15 Best Free Online Veterinary Classes

Want to know the best free online veterinary classes?

Veterinary science courses are a great way to learn about the process of discovering solutions to animal problems.

And the best way to start is by taking veterinary classes that are available online.

So, here we are, providing you with the golden key to your profession by allowing you to enroll in the greatest free online veterinary science classes available.

Read and find the best veterinary class for you to begin your online journey.

Can You Do Veterinary Classes Online?

Yes, you can take veterinary classes online.

Taking free veterinary classes online normally does not result in college credit. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of getting a head start on their profession by watching free veterinary classes online.

World Scholarship Forum’s online class library is a great place to start and save money.

These core courses are a good place to start if you want to acquire your veterinary credential online.

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Can I Take Veterinary Classes Online for Free?

The possibility of taking veterinary classes online for free is really high.

Accredited schools, such as Tufts University, provide free online veterinary classes. These self-paced courses can be undertaken for fun rather than for credit.

While these free veterinary online courses may not directly equate to college credit, they do provide students with a wealth of tools.

Some of these courses, unlike their in-person counterparts, lack complete material or context.

That isn’t to say they aren’t valuable for students who want to brush up on their veterinary science knowledge.

This collection includes a variety of online veterinary courses for high school students and future college students.

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List of the 15 Best Free Online Veterinary Classes

Here are the best online veterinary classes that are available for free right now, so you can get started learning right away.

1. Animal Physiology – Swayam

Provider: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and NPTEL via Swayam

The class is a relaxed exploration of getting to know your own body.

It will make you think about the following: How does our bodywork? What is it made up of, and how does your body’s organizational hierarchy work? How does the body’s natural function get disrupted, and how does it try to go back to normal?

Also, you will learn how the body re-calibrates its functioning and modify itself in harsh physiological situations?

The target audience is undergraduate and graduate students studying biology, biotechnology, zoology, and bioengineering.

2. Animal Behaviour and Welfare – Cousera

Provider: University of Edinburgh

Timeline: Currently Available

This free online class from the University of Edinburgh can help you better comprehend animal welfare.

Basically, this course covers both the interesting study of animal behavior and the difficult task of accessing animals’ emotions.

Don’t spend any more time and enroll in this self-paced veterinary class right away.

3. Birds 101: Introduction to Pet Birds – edX

Provider: University of Tennessee

Duration: 4 weeks long, 2-3 hours a week

Birds are incredible creatures! They are quite bright, sociable, and some can make excellent friends!

There are various varieties of birds to choose from when considering these feathered companions as pets, from parrots to parakeets, chickens to canaries, and cockatoos.

This course covers the basics of pet bird care, such as behavioral features of various bird species, bird handling, anatomy and physiology, and keeping birds as pets.

Bird enthusiasts, pet bird owners, and those who work with birds would benefit from the information provided.

Above all, this is a perfect online veterinary class for any beginner.

4. Introduction to Animal Behaviour – edX

Provider: Wageningen University & Research

Timeline: Currently Available

Explore the incredible diversity and complexity of wild animal behavior with this online course from Wageningen University & Research, titled “Introduction to Animal Behaviour.”

Learn how animals learn, communicate, find food, evade predators, and behave socially in this course.

Most importantly, this course is for anyone who wants to learn more about animal behavior than they can get from nature films or a conventional high school education.

5. Veterinary Practitioners and the Food Supply Chain – FutureLearn

Provider: University of Glasgow

Duration: 10 weeks long, 10 hours a week

Timeline: Currently Available

Veterinarians play an important part in the food chain, and ‘farm to fork’ food production training is critical for national food security and public health.

This micro-credential is for veterinarians who want to understand how to deal with sustainable livestock production to maintain food cleanliness and safety.

You’ll learn about significant national and worldwide concerns to animal food production and food security from professional veterinarian educators in farm animal health and welfare and public health.

6. Genetic Models for Animal Breeding – edX

Provider: Wageningen University & Research

Enroll in this free online course titled “Genetic Models for Animal Breeding” and become a part of Wageningen University & Research.

This course walks you through the steps of creating a breeding program for animals and teaches you the genetic and statistical ideas you’ll need to get started.

To enroll in this course, you must have a working grasp of high school mathematics, genetics, and basic statistics at the university level.

7. Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training – Udemy

Dr. Ian Dunbar, a renowned animal behaviorist, and dog trainers, delivers a six-hour video lecture in this online session.

The IAABC and NADOI have approved it for 6 continuing education credits (CCPDT credits have been applied for).

