10 Best PHP Courses Online in 2022

As a WordPress developer who is new in Programming World, PHP is an excellent place to start. PHP expertise is required even if you have taken online courses in other programming languages like C++ or Node.js (Javascript) online courses.

And what’s remarkable is that it’s an easy language, making it one of the easiest to learn and a critical component of internet development. If you wish to work on the WordPress backend, you must know it.

Here is the challenge!

It can take a considerable amount of time. It is straightforward does not mean that it is not time-consuming. You can spend months and years, as well as a significant amount of money, honing your skill.

However, there is some good news!

You can easily learn the PHP programming language without spending months or years in pricey college courses. You can become an expert in a matter of weeks by devoting a few weeks.


Do not be, as we live in an age of advanced technology, where you can quickly learn any programming language online.

There are hundreds of free and commercial PHP tutorials available to help you get started. Just as I wrote a post about the best online Linux, C++, and Python courses, I’ve compiled a list of the top ones for you in this article.

All you have to do is read through attentively with me, and you will be glad you did.

To begin, let us review the PHP content and why it is a must-have programming language for you as a programmer. The table of contents below will help you navigate through!

What is PHP, and why should you learn it?

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a scripting language for enhancing web pages. It supports functions such as usernames and passwords creation, forums, and other essential components of the user experience.

PHP—and other scripting languages—differ in their execution from programming languages. The former uses an interpreter to transform their language to machine code, while the latter employs a compiler.

This programming language enables Web Developers to construct dynamic websites that interact with databases instead of the slower-loading Common Gateway Interface-based websites.

This specific scripting language is critical to master since it is open-source, which means it is readily available.

This means that Web Developers knowledgeable in PHP can give companies and clients efficient and cost-effective services while improving their value—according to Glassdoor, PHP Developers earn an average of $81,428 per year in the United States.

Additionally, PHP is a requirement to get started with WordPress development. It is essential to alter WordPress or build themes and plugins, and it is at the heart of the entire content management system.

While HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are also worth investigating, it has integrated none into WordPress as PHP.

Finally, PHP has a sizable community and many free resources, as with other programming languages. That means you have many options for seeking help, exchanging ideas, downloading free software, and locating helpful information.

What purpose does PHP serve?

PHP is one of the oldest still-in-use programming languages. It was invented in the late 1990s, and its many applications have ensured its continued relevance to the present day.

PHP drives some of the most popular and frequently visited websites by developing a backend architecture that allows commerce, publication, and more.

PHP is the foundation for numerous prominent websites and functionality. Additionally, PHP includes frameworks for multiple commonly used applications, which remove the need to start from scratch when you wish to customize a new project.

Because of the many shortcuts available within embedded functions, PHP is a timesaving alternative for programmers who need to produce something new in a short amount of time or on a shoestring budget.

PHP is frequently used to develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which are used to administer websites that are accessible to the public.

This enables people who are not technically competent to contribute material easily and change the site without the assistance of a designer or developer.

E-commerce websites are frequently built in PHP, enabling small enterprises to construct an online storefront without additional development costs.

Additionally, it is much easier to add, amend, or delete content pages or modules on an established website because you can integrate HTML into PHP pages.

The benefits of learning PHP

Whether you want to learn PHP as your primary programming language or to supplement your toolbox of abilities with other languages, there are many reasons to consider it, including:

Ease of instruction

PHP may be easier to learn than other programming languages because of its resemblance to HTML, integrated HTML in code, built-in functions, and the ability to reuse code blocks. 

Additionally, extensions are available to assist with creating new PHP sites, including authentication, location services, and encryption.

Once you’ve mastered PHP and its functions, you can use these skills to rapidly and effectively develop practically anything.

Prominence and universality

PHP is a widely used backend programming language utilized globally, with research showing that they use it on about 80% of websites constructed using a server-side scripting language. 

It is compatible with all major operating systems and a wide variety of databases, making it an excellent choice for large organizations with several locations.

Industry applications

They frequently combined PHP with HTML and databases to develop dynamic web applications. Additionally, it can run a server or write command-line scripts that do functions without the usage of a browser.

Applications relating to cybersecurity

When familiar with the PHP programming language, malicious attempts against PHP-based websites are easy to recognize and block. PHP is used in cybersecurity because it enables secure data sharing between servers and users, raising data protection.

The end-user receives the HTML output from the server but does not see the complete PHP code, which provides a higher level of anonymity for the author of the PHP pages than other programming languages.

Diverse output

Along with HTML, PHP enables the creation of PDF, Flash, and simple text files without learning additional languages.

PHP can be used to create forms that collect data from visitors, dynamically generate page content based on the visitor’s location or interests.

What Prerequisites Are Required to Learn PHP?

