10 Best Child Clinical Psychology Masters Programs In 2022

A career in child clinical psychology is a great and sensitive career everyone will want to pursue because it involves children. It is more satisfying when you listen to and attend to the needs of children.

To have a desirable and flexible time in your career as a child clinical psychologist, you need to further by sailing through and acquiring a master’s degree in child clinical psychology.

In this article, we have gathered the best child clinical psychology master’s programs you will need.

Clinical child psychology employs a wide range of procedures and skills addressing the population of infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.

However, according to the American psychology association(APA), child psychology is a specialty that applies research and scientific knowledge to the care of young adults, children, toddlers, and infants.

So, relax and read on, we have put down the 10 best child clinical psychology master’s programs and other relevant information about child clinical psychology.

Before we continue, let’s go through the table of content below to get an overview of what the article entails.

Why Study Child Clinical Psychology?

Firstly, child clinical psychology is a specialty in professional psychology that develops and uses scientific knowledge to the delivery of psychological services to infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents within their social context.

According to research issued by Columbia University, mental health issues can start early in a child’s life. child psychologists can make a true and lasting difference.

However, clinical child psychologists are trained professionals who help children understand their emotions and experiences in order to develop treatment plans and ways of coping with their illness.

In other words, a clinical child psychologist is trained to use therapy and other psychological treatment techniques to help children. Also, they may interview, evaluate, diagnose, and treat children with emotional or behavioral issues. 

Clinical child psychologists help children with behavioral and psychological issues by employing methods such as play therapy, psychotherapy, and hypnosis.

Practical speaking, there’s a great feeling that comes with helping people find themselves and helping people be at peace with themselves.

What Can You Do With A Masters Degree In Child Clinical Psychology?

According to Forbes, psychology was a top ten major for both men and women. A child’s clinical psychology will take you too many indifferent directions. So, if you love children and have a desire to better their lives, this field may be a good fit for you.

However, there are lots of career opportunities for you if you acquire a master’s degree in child clinical psychology. Here are the career opportunities you may have if you acquire master’s in child clinical psychology.

School Psychology

School psychologists work in K-12 schools and help students academically and emotionally. They collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to best determine a course of action so children can succeed in class. 

Also, school psychologists provide special help for students diagnosed with conditions such as autism, learning, or emotional disabilities. They take data from classrooms to help schools function. They read to administer assessments in behavior and functioning. 

School Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors vary from school psychologists because they serve the entire school population. Guidance counselors provide more general advice such as improving social skills, resisting drugs and alcohol, or assisting with college applications.

Furthermore, in high schools, guidance counselors also track students’ academic progress, course planning, and providing information about summer programs, internships, or scholarships. They provide career planning advice and help students with personal issues. 

Social Work

Many social workers specialize in working with children. In other words, they help single parents and arrange foster care and adoptions. They follow up with families to check on the well-being of the children, acting as their advocate.

Also, they work within the community by providing resources, counseling, and education. Clinical social workers do work like that of a psychologist, treating and diagnosing emotional and mental problems.

Art Therapy

Art therapists work in schools, hospitals, various clinical and community settings, or in private practices. They may work with children who have emotional, mental, and developmental problems.

Also, they also work with victims of trauma. They join psychology skills with therapeutic art projects, helping clients to express themselves differently, and help their clients improve self-esteem, develop self-awareness, manage behavior, and improve social skills.

Also, they use a various medium like drawing and painting, ceramics, or other forms.

Child Psychologist

Child psychologists treat children and adolescents with severe mental illness, developmental issues, and learning disabilities.

They help children cope with issues such as trauma, death, or divorce. Psychologists are more skilled in conducting psychological assessments than other mental health workers.

How Hard Is It To Get Into A Child Clinical Psychology Masters Program?

Getting admission to pursue master’s programs in child clinical psychology is very competitive. You usually have about 300 students pursuing an opportunity meant for only 10-15 persons.

So if you must start this program, then you must have to prepare yourself very well. Also, you will need to go through harsh training to really learn human dynamics to relate with children and be able to handle critical cases.

How Long Does It Take To Earn a Masters Degree In Child Clinical Psychology?

How long it will take you to earn your degree largely depends on a variety of factors which include the programs you have selected, your educational background, and the individual master’s program in which you have acquired.

Generally, it will take anywhere from one to three years; however, the exact time length will depend on the school you attend.

Where Do Child Clinical Psychology Works?

Child clinical psychologists maybe work in a variety of settings including schools, the legal system, hospitals, and mental health clinics.

Those working in school settings usually diagnose learning disabilities, counsel students and teachers, conduct assessments, and work with families to help students cope with academic problems, social issues, or disabilities. 

Those child psychologists who work in court settings work to help young clients who have come into contact with the criminal justice system. For example, helping to prepare children to testify in court or work with children in the middle of child custody disputes.

Child psychologists who work in hospitals or private mental health offices usually work directly with clients and families to defeat psychological illnesses.

