10 Best Colleges in Chicago | 2022

Chicago, also commonly referred to as the “windy city,” is among the most popular US states. It is known for its bubbly nightlife, high-tech institutions, thriving economy, and large population.

Chicago is equally one state in the USA with some colleges and universities in the United States of America. 

In view of that is why we have listed the 10 best colleges in Chicago.

Our list goes further to reveal colleges in Chicago that have made different research breakthroughs and are top in different programs of study in the United States. 

Besides the world-class facilities, they also immersed students in lots of socio-cultural activities and post-study opportunities the state of Chicago presents.

These are just a few of what Chicago colleges can be. This article gives a full review of the best colleges in Chicago in 2022.

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10 Best Colleges in Chicago

Our compilation was based on reviews from academicians, students, and industry educational analysts. 

We also got data from alumni and ex-students of the universities. Therefore, the list was based on facts obtained from people directly involved.

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1. Northwestern University

Established in 1851, Northwestern University remains one of the best institutions in Chicago owing to its sound academic track record and excellence. 

The school has a high employability ranking which makes it easier for students to obtain good-paying jobs after graduation.

Additionally, the school’s communication institute is one of the best communication institutes in Chicago. Northwestern University has a total of 26 departments with 46 majors across different disciplines and programs. 

They rank the law program 11th best in the United States while maintaining an enviable place among the top 10 universities in the United States.

Top Majors Include:

  • Law
  • Arts
  • Communication
  • Sciences
  • Humanities

School Website: https://www.northwestern.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $35,435.

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2. University of Illinois, Chicago

Our list of best colleges in Chicago cannot be complete if we fail to mention the University of Illinois, Chicago. The school currently has 29,000 students enrolled in different programs. Which is predicted to rise in the future as they keep maintaining sound academic records.

The school is among the foremost public research institutions in Chicago. There are over 16 colleges and schools at the University of Chicago. 

UIC offers students the opportunity of getting immersed in research programs provided by the different research institutes in the University.

Additionally, it might interest you to know that the school also offers financial aid to students through different channels. 

The liberal policy of the school accommodates different student bodies in the school irrespective of cultural background.

Top majors include:

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Research
  • Technology

School Website: https://www.uic.edu/

Average Tuition Fee: $50,321.

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3. University of Chicago

With an establishment that dates as far back as 1890, the University of Chicago has moved from a mediocre institute to a highly revered university in Chicago. The school has a robust learning culture and can accommodate 100 majors and minors.

It has a large academic community of diverse talents and crafts with the former President of the United States who taught at the university for 12 years.

University of Chicago was ranked 18th best in the world by Forbes in 2018 and has continued to break ground as well as set the pace in different research fields.

With over 400 recognized student organizations, the school also gives social support to students besides academic activities.

Top majors include.

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Humanities

School Website: www.uchicago.edu 

Average Tuition Fee: $20,525.

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4. Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institue of Technology or IIT was founded in 1940 as a research-based institute. With deep core studies in technology, IIT has gone on to maintain a sound ranking as a global player in research and tech studies.

The school boasts highly advanced learning facilities while adopting the most practical approach that delivers the best learning experience to students. 

IIT records 93% placements after graduation for students making it one of the best institutes of technology in the United States.

The top majors include

  • communication
  • Business & architecture
  • Design psychology.
  • Science & law.
  • Engineering and industrial technology

School Website: https://www.iit.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $24,412

5. Loyola University Chicago

Loyola is one of the largest private universities in Chicago and is currently ranked among the best value Universities by US News and World Report. 

The school has core values that border on Christian teachings. A good number of the students take part in different religious and humanitarian cuts across ethics and service to humanity.

Loyola has a campus in Rome with another study abroad opportunities to interested international students globally. The school also provides scholarships to deserving and qualified students to study in the university. 

With over 140 graduate and professional certificates, the school is currently one of the top choices of students in the US.

Top Majors Include:

  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Arts
  • Research studies

School Website: https://www.luc.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $40,435

6. DePaul University

Depaul University was founded by the missionaries and was named after a catholic saint, Saint. Vincent Depaul. 

One campus is adjacent to Lake Michigan which gives it a serene setting that makes learning very conducive. Another is located in the Chicago downtown loop. These two settings give students the option of having both worlds.