Before studying PHP, it is critical to note a few recommendations. Prior to learning PHP, it is beneficial to gain a basic understanding of HTML.

Because PHP may be embedded into HTML, understanding both languages enables you to transition between them within the same content. CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL knowledge can also help you improve your PHP programming skills.

Once you feel comfortable with these languages, you can look out for PHP tutorials for beginners or learn PHP video lectures.

Is PHP Course good for me?‎

If you are familiar with primary programming languages, have an interest in website building, and are organized, systematic, and focused, you may be interested in studying PHP. 

PHP can also serve as a suitable stepping stone to other PHP frameworks that are widely utilized in today’s software market, such as CakePHP and others. By studying PHP, you can obtain experience with CakePHP, which enables you to construct web apps quickly. 

Finally, if you are already familiar with core design ideas for scalable systems and the integration of numerous data sources and databases into a single system, studying PHP may be a good fit for you. 

Although PHP is an older and more frequently used language, some observers notice its popularity has dwindled significantly in modern usage.

This, however, is premature, as many large websites continue to utilize some form of PHP language protocols, and hence mastering it may be beneficial for you.

How are PHP and HTML Distinct?

HTML is the markup language that specifies how web pages are structured. HTML is used on every online page. It is not a programming language in the conventional sense but a subset of XML. 

Web browsers parse HTML to determine the appearance of a web page and its elements, such as headings, paragraphs, and images when they are rendered.

Static HTML pages are often saved with the.htm or.html extension and served directly by a web server. PHP is a web server-side scripting language. 

It must be executed to generate results. PHP, which is typically denoted by the.php extension, is a programming language frequently used in web development to generate HTML for dynamic websites.

On the other hand, PHP can create more than just HTML; it can also cause different text-based data types such as JSON, graphics, and binary data. PHP developers work on server-side or backend code, whereas HTML developers work on the website’s front-end.

What are the Best PHP Courses Online?

Here are the best PHP courses online worth enrolling in this 2022:

  1. PHP for Beginners
  2. The Complete PHP MYSQL Professional Course with 5 Projects
  3. Build a Social Network from Scratch: JavaScript PHP + MySQL
  4. PHP & MySQL – Certification Course for Beginners
  5. PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project
  6. Object Oriented PHP & MVC
  7. E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!
  8. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website
  9. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites
  10. PHP & MySQL course for absolute beginners | Become a PHP pro

#1. PHP for Beginners

Instructor: Dave Hollingworth

Cost: $35.81

Duration: 14 hours

Level: Beginners

Are you interested in starting programming and want to start by learning PHP? This PHP crash course is right for you. 

PHP for Beginner’s course is one of the best PHP courses online that teaches how to create a web application using MYSQL and PHP. 

While taking this crash course on PHP, you’ll learn how to secure your code and create a dynamic website using PHP. 

Also, the instructor, Hollingworth will teach you how to write reusable and more maintainable code using programming standards.  

Furthermore, you’ll learn all aspects of a basic web application in PHP: login, CRUD operations, sending emails, uploading files, Ajax.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#2. The Complete PHP MYSQL Professional Course with 5 Projects

Instructor: Jazeb Akram

Cost: $69.45

Duration: 20h 8m total length

Level: Beginners

Getting enrolled in this Udemy PHP course online won’t be a bad idea if you’re interested in becoming a back-end programmer either as a PHP aspirant, college student, or complete beginner. 

During this online PHP course, you will learn everything about PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects.

Also, the course will teach you how to use PHP sessions in a more sophisticated way. You will also learn how to make web pages dynamic using different PHP Techniques.

Further, the course shows you how to Login Logout Admin, System, Tips / Tricks, send Email using PHP, Bootstrap 4.2.1, and PDO.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#3. Build a Social Network from Scratch: JavaScript PHP + MySQL

Instructor: Reece Kenney

Level: Cost: $25.23

Duration: 16h 51m total length

Level: Beginners

Build a Social Network from Scratch course is one of the best PHP courses online that you don’t need any prior programming experience to learn.

During the course, you will learn how to create a full-featured social networking website similar to Facebook or Twitter, complete with newsfeeds, profiles, buddy system, chat system, and trending postings.

Reece Kenney, the instructor, will help you build PHP, HTML, and CSS programming expertise by taking you through the teaching.

Also, you will learn how to use an OO (Object Oriented) strategy when programming.

Moving further in this course, you’ll understand how to integrate MySQL databases into your website and recognize how to register domain names and publish your new website.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#4. PHP & MySQL – Certification Course for Beginners

Instructor: YouAccel Training

Cost: $55.03

Duration: 3h 15m total length

Level: Beginners

This course provides an in-depth introduction to learning how to code in PHP. The lecturer discusses integrating MySQL databases into PHP projects to create dynamic, user-driven functionality in this online course.