What Is The Average Salary Of A Masters Degree In Clinical Child Psychology?

In general, a child clinical psychologist’s annual salary is often influenced by a few factors. Those with more advanced degrees, for instance, will typically be able to command higher salaries.

A child psychologist’s place of employment might also have an influence on his salary as well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists that work in Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists made an average salary of $70,580 child psychologists made an average salary of $ 69,000.00

Career Outlook Of A Child Clinical Psychology

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that there is Increased demand from government, social service agencies, and schools in light of increased mental health awareness should cause the child psychology field to grow.

Psychologists were predicted to see a 15% growth in employment opportunities for clinical, counselling, and school psychologists between 2018 and 2028., which is much higher than average.

Also, the BLS noted that psychologists with a doctorate and a specific background in child psychology would have the best career prospects during this time period.

Best Child Clinical Psychology Masters Programs

There are various schools offering child clinical psychology for a master’s program but here we have picked the best out of them. However, below are the list of the best child clinical master’s programs.

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  • University Of Washington Seattle Campus
  • University Of Kansas
  • Chestnut Hill College
  • University Of Virginia

#1. University Of Washington Seattle Campus

The University of Washington is a public institution that was founded in 1861. whish is Located north of downtown Seattle, the University of Washington is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast.

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 32,099, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 634 acres. It uses a quarter-based academic calendar. The University of Washington’s ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #62.

It’s in-state tuition and fees are $11,465; out-of-state tuition and fees are $38,796. The graduation rate is 84%.  

However, the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Washington focuses on MA Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment;
PhD Clinical Psychology: Child Track.

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#2. University Of Kansas

The Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas focuses on conferring doctoral degrees, but also offers a master’s track. The requirements for a student earning a master’s degree include taking a minimum of 24 credit hours of non-thesis coursework.

Courses that are offered in the institution include core study in psychopathology, social development, cultural diversity, and cognitive development, as well as advanced study in these topics and others including practical clinical methods, research methods, behavioural interventions, and behavioural assessments.

However, Master’s students must also take at least six hours of thesis coursework and produce a thesis that is based on empirical research related to child psychology.

Also, Admission to the program is highly competitive and applicants need to have a minimum of 15 credit hours in psychology, including research methodology and statistics.

The University of Kansas ranked #129 in the US News National Ranking, Graduation Rate 63%, Tenured Facility 48%, Net Price $18,365.

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#3. Chestnut Hill College

Chestnut Hill College offers a Child & Adolescent Therapy concentration in its Master of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology degree program.

Students learn about developmental issues and potential psychological problems in children and adolescents, as well as interventions involving individuals and families and play therapy.

However, as a master’s degree, you are qualified to become licensed in Pennsylvania (and many other states) as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and may work in environments such as treatment centres, hospitals, and schools. 

15 credits are required for the Child & Adolescent Therapy concentration, including Assessment & Treatment of Children & Adolescents, Play Therapy, A Systemic Approach to the Problems of Adolescents, Intro to the Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Trauma, 

In addition, Chestnut Hill College Graduation Rate 55%, Tenured Facility 9%, Net Price $23.863.

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#4. University Of Virginia

The University of Virginia offers a Master of Education degree in educational psychology and applied developmental science. It is a special area of focus for anyone interested in child and developmental psychology.

This degree prepares students to help children in social and educational contexts. Admission requirements include a 3.0 minimum undergraduate GPA and a statement of professional goals. The degree requires a minimum of 32 credit hours focused on the study of developmental science and education science, including a three- to six-credit hour internship.

However, the internship is a practical experience, may include working on a research project with faculty members, evaluating summer educational programs, studying interventions to motivate students to succeed, or working for the school board, among many other different opportunities.

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In summary, child clinical psychology is a specialty in professional psychology that develops and uses scientific knowledge to the deliver psychological services to infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents within their social context.

In other words, getting admission to pursue master’s programs in child clinical psychology is very competitive, so then you must have to prepare yourself very well.


What can you do with a master’s degree in child psychology?

With a child psychology degree, you have the skills to pursue a variety of careers (researcher, teacher, therapist, etc.). An advanced degree (a master’s degree or doctorate) may enable you to work with abused and/or neglected children, children with mental illnesses and/or adolescents who abuse drugs and alcohol.

What jobs can I get with a child psychology certificate?

School Psychology.
School Guidance Counselor.
Social Work.
Art Therapy.
Child Psychologist.

How do you specialize in child psychology?

Becoming a child psychologist requires a minimum of a master’s degree, with a major in child development or clinical psychology studies. Psychologists need a Ph. D., which focuses on research, or a Psy. D., which focuses on clinical practice, to advance to top positions in the field.

What is the difference between a child therapist and a child psychologist?

A psychologist often works in tandem with a psychiatrist who is also a medical doctor and can prescribe medication if it is determined that medication is necessary for a patient’s treatment. While a therapist’s goal is to help patients decide and clarify their feelings to solve problems.


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