Depaul’s university has one of the oldest theatres in the Midwest in addition to the high ranking programs and majors in Chicago. Top majors include.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Film
  • Drama
  • PR other communication programs 
  • Game design
  • Animation programs

School website: https://www.depaul.edu/

Average Tuition Fee: $12,452

7. Lake Forest University

Lake Forest College is a modest private college in Chicago. The university in its modest nature has been able to bring good value to education graduating 366 students in both degree programs and master’s certificate programs. 

Lake Forest has an acceptance rate of 55% and has maintained a standard 15:1 student to faculty ratio. 

The school equally records an enrollment of 1,562-2000 students every year. 

Top majors include:

  • Human and Social Sciences 
  • Education and Liberal Arts 
  • Business 
  • Mathematics and Science 
  • Computer Technology 

School Website: https://www.lakeforest.edu/ 

Average Tuition Cost: $24,530

8. National Louis University

National Louis University is ideal if you are looking for where to obtain a career-driven degree and certificate program.

With campuses in Florida and Chicago, National Louis offers a wide range of courses and disciplines while also providing the necessary support for academic excellence to students. 

The University partners with leading industries and companies that grant placements and internships to students. Especially, the high-flying ones. Top majors at National Louis University are:

  • Culinary and Baking Art Program 
  • Management and Business Programs 
  • Teaching 
  • Education and Arts. 

School Website: https://learn.nl.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $32,530

9. Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University is among the institutions in Chicago with a long history of commitment to social justice and inclusion in society. 

Owing to their efforts in recruiting underserved populations and their programs of inclusion to those with disabilities, Roosevelt has left a legacy as one of the best colleges in Chicago with a broad inclusion policy. 

There are over 200 student bodies in Roosevelt with a population of 5000 students and a moderate 11:1student-faculty ratio. 

Roosevelt offers 36 courses and boasts of a community of highly revered academicians and scholars. 

Top majors include:

  • Arts 
  • Music and Performing Art 
  • Humanities 
  • Sciences 
  • Cyber Security Studies 
  • Film 

School Website: https://www.roosevelt.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: 

10. North Park University

North Part University’s mission statement borders on core Christian values but also accommodate other faith. 

The university has a strong relationship with the Evangelical Covenant Church and its seminary, the North Park Theological Seminary. 

The school is the favorite of many high school leavers because of the innovative ways and practical methods of teaching and learning. Student experience in North Park is one the most fulfilling as the school ensures they immerse everyone in full learning while also providing support and financial aid to the deserving students. 

North Park’s Johnson center exposes students to the many possibilities of research and innovation with their cutting-edge tech facilities, classrooms, and laboratories. 

Top majors include: 

  • Public Health 
  • Religious Studies 
  • Criminal
  • Business Management 

School Website: https://www.northpark.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $50,155

11. Wheaton College

Wheaton offers over 58 programs in different fields and has risen from an average private institution to one of the best colleges in Chicago. 

In addition to Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree, students can also further other professional studies in some limited areas. 

Wheaton has a high acceptance rate of 85% with over 3000 students studying in different majors at the school. Wheaton maintains a global standard with its facilities and a team of accomplished academicians and scholars. 

Top majors include:

  • Human and Social Sciences 
  • Education and Liberal Arts 
  • Business 
  • Health
  • Mathematics and Sciences 

School Website: https://www.wheaton.edu/ 

Average Tuition Fee: $51,130 


Attending a college in Chicago is a big city experience especially for non-residents. The state is beyond modest and average. From the city life to the rich multi-diverse ethnic setting, culture, food, and music, Chicago is obviously an entirely different society on its own. 

They have a good way of setting students up for success and letting individuals discover their specialties and where their voice is loudest. 

With a bubbling economy, it easily absorbed graduates into the fast developed economy setting them for the future. 

Chicago has many world-class institutions, but we have narrowed it down to the 10 best colleges to make it easier for students and scholars to choose the schools that align with their career paths. 

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Best College in Chicago?

Northwestern University is currently the best college in Chicago. 

What Ivy League School is in Chicago?

University of Chicago is a certified Ivy League School in Chicago. UChicago is no exception in any way.

Is Northwestern a top 10 School?

Northwestern is ranked No 9 in the US. Therefore, is among the top 10 school in the United States.

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