This PHP online course will teach PHP fundamentals, including variable declaration and data output.

After completing the course, students will understand how to harness the actual power of dynamic page development through the MySQL database integration.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to connect to databases and perform SQL commands directly from PHP programs.

Don’t delay anymore if you’re interested in learning about PHP Development with Database Integration. Enroll in this innovative new course today.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#5. PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project

Instructor: Edwin Diaz

Cost: $59.84

Duration: 18h 41m total length

Level: Intermediate

Do you have Basic PHP knowledge already and need to hone your skills more? Then you should take this course.

This PHP online course will teach you everything you need to know about Object Oriented Programming (OOP). You will learn new OOP techniques and how to build PHP OOP Applications. 

All you need is to have HTML skills and procedural PHP. 

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#6. Object Oriented PHP & MVC

Instructor: Brad Traversy

Cost: $31.00

Duration: 6h 39m total length

Level: Professionals

This is one of the best PHP online courses on Udemy learning platform that will give you a step-by-step on building a complete custom MVC framework using object-oriented PHP. 

This article will teach you how to create an application using your framework and develop a customized PDO class to manage database interactions.

Furthermore, the instructor will take you through how to complete user authentication by using OOP and PDO.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#7. E-Commerce Website in PHP & MySQL From Scratch!

Instructor: Abdul Wali

Cost: $71.86

Duration: 7h 41m total length

Level: Beginners

With over eight hours of content and forty lessons, this is the ideal course for learning how to build a whole e-commerce website from the ground up using PHP, MySQLi, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

If you are a complete beginner who has no idea how to develop a megaproject in PHP, this course will benefit you. 

Additionally, it might assist you in developing your university or college’s final year project. 

This course is for complete novices. However, you should have a working knowledge of PHP and HTML in the interim. 

The source code for this course is available for download in the last lesson, and you can use it in your projects.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#8. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

Instructor: Eduonix-Tech

Cost: $10.81

Duration: 4h 28m total length

Level: Beginners

Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website course is one of the top PHP courses online that makes the learning of OOP PHP as simple as possible. 

The course begins with a review of fundamental topics like classes, objects, methods, and properties and MVC, MySQL, data abstraction, and data binding. 

After covering the fundamentals, you’ll move on to more complex topics before applying what you’ve learned to build a functional website using OOP PHP.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#9. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

Instructor: Brad Hussey

Cost: Free

Duration: 6hr 20min 

Level: Beginners

Practical PHP is a PHP course online free on Udemy designed for anyone who wants to build dynamic coding websites with PHP.

During this PHP online course, you will have a firm grasp of the principles of PHP and learn how to create dynamic PHP examples.

By the end of this course, you will be so enthusiastic about the newly learned PHP skills that you will want to begin converting all of your websites to PHP immediately!

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

#10. PHP & MySQL course for absolute beginners | Become a PHP pro

Instructor: Dary Nazar

Cost: Free

Duration: 7hrs 38mins

Level: Beginners

Do you aspire to be a PHP master? This is your opportunity to take a free PHP online course!

PHP & MySQL for Absolute Beginners is one of the top PHP courses for PHP newcomers available online.

In this free PHP online course on Udemy, you’ll learn how to digest all of PHP’s fundamental concepts step by step.

The instructor will also discuss the fundamentals of MySQL Database Management System. The last component of this course will involve adding data into a table and subsequently exporting the data from the table in the browser.

To get started in this PHP online course, click the enroll button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should you consider when choosing a top-notch PHP course?

You should search for engaging content, demos, and the experience of the web developer.

Which PHP classes are the best?

There are several excellent courses available, including PHP Essential Training, PHP for Beginners, and Ultimate PHP Fundamentals.

Is it necessary for me to learn PHP?

Indeed! PHP is a coding language that enhances your existing skillset, enables you to work freely, and even allows you to launch a new profession.

What should I study before learning PHP?

Some courses on this list require a working familiarity with HTML.


Each developer must begin somewhere. Choose a PHP tutorial that fits your learning style, and you can master PHP without enrolling in costly college classes.

Learning the many languages required to build a website is one of the most challenging aspects of web development.

PHP is an easy-to-learn language that provides an excellent introduction to more advanced web languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.

If you’re also studying WordPress, keep an eye out for popular plugins. JavaScript and React are becoming increasingly essential tools for WordPress developers, and adding them to your skillset after gaining some PHP knowledge may be a helpful next step.

Keep in mind that learning does not end when you complete the course or read all documentation. The web is constantly growing, and there is always more to learn.

Knowing programming trends can help you stay current and create ground-breaking applications or get work in new fields. PHP is only the start.



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