Basically, this course covers a wide range of topics, from common sense to cutting-edge technology. They all have one thing in common: they are all essential for gaining a thorough understanding of canine training and behavior.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to raise a well-trained companion dog or who wants to improve their current dog’s training.

8. Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management – Cousera

Provider: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is accepting applications for a free online course called “Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management” from interested applicants.

Understanding the science of growth, immunity, and infection will help you comprehend the impact of infectious disease on sustainable animal-based food production in this course.

Also, this course will assist you in investigating the impact of infectious diseases on the production of sustainable animal-based food.

9. Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting & Fighting – Udemy

Duration: 10 hours worth of material

Every dog will exhibit some level of hostility or reactivity at some point in their lives, thus any dog owner or dog trainer must learn how to deal with this type of behavior.

You should treat any emerging sensitivity or hostility as soon as you notice it.

The sooner you start, the less difficult it will be. And the procedures used to treat dog aggression are strikingly similar to those used to prevent it, with the exception that therapy takes much longer.

New strategies have recently been devised to speed up and maximize classical conditioning, progressive desensitization, and, eventually, re-socialization.

That is what you will learn from this online veterinary class.

10. The Truth About Cats and Dogs – Coursera

Provider: University of Edinburgh

Join the University of Edinburgh’s free online course “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” to learn about your cat and dog’s behavior and how they communicate with you.

The course looks at a variety of scientifically verified strategies for better understanding your pet, enriching their lives, and making you a more informed and confident pet owner.

Basically, this online veterinary course is open to everyone.

11. Evaluating Animal Breeding Programmes – edX

Provider: Wageningen University & Research

Take part in this online course from Wageningen University & Research titled “Evaluating Animal Breeding Programmes” to learn how to evaluate an ongoing breeding program.

Basically, this course will teach you how to execute and evaluate large-scale industrial breeding programs as well as custom-made breeding programs in terms of genetic development and genetic variety.

Also, this course requires a working knowledge of statistics at the 2nd or 3rd-year university level.

Enjoy the full benefit of studying at your own pace through this online veterinary class.

12. Dog Training Tricks: Trick Training, Dog Games & Dog Paw Art – Udemy

Duration: 1-2 hours worth of material

Do you want to strengthen your bond with your dog but aren’t sure how?

This course is ideal for all dog owners since it will lead you through step-by-step how to teach your dog astonishing dog tricks like sit beautifully, ring the bells, weave through your legs, talk on demand, and much more!

Also, this training will also teach you how to play games with your dog like hide and seek, nose practice, and more!

To create a closer relationship with your dog, you will master all of these different dog training tricks and be able to play different games in the comfort of your own house today!

This is the most entertaining dog training tricks and games course available on Udemy for you and your dog. Over 4,000 pupils have already registered for this workshop, which will provide them with new activities to do with their dogs!

13. Home Dog Care Business: Dog Boarding, Walking & Pet Sitting

Duration: 12 hours worth of material

Have you ever wanted to start a dog-related business but been put off by the prospect?

Do you already run a dog-care business but want to get a competitive advantage and become the best in your area?

If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. They’ve teamed up with Alex Genadinik to bring you the best MASTERCLASS course on Udemy on how to start a dog business this month by understanding all of the different aspects of it, including marketing online and locally, building a website, and even improving your website sales conversion.

This is comprehensive training for all dog lovers who wish to establish and grow their own dog company from home with a low initial investment.

14. ustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management – Coursera

Provider: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is accepting applications for a free online veterinary course called “Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management” from interested applicants.

Understanding the science of growth, immunity, and infection will help you comprehend the impact of infectious diseases on sustainable animal-based food production in this course.

Above all, this course will assist you in investigating the impact of infectious diseases on the production of sustainable animal-based food.

15. Dog Training: 50 Dog Behavior Issues & Ways to Fix them! – SkillShare

Duration: 6 hours worth of material

Welcome to the seminar on dog behavior! This course is developed exclusively for pet parents who wish to learn the “Why” behind various canine behavior issues and how to correct them.

The goal of this course is to assist you in enriching your dog’s life and providing him with the best possible life.

They believe that gaining a full understanding of your dog’s behavior is the first step toward enriching and improving his life, and this course will help you accomplish just that.

In this lesson, you’ll go over the top 50 canine behavior issues, their causes, and how to deal with them using Punishment-Free Dog Training Techniques.


Do you enjoy spending time with animals? Have you ever wished to work with them but decided to pursue something else instead

Have you considered returning to Veterinary Medicine? If yes, and you’re not sure where to begin, here are 15 best free online classes on a variety of veterinary topics.


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