine labels and proper glassware selection.

So to enroll, click the button below.

#13. Hospitality Property Organizational Structure

Many hospitality property owners want their business to run like a well-oiled machine, but they don’t have the time or technical capabilities to organize it.

This course will breach that gap. The instructor will take you through a step-by-step guide to mastering property organizational structure.

You will also learn how to develop step-by-step checklist forms and compile them into a working operations manual.

To get on this paid online hospitality certifications course, click the button below.

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#14. Hotel Front Desk

Everything you need to know about running a successful front office will be explained in this course.

This course will teach you all of the necessary facts, reports, transactions, and abilities to handle the Front Office Department.

It’s designed in such a way that upon completion, you will be able to create a hotel front desk department.

You will also learn what needs to be done to enhance and increase efficiency in the one you already have.

The hospitality online certifications aren’t free, but what will be paid, for is worth it. To enroll, click the button below.

#15. Social Media Marketing: Hospitality & Travel Professionals

This course will teach you how to leverage Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram for Your Travel, Hotel or Hospitality based business.

After this course, you will understand which channel is most suitable every time, to reach a specific set of people. You will also learn how to make your hotel more social media-friendly.


It’s not enough to want something to be a specific way, you have to make it happen. In cases where you don’t have the know-how, you must learn.

This is why I have listed these very important courses that will help you become better hospitality personnel.

These courses will help you take the right baby steps in the hospitality industry.

It will also serve as refreshments materials for people already in the hospitality business.

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